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  • Ace Attorney Sprite Comic Kristoph Gavin: Ace Attorney has a group of criminals all codenamed after birds.
  • In X-Men: First Class fanworks, Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier are commonly associated with sharks and rats, respectively. This probably originated with Michael Fassbender's distinctive and somewhat intimidating smile and the "adorable lab rat" line in the Cerebro scene.
    • Sharks are notorious aquatic predators; Erik is a badass, a hunter (of Nazis), and first meets Charles when they're both in the water. Rats are small, cute (to those who like them), clever, and associated with science; Charles is a Badass Bookworm professor of genetics and his actor is both rather pretty and a bit on the short side.
  • Child of the Storm has a few.
    • There's the canon association of James Potter with the stag, one that remains even when it's revealed that he was Thor (a first attempt at the whole 'humility' thing that went pear-shaped) - the pride and power associations still fit, and it gains an extra layer when one considers that stags are also associated with royalty, being sometimes referred to as 'the King of the Forest'. Thor is the Crown Prince of Asgard.
    • Sirius, of course, is associated with dogs, with the associated Undying Loyalty, courage, sense of fun, and emphasis placed on family.
    • Harry is repeatedly associated with The Phoenix, due to his habit of surviving things that should kill him (and at least once coming back from the dead) along with his instinctive talent for fire magic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that his protection is drawn from the Phoenix, which Lily merged with. Additionally, the Phoenix motif is played up more with him than with Jean Grey or Maddie Pryor, and usually manifests far more spectacularly in him, with a notation that male birds are the ones for the big display. More generally and related to the former, he's frequently compared to a bird of prey, such as a falcon or a hawk, and when leaning on the more primal and inhuman side of his nature, letting out a 'scream of challenge' like that of a bird of prey - like birds of prey, he loves flying, he's got sharp eyes, he's independent minded, likes space to think, and often goes off on his own unless reminded that he doesn't have to.
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    • Both Loki and Jean-Paul are compared to cats (despite Loki's occasional habit of turning into a snake), fitting their loyal, affectionate, and perceptive natures, but equally fitting their often solitary, secretive, and enigmatic habits, and prideful and vain attitudes. Loki is specifically compared to the Cheshire Cat, right down to the smile, which he is implied to have inspired.
    • Volstagg is referred to by his canon appellation of the Lion of Asgard, with the bulk, power, mane (beard), and of course, appetite, to match. Hercules is likewise associated with the lion, and is referred to as the Lion of Olympus. Both are noble, powerful, and prideful, as well as fathers.
    • Maddie has a peculiar mixture of dog and cat associations - including the Quizzical Tilt when she's puzzled by something that's common to both. Her job/function is as Sinister's Hound, and she's described as his 'attack dog' and 'prize bitch'. However, her true personality, particularly as her Character Development progresses and she performs a Heel–Face Turn is more cat-like; she's prone to curling up (particularly if she's upset), she's somewhat solitary, only latching on to one or two people at a time, and definitely reserved (but affectionate to those who get past the reserve), as well as being persistently curious, leading to Curiosity Causes Conversion - twice.
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    • Essex/Sinister is described as having long, spider-like limbs, with unsettling ever-so-slightly inhuman proportions, fitting his habit of observing from the shadows, his intelligence and cunning, his habit of trapping enemies and targets in a web of intrigue, and then implanting paralysing venom (trigger words and psychic programming).
      • A more heroic version of this is Natasha, who uses similar traits for good. There's also Peter Parker, who is briefly referred to in spider-like fashion (the Orisha Spider-God Anansi is also referred to, but only in passing), but it's actually a sign that he is a) part-vampire, being in the process of turning, b) possessed by Dracula. In the same section, more predatory traits, like an elongated Game Face, red eyes, and fangs are on show.
