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Arson Murder And Jaywalking / Radio

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  • I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again had this (paraphrased):
    David Hatch: Jorrocks had prepared an evening of hunting, shooting, maiming, killing, disembowelling and bridge.
    • Also, there's a sketch from the sixth season in which a man calls a solicitor's firm as he's being sued for libel. "I wrote a letter to the local paper in which I rather foolishly implied, in an indirect roundabout way, that a certain public figure was the leader of an international gang of jewel-thieves and that he went around committing murder and rape and pillage and arson and cut his toenails on the kitchen table and never used a handkerchief."
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  • Subverted in The Space Gypsy Adventures when Gemma's criminal record is read off: stealing shuttles, handling stolen goods, bootlegging, counterfeiting, and shoplifting. The last one turns out to mean lifting a shop 450 feet off the ground.
  • The blurb for the Big Finish episode The Scorchies has the description "The Scorchies want to take over the world. They want to kill the Doctor. And they want to perform some outstanding showtunes."
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