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Arson Murder And Jaywalking / Advertising

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  • This Sprite Evo commercial includes this trope. It goes through explaining all the features of the phone, ending with "First has a kickstand."
  • This NASCAR on ESPN describes that Jimmie Johnson would do anything to win: take two tires instead of four on pit stops with a few laps remaining, wait until the final lap to make his move, lock Kasey Kahne in a port-a-potty and then go eat a steak sandwich, and even sleep in his car to be first at the track.
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  • There is a TAC car safety advertisement, where after explaining what airbags to look for in a car, the reason to do so is that you're risking your life, and your resale value.
  • In this commercial for Coppertone Kids sunscreen featuring Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls, the Narrator reminds the Girls that there are harmful things in the outside world. (He, of course, is referring to the Sun's harmful rays.) Blossom thinks of Mojo Jojo laughing evilly, Buttercup thinks of a giant monster destroying the city, and Bubbles thinks of a cat stuck in a tree.
  • This Danish voting PSA (NSFW) stars a man who goes to extreme lengths to make sure people vote. In his backstory, he forgot to vote, and as a singlehanded result, influence had all but vanished regarding climate regulation, agricultural subsidies, chemicals in toys, and the amount of cinnamon on his cinnamon buns.
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  • Early advertisments for Grand Theft Auto (Classic) read "Murder, drug busts, hijacking, smuggling, bank raids, police bribes, road rage, bribery, extortion, armed robbery, unlawful carnal knowledge, adultery, pimping, petty thievery, and double parking!"
  • The General Mills description for Trix cereal describes the flavors as "Raspberry red. Lemony lemon. Orangey orange. Wildberry blue. Grapity purple. And watermelon."


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