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Animation / Xiao Ming and Wang Mao

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"I promise you, tomorrow at this exact spot, you will be laughing just as happily as you did just now."
Wang Mao
It only gets weirder.

Brought to you by the animated studio that created Kuiba...

It's the end of summer vacation, school starts tomorrow, every good student is preparing to go back to school, but not ordinary to-be second grade student Wang Xiao Ming. He was the 18th in class in terms of test scores, and with typical Chinese classes being at least 30 students in size, he is bellow average, and his parents, being typical Chinese parents, are concerned about him. As he searches for a reason to cry, a secret... guardian? friend? in his wall named Wang Mao awakens, and he is prepared to show the young Xiao Ming his potential, lessons to learn, the secrets of the adult world, but mostly, to take him on magical trips to outer space, the past, or even the animal world...

Xiao Ming And Wang Mao is a critically acclaimed animated show made by Vasoon Animation in their early days. It scored a whooping 9.3 out of 10 in Douban, which is Chinese IMDB. Beneath the somewhat crude art style is a show that attempts to criticize the Chinese education system, Chinese parenting, but most importantly, teaching young children about the important lessons that their parents won't tell them because of their age. The show touched many dark subjects, such as classism, child trafficking, and death. Due to this it was discontinued and sadly taken off TV broadcasting networks. However, the show gained a following during recent years and a reboot might be in the works!


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