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  • Accidentally put something in your sell box that you didn't mean to? You can take the last thing you sold right back out for no cost. The only time the items are actually sold is when you go to sleep at the end of the day. 1.5 takes this a step further with a mini sell box. While you can only store nine separate stacks of items inside it (whereas the normal sell box has no limit), all nine of those slots are accessible instead of just the last item you tossed in there.
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  • The TV show The Queen of Sauce occasionally does reruns in case you miss an episode and its associated recipe. Update 1.4 adjusts the reruns to prioritize recipes you missed.
  • Crows won't appear if you have fewer than 16 crops on your farm. Because you start the game with 15 parsnip seeds, you won't have to worry about crows eating your plants as long as you don't purchase and plant any more seeds before your first harvest. Harvesting those 15 parsnips is enough to bring you to farming level 1, unlocking the ability to craft scarecrows and, consequently, the ability to plant more crops without having to leave them exposed.
  • The Scythe and any weapons don't harm crops, meaning you won't accidentally cut down a crop that's growing. The scythe only cuts down dead crops, and harvesting crops that require the use of the scythe get harvested through pressing the pick-up button instead of the use-item button. This is especially helpful if you're on the Wilderness farm or turned roaming monsters on, since you'll need to periodically fight them off.
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  • Grandpa's assessment of your work was originally a one-time deal, meaning failure was permanent and the rewards were lost. This was eventually changed in a patch so that you could have a reassessment by paying the shrine a Diamond.
  • Your friendship rating with another villager stops decaying after you max it out, meaning that you don't have to continue flinging gifts their way to maintain that elusive rating. Also, a patch eventually made every affection rating stop decaying after a certain amount of time had passed if you didn't talk to a villager. (The exception to this rule is your spouse; if you're married, your spouse's affection rating never stops decaying if you ignore them.)
  • In order to bypass the NPC Roadblock in a late-game quest, the player needs to give the NPC Void Mayonnaise. The item can be gotten the long way around, which requires a Void Egg from either a Random Event or paying the only merchant who sells it 5000g... or Void Mayonnaise can simply be directly fished from the area's surrounding waters (but only once).
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  • Originally, the player couldn't apply fertilizer to a tile after the seed has been sown, a problem for many first-time players who had just planted their crops. The 1.1 update adds the ability to apply fertilizer after seeds have been sown. You can't add fertilizer if a crop has already started to grow, though.
  • In the fishing game at the Stardew Valley Fair, the game doesn't end when time runs out if you're in the middle of catching a fish. It's only when the catching mini-game is finished that the game actually stops and your score is assessed.
  • The 1.3 update added Secret Notes, several of which outright state what items various characters like or love the most. This addresses a major concern that knowing what gifts to give people was essentially an exercise in frustration trying to find out using Trial-and-Error Gameplay, or just giving up and looking on a wiki. Patch 1.4 added a gift tracker for each person that lists what items they love, like, or dislike. This gift tracker automatically updates if you give someone an item, if the item comes up in conversation (even if it's not with that person), and if you find a Secret Note with the information. All of this makes it easier to keep track of what people like best.
  • You can't overshoot floor 100 of the Skull Caverns using mineshafts, which is where the final reward can be found. This prevents you from going that far down and missing the reward through no fault of your own.
  • Patch 1.4 added dinosaur enemies that can drop the otherwise-elusive dinosaur egg. Similarly, a new merchant in the desert sells artifact geodes in exchange for omni-geodes.
  • You can add player slots to an existing farm by buying cabins. Normally, most buildings are relatively expensive, but cabins only cost 100 gold and a pittance of one or two other common resource types; in-universe this is explained by cabins being funded by the town's agricultural fund.
  • If you go to bed after midnight with more energy than the amount you would start with the next day, you'll wake up in the morning with the same amount of energy that you had going to bed.
  • The Night Market was added in update 1.3 where, among other things, you can re-purchase Rarecrows that could previously be acquired only once per game (and could be permanently lost for a variety of reasons).
  • It's considered fairly hard to complete the fishing bundles in the Community Center, since it needs types of fish from all four seasons. Several of the fish are hard to come by even if it's the right season, since you have to know precisely what time and which body of water that certain kinds of fish appear in, and it's still a random chance even if you know what you're doing. Patch 1.5 addressed this issue with the Magic Bait item, which can potentially catch any kind of fish from any season and any time of day in whatever body of water that you cast the line into. The downside, of course, is that since you can catch any fish, the probability of catching a particular fish is pretty tiny. But at least it's a last resort compared to having to wait an entire in-game year or hoping you get lucky with the Traveling Salesman.
  • Patch 1.5 added the "Lost and Found" box in Mayor Lewis' house. This can be used to retrieve items donated to failed special orders, lost quest items and tools, items from offline players, hats from children that have been turned into doves, and items left behind in the Stardew Valley Fair grange display.
  • No matter where you leave your horse, it'll always show up back in its stable when you wake up in the morning, ready to ride. Patch 1.5 also added the Horse Flute item, which lets you summon your horse anywhere outside (similar to Epona's Song from The Legend of Zelda games). This even includes the island area introduced in the same patch, which is several miles away from Stardew Valley by boat. That same patch also let you talk to people while on your horse so you don't have to keep dismounting and remounting to talk to people.
  • Advanced options added in 1.5 allow players to rig the Traveling Cart's RNG a little bit to ensure that Red Cabbage Seeds always show up some time in year 1, allowing them to always complete the community center within the first year. The same update also gave the Serpent enemies in the Skull Caverns an 0.2% chance to drop the seeds.
  • Item drops from mobs usually drop on the ground first before you pick them up. However, the drops from the 1.5 Lava Lurks get placed right in your inventory if it's not full. This is because Lava Lurks are found swimming in lava, and having the drops fall on the ground could result in them falling into the lava and being lost.
  • If you screw up the "Simon Says" Mini-Game enough times, it takes pity on you and slows down the sequence.
  • If a shopkeeper, like Pierre or Gus, decides to spend the day at the resort, they'll put a box and a note at the counter that basically says they're doing the honor system where you can still take things and leave the money in the box. Sadly, the game doesn't give you the choice to rob them blind; the interface is exactly the same as if they were there normally.
  • When enchanting tools in the Forge, the game checks the last two enchantments the tool had and will not roll them again, to decrease how many times you have to reroll (and how many Prismatic Shards and Cinder Shards you have to burn through) before getting the enchantment you want.
  • If you're building or moving something, and the area you want to select has an animal on it, the animal will move out of the way if you click the spot anyway.
  • Lava Eels are notoriously difficult to catch in the mines due to you fishing up trash 95% of the time, and the eel itself putting up quite a fight even if you are lucky enough to hook one. With the addition of the volcano area in 1.5, you can fish for them at the top, where they have a much higher appearance rate.

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