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  • Joe Strummer works himself up to this in The Clash's "The Right Profile."
    He said go out and get me my old movie stills
    Go out and get me another roll of pills
    There I go again shaking, but I ain't got the chills
    Arrrghhhgorra buh bhuh do ARRRRGGGGHHHHNNNN!!!!
  • John Cale is fond of the trope. Take "Leaving It Up To You", which is a smooth (if slightly menacing) midtempo rock song up until the end of the second verse, and then it all starts to get... weird.
    And it's sordid how life goes on when I could take you apart
    And if you give me half a chance, I'd do it NOW!
    ...I'd do it NOW! RIGHT NOW, YA FASCIST!
    I know we can all feel safe - like Sharon Tate!
    Or we could give it all, we cou-gi-give-gi-giveitAAAAAAAALL!
  • Jim Morrison in The Doors' "The End":
    Father, I want to kill you... Mother, I want to AHHHRAARAAAGH!"
    • He says he wants to fuck her in the uncensored version.
  • hide's DOUBT. Also to some degree on Oblaat.
  • Several of John Lennon's songs engage with Angrish and primal howling; particularly the tracks on Plastic Ono Band, released after he'd tried Primal Scream therapy, enter into this, particularly "Mother" ("Mama don't gooooOOOOOOOOOOWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!"). "Cold Turkey" also degenerates into feverish sounding screams, reflective of someone with a nasty heroin addiction experiencing particularly bad withdrawal pangs — not coincidentally, Lennon was going through a nasty heroin addiction...
  • Pretty Lush by Glassjaw ends the bridge with Daryl Palumbo yelling "You fnn...nng...nngah!"
  • Many heavy metal songs. Especially with a type 3 Metal Scream.
  • With Wayne Static of Static-X, it's a toss-up between this, or The Unintelligible. Check out "Tera-fied", "Otsego Amigo" or "Cannibal".
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  • In the Danielson song "Pottymouth", rather than using actual profanities, the pottymouth's cursing is rendered as indeterminate muttering.
  • Rage Against the Machine frequently engages in this, many of Zack de la Rocha's lyrics being belted out with such fury that they are nigh unintelligible.
    • "Some of those who work forces / are the same that burn crosses! UUAAGGH!"
    • "And ya do what they told ya. Now your under contro-ooooooaaaAAAUUUGGHHHH!"
  • Roger Daltrey's stuttering in "My Generation" is meant to sound like this.
    People try to p-put us d-down
    Just because we g-g-g-get around
  • Uncanny Alliance's song "Happy Day" from Happy Gilmore uses this at three points during the song.
  • In "Car Trouble", a 1959 single by The Eligibles, the protagonist's girlfriend's father's anger at the couple being back home late is expressed by what sounds like nonsensical shouting but is actually backmasked shouting. When the couple is back home late, the father shouts "Didn't I tell you to get my daughter back by 10:30, you bum?" backwards. Earlier in the song, the father demands they be back by 10:30 "or else", then he shouts "Now look-a here, cats, stop playing this record backwards!" backwards.


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