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And Then What / The Children's Crusade

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The comic book has so many examples that it may well be: "The 'and then what?' crusade"

  • The Young Avengers help Wiccan and Hulkling to escape from the Avengers headquarters. Good work! And which is the plan for the moment when the Avengers come after them? Oh, they had not thought about that part yet.
  • Hulkling suggest going along with Magneto's plans, and take advantage of him. Spider-Man overhears it and points: really? do you expect to outsmart both Magneto and the Avengers at the sweet age of 16?
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  • When they find a false Wanda, which was actually a doombot, Wiccan suggests to get into Dr. Doom's castle for answers. Magneto pointed the futility of that idea, and he changes his plan to "get inside, have a brief look, and get out again".
  • Wiccan pointed this to himself, in his thought texts, when he impersonated the Scarlet Witch to test the doombot's reaction: he had no idea of what the hell he was doing, or what may happen after it.
  • Wolverine has a clear idea of what to do: kill the Scarlet Witch and Wiccan. The Avengers want to find the Scarlet Witch, but not kill her... and Wonder Man and Wolverine asked, what else do they intend to do? Cap's answer: let's find her, and then we shall see. In other words, he has no idea.
  • Speed pointed the same thing to the X-Men. They wanted the Scarlet Witch... for what? Send her to a mutant prison? A psychic lobotomy? Torture? Execution? Torture and then execution? Eventually, the X-Men simply left.
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  • Luke Cage also asks this word-for-word of the other Avengers when Carol says that they're going to call Doctor Strange and follow the Young Avengers.
    Luke: And then what...? Declare war on the Young Avengers? They haven't done anything wrong.
  • Dr. Doom killed Stature, and Iron Lad destroyed the Vision. The other discussed alternatives to rebuild him, but then wonder: let's say we can do that, then what? We bring the Vision back to life, only to tell him that Cassie is dead? He would have preferred to stay dead.
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