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Animals United (originally known as Konferenz der Tiere in Germany) is a 2010 Computer Animated Comedy Adventure film that focuses on protecting the environment and wild animals. It's also based off the book The Animals' Conference. After a river dries up in Africa, Billy The meerkat (James Corden) and his friend Socrates the lion (Stephen Fry) head out to discover why, running into various other animals from across the world including a Gallic Rooster, a Polar Bear, a Kangaroo, a Tanzanian Devil and a pair of Elderly Galapagos Tortoise. When the group find out that human beings have built a dam and cut off their water supply, the animals become fed up with the humans and their ways and decide to band together to strike back at them and to destroy the dam. It also stars Andy Serkis, Billie Piper, Jim Broadbent, Vanessa Redgrave, Dawn French and Joanna Lumley.



  • Big Eater: Smiley, who eats a freaking armchair.
  • Big Sleep: Winifred and Winston. Both of them calmly lie their heads down in the grass and close their eyes before passing away together peacefully. Charles even lampshaded this.
  • Brick Joke: How does Billy destroy the dam? By playing his "Hyena Poo-Poo" golf game.
  • Broken Aesop: Human beings tearing up the land and invading animal territory is bad. Animals invading human territory and running amok in New York City is good.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • When Billy first shows up, he's supposed to be gathering water for his family. Instead, he gets distracted by a skull, forgets what he's supposed to do, and then gets sidetracked by playing with a lump of hyena dung to let the viewers know what kind of protagonist he is.
    • When Smiley first appears, he roars in Toby's face, starts babbling incoherently, and then proceeds to drink a can of "water", shortly before burping and cutting a huge fart.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep":
    • Hunter's real name is never mentioned.
    • Also the Leopard is just...the Leopard.
  • A lot of fans consider Billy to be one for Timon, and Socrates to be one for Simba.
  • Smiley is a blatantly obvious flatulent expy of Taz the Tasmanian Devil.
  • Fartillery: Later on in the movie, Smiley uses his farts to knockout some of the human beings, and even Hunter.
  • Filler:
    • After Billy and his friends finally reach the hotel on the dam, they spend the next ten minutes driving a speedboat, watching television, and going through various other shenanigans that don't advance the plot at all.
    • Discussed by Bonnie in regards to Chino and Biggie's herds fighting all the time. When she blatantly asks them why they're fighting, what's their response? They don't know.
  • Flat Character: One of the main criticisms about the movie is that a majority of the side characters are uninteresting or just plain forgettable.
  • Frothy Mugs of Water:
    • The cans of "water" that Toby and Smiley drink. It's possible that it's soda, but considering how gassy Smiley became after drinking it (and given that beer is capable of making you much more gassy than soda), it's probably beer.
    • Averted at the end of the film, where Toby's friend Ken is seen drinking what is clearly beer inside of a bar.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Pretty much the point of the movie. The only human being who isn't portrayed as a hunter or a money-grubbing businessperson who destroys the land for profit is Maya.
  • Misplaced Wildlife: Although meerkats are a South Africa native, their real-life range does not encompass the Okavango Delta as they are creatures of arid country and do not live in wetland areas.
  • Tomboy: It's easy to mistaken Maya for a guy, given her short hair and attire.
  • Vegetarian Carnivore: Socrates the lion is a vegetarian and a pacifist. The leopard also becomes one by the end of the film.
  • You Need a Breath Mint: The Leopard. After he grabs Charles and snarls in his face, the rooster immediately knows he's a meat-eater just by smelling his "unpleasant breath."


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