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Anyone Can Die / Professional Wrestling

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  • Whilst reality-based rather than in a storyline, sadly Professional Wrestlers seem to have very short life spans. Prior to drug testing (which was implemented after one such death), wrestling has had a number of high-profile deaths that seem to come out of nowhere, most notably Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Certainly fans are now conditioned to expect any wrestler to die at any time.
  • You also never know when an accident may happen, such as the one that claimed the life of Owen Hart.
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  • And of course accidents can occur outside the ring, as what had happened to Randy Savage.
  • This can also apply to wrestling families, the Von Erich Family being a noteworthy and tragic example (with Kevin being the only son to outlive father Fritz).
  • Due to Lucha Underground being more of a TV show about Wrestling then a Wrestling TV show, They aren't afraid to kill off characters. While some characters come Back from the Dead, others are Killed Off for Real.


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