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  • Communications Workers of America has a See 'n' Say toy which depict business officials as animals based on their negative traits.
  • Downplayed: Jon of the Game Grumps tends to prefer bird Pokémon, along with having a bird sidekick in his own series.
  • In The Cartographers Handbook the Wendigo are often compared to big cats such as pumas.
  • RWBY:
    • Ruby is associated with wolves. She is based on Little Red Riding Hood, and is never seen without her hooded red cloak as result. She is first introduced fighting Beowolves, a type of monstrous wolf-creature. When she sleeps, she wears a eye-mask that is shaped like a wolf.
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    • Team CRDL (pronounced 'cardinal') contains four members who are all associated with birds. The leader is Cardin Winchester, whose name is associated with cardinal, a bright red bird named after the red robes of the ecclesiastical cardinal. He wears a breastplate with a bird in flight on it. Two other team-mates also wear armour with bird motifs found somewhere on them: Dove Bronzewing, who is associated with pigeons and doves, and Sky Lark, who is associated with the skylark. The remaining member is Russell Thrush, who looks more like a punk and doesn't wear armour. All the birds have Christian folklore attached to them, hence the 'church knight' appearance of most of the team.
    • Little Miss Malachite used to be afraid of spiders. As a result, she decided to overcome that fear by making spiders work for her. She now runs a criminal information network in Mistral, using the symbol of a spider sitting on a web to identify her criminal headquarters. Every single member of her organisation can be identified by the presence of a tattoo of the same symbol somewhere on their body. She is based on the nursery-rhyme character, Little Miss Muffet.
  • Worm
    • Taylor (the protagonist) is noted by other characters to be like the insects she controls. Both positive and negative meanings are in play here- insects are creepy, potentially poisonous, and on the bottom of the food chain. But they're also tough, versatile creatures, talented at working in groups and creating useful things like honey and silk. Taylor shows nearly all of these traits over the novel's course.
    • The character Bitch controls dogs, and due to a traumatic childhood, thinks and acts like a particularly intelligent one. She essentially considers her pet dogs family (and is deeply touched when Siberian gives her a wolf cub) but is Not Good with People.
  • Dogs (to be more precise, Pomeranians) are Maximilian's animals of choice. After all, his mascot, Benny, is one. Taken to a logical extreme where, in Tokyo Jungle, Max plays as a Pomeranian while his friend Matt favors the saber-toothed tiger.
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  • From Killerbunnies, we have Arachne, who, fitting of her name, tends to have a spider motif and behaves very much like one, which is to say, she won't bother unless bothered.
  • This bizarre music video depicts various symptoms of PMS as women turning into animals; a prickly hedgehog, a starving black bear, an emotional elephant, and a solitary lioness.
  • In Red vs. Blue, Sharkface is identified as a shark, ironically enough. His helmet visor is painted with a shark's mouth akin to old-school nose art, and a tattoo of a shark jaw on his chest. He is also a fierce hunter trying to find Carolina and Washington to kill them.
  • In Amy, we see this represented in shadows. The titular's shadow is seen as a mouse, something that is small and meek, while her guardian's shadow is a wolf, something predatory. When Amy gets back at her abuser, her shadow becomes a lioness, something that represents courage.


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