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Transformers fans tend to rejoice almost as much as they cry Ruined Forever. Hasbro's comic-con conference got this.

Arranged by continuity family:

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    Transformers Generation 1 

    Unicron Trilogy 
  • In 1986, the Transformers animated movie came out, with the planet-eating Unicron as the main villain. However, given that he was the size of a planet, a respectably-sized toy could never be made. Until finally they released quite a few that did the character justice, about 15+ years later!
  • Three words: Primus. Action. Figure.

    Transformers Film Series 
  • Peter Cullen was the voice actor for Optimus Prime in The Transformers. When it was announced that he would play Optimus Prime in the 2007 film, the Transformers Wiki put it best: "And there was much rejoicing. (One person started complaining. He was torn limb from limb, skewered and eaten.)" It didn't silence all of them — we're talking about fanboys here — but it did get the fandom to rally behind the movie and arguably make it the success that it was. Another big rally cry here was the very impressive trailers that showcased brief images of the actual robots, including Optimus Prime transforming with the classic sound effect. Considering Cullen's Optimus was described as "a surrogate father to a generation of latchkey kids", it's hardly surprising. The final trailer before its premiere ended with Bonecrusher tackling Optimus and revealing just what kind of special effects this movie would have.
    • The studio tried to pull this off again with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, when they cast Frank Welker to reprise his role as Soundwave, whose super-processed, artificial-sounding voice was one of the most distinctive in the old cartoon. Although the voice is unmistakably Dr. Claw because they left out all the processing in the finished film, it could double as a Mythology Gag since it was always the Dr. Claw voice, heavily modulated.
      • Welker was originally casted as Megatron too, but the producers decided his voice wasn't right for the part and replaced him.
      • However, he got to heft Megs's Fusion Cannon again for the video game adaptations of the first two movies.
  • This official announcement about Transformers III hits the trope with a HSQ to anyone tired of the GM brands in the films.
  • Then, with Transformers 3, the fanbase was split, as usual, on whether the third film would be like ROTF. First, came the announcement (probably faked) that The Twins wouldn't return. Then, Bay said that they would get rid of the "humor" that overruled the second film. The big announcement was the reveal of the villain... Shockwave. Cue massive rejoicing. (even if Soundwave ended up being one of the villains, not the Big Bad)
  • On the toy front, the toys for the third movie have been... underwhelming so far. Cue Sentinel Prime
  • Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime (Optimus' predecessor) was near universally praised. Nimoy has Transformers history voicing Galvatron from The Transformers: The Movie.
    • More importantly, for years, Nimoy didn't want to talk about playing Galvatron (it was part of his I Am Not Spock) phase. He's definitely done a 180 about that.
  • "Oh hey, more Mechtech figures, god how reta- HUMAN ALLIANCE SOUNDWAVE!? Niiiice."
  • With Megan Fox gone, I wonder who Rosie Huntington-Whatever's gonna be playi...Carly? G. 1. Carly?!!
  • And then came the announcement that the Twins were indeed cut out of the film in the editing room. And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • So, Corey Burton isn't reprising his role as Shockwave. Bummer. I wonder who they're considering as a replacement... wait, David Warner?! And once he didn't go, Frank Welker came instead, but it wasn't too bad.
  • The revelation of a new group of Autobots calling themselves The Wreckers was quite exciting, since they have never had a real presence in any TF media except for the comics. In addition, Michael Bay stated that they "Don't really hide who they are." and we see NASCAR vehicles outfitted with lots of guns. They're also Nascar fans, mechanics, and, to a certain extent, engineers.
  • High Moon Studios announced as the developers of the Dark of the Moon console game (appropriately enough), as well as the fact it would be a "midquel" to the events of the films, not a straight-up adaptation.
  • They're making a fourth movie? Is that really necessis that Optimus Prime riding Grimlock!?
    • The trailer's out and...HOLY CRAP!! CAB-OVER OPTIMUS?!!
  • Okay let's look over the Dinobots. Okay we've got Grimlock (duh), Slash, Scorn, Slug, Strafe (AKA Swoop). Okay, that's sounds nice but it's not the same without... wait... SLUDGE AND SNARL?
  • Frank Welker as Galvatron. Let me repeat that... Frank. Welker. As. GALVATRON.
  • Fans of Lockdown were incredibly happy to hear that he was to be included.
  • Those who are sick of Michael Bay should be happy to know that while there are plans for even more sequels, Transformers: The Last Knight will be the last Transformers film made with Bay's involvement.
  • Apparently, Hasbro is trying to enter the cinematic universe craze, with a few spin-offs note  and crossovers with other franchises.
  • William Lennox and Robert Epps are returning for the fifth film.
  • After five films, Welker finally returned to his most iconic TF role, voicing Megatron for the first time in the live-action films.
  • Oh, a new cast member. I wonder who - ANTHONY HOPKINS?!?!!
  • Behold: Studio Series, a line which has gotten more and more exciting the more figures are revealed.

    Transformers Animated 
  • Transformers Animated? Looks rather half-assed if you ask me and— wait, David Kaye as OPTIMUS PRIME?! Yeeessss...
  • First Arcee toy that's a car? YEAH!!
  • Hmmm, all the humans are suffering Chuck Cunningham Syndrome in season 3, and it would kill to see Sari agai.....she's staring in a two parter!? YES!
  • After years of waiting, Shout! Factory announces they will release not only season 3 on DVD, but all three seasons in the originaly intended widescreen format!

