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"You know how when you watch anime and they have a little nudity, you think "Why can't there be more porn in this show?" Then you watch hentai, and you think "Why can't the story be better?" I just saw Hanaukyo Maids, and I don't know whether to jack off or watch politely."
Shadow, Bash.Org

a.k.a.: Hanaukyo Maid Team, Maid in Hanaukyo

Taro Hanaukyo, a young boy grieving for his mother, has been summoned to his grandfather's estate for reasons unknown. Upon arrival, he discovers several facts that are to change his life drastically:

  1. His grandfather is rich. Obscenely rich. Richie Rich-level rich.
  2. His grandfather has retired and left the entire estate in his name.
  3. The entire estate staff consists of hundreds of attractive young women in maid uniforms.

It is that last point that that really causes some concern for poor Taro, as it is rapidly demonstrated to the viewer that he has a violent allergic reaction to contact from womennote . Unfortunately for him, the young ladies of the Hanaukyo estate are zealously dedicated to their job, be it organizing his schedule, assisting his studies, bathing with him in the dozens, assisting him with his zipper in the washroom....


Fortunately, there is also Mariel, the de facto head maid and apparently, the only woman Taro can be near without turning interesting colours.

Originally a manga in 14 volumes made by Morishige 2000-2006 it was adapted into a anime series first time in 2001. The series however was cut short due to difficulties with the production company. Only twelve episodes were aired out of a planned eighteen, and only three more were made and included on the DVD release. It was rebooted in a second series, Hanaukyo Maid Tai: La Verite in 2004. In this series, Taro is merely put off by too much attention from women, though Mariel remains the exception. It also introduces a dramatic plot line from the manga around Mariel, and formally introduces Yashima Sanaenote  and her strong loyalty to Konoe Tsurugi, head of the Security division of the maids.


To repeat: the entire house staff are maids.

Note: If an episode number below doesn't mention which season it's from, it's the first. If it's from the second season it will say La Verite.

The La Verite season is available for streaming for North American viewers on HIDIVE.

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