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Anime / Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari

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The main characters: three dead, one alive

Sad, isn't it? If you insist on maintaining your own Way, you will aggravate people. But if you stray from your ethics, you will fall into depravity. Evil and ambition scatter in the darkness, and all that remains is a sad rumor among the townsfolk. To the next world we commit thee!

An anime horror anthology based upon a series of novels by Natsuhiko Kyogoku and originally broadcast in late 2003, also known as 100 Stories and titled Requiem from the Darkness in Geneon's official US release. 100 Stories concerns the adventures of a rather clumsy and shiftless young writer named Momosuke, who travels feudal Japan in search of ghost stories to chronicle after he grows tired of writing children's riddles. Taking shelter at a ramshackle inn one rainy night, Momosuke encounters three unusual beings - Mataichi the charm-seller, Ogin the puppeteer and Nagamimi the shapeshifter - and discovers a world of supernatural horror he may never fully understand.


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