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  • Think of any time you stubbed your toe, chances are you screamed angry gibberish when you did.
  • This trope is the inspiration for "wharrgarbl," used as a shorthand in some circles to denote nonsensical political ranting, and often associated with an image of a dog drinking from a high pressure hose.
  • When a person is especially angry online, they may try to convey their anger through text by mashing their keyboards to create a string of complete gibberish. For instance: S:DLGIhdsf;glkihdrsglko;"RbgDSR":HDShgs Appropriately enough, it's called "key-smashing."
    • On certain sites (particularly Tumblr), Memetic Mutation has led to key-smashing being used to convey other strong emotions, like excitement or bewilderment.
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  • Chilean Spanish is often mocked online for the way their speakers degenerate into Angrish. "LA WEA FOME WEON CULIAO SACOWEA VALIS CALLAMPA AWEONAO CHUPAI PICO PO KISAWEA WEON LKSADKLASDKJSAKJSAKJSAKJSASAKJSAJDAFNHKJDSAKK"note . Doesn't help that spoken Chilean also sounds like this, even if the speaker ain't actually angry.
  • Gary Coleman: You idiots! You boneheaded.....IDIOTS!
  • In his first autobiography Moab is my Washpot, Stephen Fry recounts a time when he was so angry at seeing some youths throw stones at ducks in a park that he threw some stones back at them while yelling "'You shit-spike-wank-turdy-bastardheads! How do you fucking like it, you tossing tossers!", and similar "meaningless obscenities".
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  • Rachel Maddow combined this trope with her generally adorable nature in her reaction to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's response to President Barack Obama's first State Of the Union address:
    "Um. Ehh...ummm. Uh buh buh buh... [...] I know I'm paid to talk for a living. I am incapable of doing what I'm paid to do right now. I'm absolutely stunned."
  • Author Eleanor Farjeon says she often heard this exchange between her two little brothers:
    Joe: Oh, you —- Oh, you little —
    Bertie: (insolently) Little what?
    Joe: You little — you little Bertie!!!
  • The Angry Grandpa, all the time.
  • Dennis Green's bewildering "They are who we thought they were!" post game rant.
  • On the internet, it is likely one will encounter someone making an angry comment that's too ridiculous to read or write. Even downplayed examples can be found in folks with usually impeccable punctuation and proper use of caps suddenly losing both.
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  • The Bicol Language from the Philippines has something called as an Angry Speech Register recognized by researchers. It is locally known as tamanggot (lit. "angry words") and it's possible to construct entire sentences using angry variants of normal words. Though most often used in anger, it can also be used for humor or to grab attention. Here are some information on the subject.
  • During filming, Laurence Olivier reportedly denounced the 1980 version of The Jazz Singer by telling the director "This piss is shit!"


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