    • Voldemort, of course, is associated with the serpent, partly because of Slytherin, but also because of his habit of changing to meet necessity like a snake shedding a skin, manipulating and stabbing supposed allies in the back when they least expect it, being utterly cold-blooded, more or less literally eating a rat by consuming Peter Pettigrew's life-force and stealing and reshaping his body to suit, and generally fitting the 'slippery' stereotype.
  • One Piece fanfic On the Alteration of Species has the Straw Hats transformed into an animal based on their personalities. Lampshaded by one character. Luffy becomes a monkey because monkeys are funny and enjoy to explore. Robin is a cat due to her observing and clever nature. Zoro a wolf, headstrong and powerful. Usopp a stoat, able to get away quickly and also stand their ground if necessary. Sanji becomes a horse due to his intelligent and sweet nature. Nami becomes a magpie which are known to like shiny things (see Thieving Magpie) and being very smart (see Clever Crows). And Chopper remains as a reindeer.
    • It should be noted that creator Oda has given a Word of God answer to the question of what each pirate would be as an animal. Luffy is a monkey, yes, though Nami is a cat, Zolo a shark, Sanji a duck and Usopp an armadillo (Robin had not yet joined at that point).
  • Queen of All Oni: Female Shadowkhan seem to inherently have a snake theme, as both Jade and the Elders have it.
    • Karasu is described as having bird-like features.
  • Jewel of Darkness: Doctor Fate has a vision of the future at the beginning of the second arc, which begins with a cat and a bird fighting in the shadow of a tiger. Word of God has confirmed that they represent Terra, Midnight, and Slade, respectively.
  • Children of Time is full of this, sometimes in-universe. The Tenth Doctor's Puppy Eyes are almost a Running Gag. Professor Moriarty retains all his serpentine qualities, in the narrative and in the characters' thoughts, and Colonel Moran is as much the tiger as ever. Sherlock Holmes calls Beth Lestrade the "tigress that got away," a double play on words as Beth is very much the tigress and Moran is a famous tiger hunter. Holmes himself is described often as "feline" and "catlike," especially once he marries Beth.
  • Candy For Your Thoughts?: Alejandro is often compared to and referred as a snake, and to a lesser extent Duncan has a lion motif.
  • Two protagonists of Guidestuck- being animals in canon- are themed after their original forms. Bec is gruff and stubborn, like a wild dog. Jaspers, a cat, is proud, sophisticated and a little bit spoiled.
  • In the RWBY fic Clothes, please? Ren describes his fellow students as if he were narrating a nature documentary.
    "You can plainly see the affectionate gaze the lioness gives to the male..."
  • The witch Embry in Royal Heights has a strong association with bees. They cling onto her spirit form and are all over her home realm where she tends to them like pets.
  • From Kiryuuin Chronicles, we have Rei, who tends to be associated with birds, which is more apparent in chapter eight (titled "Releasing the Dove"). Apparently, this has something to do with their situation, considering that birds did seem to remind her of something that she couldn't do and that was fly, along with alluding to them living in an abusive home, the which they couldn't escape so easily, unless let out some how, like a bird would be unable to do if it were caged.
    Satsuki: Of course, birds reminded her of something that she nor any of us could do and that was fly, yet, at the same, they probably reminded her of how caged we are.
  • From Nightblade, the main character is heavily associated with cats and snakes, to the point of being described as purring and hissing at times.
  • Many Death Note Yaoi fanfics ascribe a dog motif to Matt, for his unquestioning loyalty and obedience to Mello, and willingness to follow the latter to the ends of the Earth.
  • In The Dancing and the Dreaming, the confident, long-haired woman Rose Quartz wears a lion mask to her masquerade ball.
  • There's a subgenre of crossover fics- usually referred to as 'daemon' fics- that focus on what kind of daemon [Character X] would develop and why.
    • Neala, depicts Harry Potter's daemon as a hare, to underline his Humble Hero tendencies. Ron's is a husky dog, symbolizing his loyalty and determination. Hermione's is a raven, which shows her intelligence.
    • Alatus shows her as a dragon because "Harry cannot pretend he belongs in the muggle world."
