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Ellcia is a four episode OVA directed by Noriyasu Kogawa and animated by J.C.Staff(the same animation studio behind Slayers)

The Sacred Book of the land of Eija has been rediscovered and with it the legends of a mysterious and all powerful ship. Now Princess Crystal of Megaronia has set forth on a quest to recover the ship and its ultimate weaponry. All that stands between her and total domination of the world is a small group of piratical misfits. Swords, sorcery and technology blend to form a mesmerizing tale of Good vs. Evil in Ellcia.


Ellcia contains examples of:

  • Big Bad: Not the Emperor, even when the plot started by his actions, but the Evil Spirit became this after being freed and he is also the original chosen one.
  • Fallen Hero:The prophacy did state the posibility of The Chosen One turning to evil and it turns out to be the case of the Evil Spirit being the original chosen one, who got sealed for turning to the forces of evil.

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