    • Tueri shows Dean Winchester's as a cougar.
      "I'm good like this," she whispered back, when he asked her under cover of Sam watching cartoons that evening, licking a paw and scrubbing it over her ear. "We’re good, like this. People won’t fuck with us, and we can take care of Sammy. Chicks’ll think you’re all mature and shit cause I settled early, and everyone knows people with cat daemons are all mysterious and seductive." She’d flashed him a grin, all sharp teeth. "Try not to let ‘em down too much."
    • In Our Souls Are Dust and Starlight, Donna's daemon is a tiger, much to her confusion - "I'm just a temp from Chiswick!"
  • Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion frequently compares C.C. to a cat, fitting for her aloof yet playful demeanor. Other fanfics do this as well, noting how she does nothing but lounge around all day asleep, bother people, be disobedient to requests, and eat.
  • In Sleeping Beetle, the heroes visit a castle which is almost overloaded with owl imagery. Its Romanian name, Castel Bufniţă, literally translates as "Owl Castle," and its owner can turn into an owl at will. However, this has nothing to do with the traditional notion of owls as being wise; it's because the owner is a strigoi mort, which according to vampiric lore turn into owls rather than bats.
  • In the A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic Robb Returns, Littlefinger keeps getting compared to a weasel even though his personal coat of arms is a mockingbird.
    • The one thing that finally signifies that Theon is more a Stark than a Greyjoy is him getting the seventh direwolf pup.
  • In A Good Day, this is used to show how different Ryuuko thinks she and her sister, Satsuki, are. The latter, appearance wise, as she put it, can be a compared to be crane, an animal that is associated with beauty and grace, while the former compares herself to a bulldog, which, apparently, corresponds with her appearance of being "short, stumpy, frumpy, fat, and rolly".
  • Several characters in Forum of Thrones sport these.
    • Wolves are commonly associated with Wolfius Woodbark and Brandon Snow. The former embodies the imagery of a rabid wolf, while the latter stands for the calm and dignified sides of the animal.
    • Argilac and Argella Durrandon are, like their whole house, compared to stags at several points of the story, as a means to symbolize their proud, regal behaviour.
    • Raenna Minsworth has a dragon motif going on, as a result of her Valyrian heritage and her fiery temper. She is even called the Half-Dragon by Noelle in her visions.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku is repeatedly associated with puppies in the narrative due to his constant desire to please his teammates and teachers, his aw-shucks modesty and sweetness, his role as Toshinori's successor, and just how plain adorable he is in private. Of course, even puppies can bite, and Izuku bites back hard when the well-being of innocent people is on the line.
  • Crimson And Emerald: Both Hawks and his mother have strong bird of prey motifs with their watchful golden eyes and tendency to ambush people. When it comes to Hawks’ relationship to the Commission, there’s a strong bird in the cage imagery.
  • In Love Is A Funny Thing, Riot's pet-name for Jerrica is "songbird", referring to her beautiful singing voice.
  • Between My Brother And Me Mors Omnibus:
    • Dawn is associated with penguins (as a Mythology Gag to her starter Pokémon being a Piplup), having a Penguin Torpedo Attack Drone and her favorite picture book is the infamous "And Tango Makes Three"note , which represents the close bond she has with her family.
    • Ash is represented by ravens as he can communicate with them, wears a hooded cloak that gives him the appearance of one and sometimes shouts "CAW!" to the sky. Ravens are known to be both tricksters and creators in Native American mythology and omens of death as they foreshadow Mieru's death but also because Ash is "repurposed" — aka he's an undead.
    • Serenity is represented by a heron which is the animal shown on her war-fans. Herons are symbolized for their tranquility, determination and being messengers. Serenity is known to be calm, to the point of being cynical and she spouts long bits of exposition in the form of stories.
  • In How Stormer Got Her Groove Back, Riot compares Stormer's personality to a cat: sometimes aloof, sometimes affectionate, and dangerous when angered.

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