    Transformers Prime 
  • Well, it looks kind of dumb. Huh? Steve Blum is Starscream? That's cool but no one can replace Chri- Jeffrey Combs is Ratchet?! Still neat but... Dwayne Johnson is Cliffjumper! Cool! Maybe I'll give it a shot if it comes on, but... OH MY LORD!!! FRANK WELKER AND PETER CULLEN ARE BACK AS MEGATRON AND OPTIMUS PRIME!!! I AM SO WATCHING THIS!!!
    • And for those who didn't like Megatron's G1 voice, Frank has a new, menacing voice for the character that some consider to be one of the best Megatron voices of all time.
    • Dwayne Johnson voicing Cliffjumper caused a great number of fans to jump in excitement... too bad he died only five minutes in, but damn if it wasn't a badass five minutes.
  • To a lesser extent, fans still hurt by the premature death of Transformers Animated were happy to hear Bulkhead's back.
  • Also, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper not sharing the same mold for the first time since the original series.
  • Arcee's badassitude in the prequel comic pleased female fans, especially after the fembots' treatment or victimization by the Smurfette Principle in previous TF installments. Or lack thereof.
  • Prowl's hopeful appearance in the series.
    • His only scheduled appearance so far is in the Transformers Universe MMO game and there's already fanart of him. Also, his appearance and character are apparently based on a mixture of his G1 and Transformers Animated incarnations.
    • And to go along with Prowl's possible appearance, based off the character's appearance in the live action films, as well as fitting the Evil Counterpart theme the series has going in regards to the character match-ups: Barricade. Psycho Cops FTW
  • And then, of course, you have the toys. Even non-fans of the series like Rob Bricken think they look great.
    • This was inverted later on when they held back the release and shortly thereafter canceled the line, in order to replace the figures with new Prime toys marketed towards a younger demographic.
    • Two Words: Unicron. Figure. That isn't sixty dollars.
  • Oh, and perennial Transformers cast member David Kaye has also been announced to voice a character. Autobot or Decepticon, he's sure to be AWESOME.
    • His role has been revealed in "Toxicity": the Insecticon Hardshell.
  • When asked at Comic-Con whether or not the Dinobots would show... they commented they are part of the long term plan. Don't believe it? Click here and read.
    • And then the cherry on top: that same post confirmed Combiners *squee*
  • The Insecticons make their return in season 2.
  • The return of Nemesis Prime.
  • Wheeljack is back!
  • At the end of Shockwave's induction into the Transformers Hall of Fame, there was a brief clip of him in Transformers Prime, alongside Arcee, Cliffjumper, and Starscream. The fandom exploded with delight.
    • Then he finally appeared in "Out of the Past". It might've only been a Whole Episode Flashback appearance (for now), but he was still pretty damn badass!
  • a movie was announced, featuring a Unicron Possessed Megatron requiring the Autobots, Decepticons and Predacons to do an Enemy Mine.
  • A sneak preview of Season 3 reveals Shockwave's back. And he's bringing Predaking.
  • They're bringing in a combiner for Transformers Prime? Finally! Who is it? Wait? ABOMINUS!?
  • It gets better, they're bringing in Ultra Magnus!
  • Soundwave breaks his voicelessness and says the classic "Soundwave Superior. Autobots Inferior." line. Also, the fact that it's Frank Welker back in the role.
  • Bumblebee actually gets to speak!
  • The Trailer for Predacons Rising is her-HOLY SHIT, IS THAT GALVATRON?! Not exactly, but close enough that it might as well be.

    Transformers Robots In Disguise 
  • Transformers Prime is over, so what's next for the Aligned continuity? Huh? The new series will be a continuation of Prime!? And the old voice cast will come back if they agree!!? Including Peter Cullen and Frank Welker!!? OH FRABJOUS DAY!
  • A Decepticon leader that is not Megatron. In a not-Japanese series.
  • Given the mobile game ties in with the toyline, we now know three new figures to come: Prowl, Ironhide, and Megatronus (aka, The Fallen).
  • It's a small thing, but the spin-off comic has introduced a Vehicon named Steve, finally acknowledging the "Steve the Vehicon" fandom joke and including him as an actual part of the canon.
  • Like promised, the second season adds a few Prime characters; namely, Soundwave and Laserbeak in "Portals" and Ratchet in "Decepticon Island"
  • There will be a third season after all.

    Transformers Generations 
  • Hasbro will never ever make a combiner aga- wait is that Deluxe Brawl? Well that's cool but-DELUXE SWINDLE? OK that's cool too- THE REST OF THE COMBATICONS ARE GETTING DELUXE TOYS? AND THEY'LL COMBINE INTO BRUTICUS? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
    • On that note: Hasbro's making new Transformers: Fall of Cybertron figure?! Including SHOCKWAVE?! AND BRUTICUS?! SLAG YEAH!
    • Also, New Kickback, and possibly other Insecticons, but in truth there is a voyager Soundwave coming out (FOC), and it has an updated version of the tapes he ejects. Rumble, Ratbat, Ravage, Frenzy, and Laserbeak are now disks that can fit inside him, just like in G1.
    • Voyager Grimlock. Voyager Blaster (a Soundwave retool, but with his own minions!). Retools of the Combaticons into THE WRECKERS. WHICH COMBINE INTO RUINATION. AND RUINATION HAS EMIRATE XAARON'S HEAD.
      • The new biggest Transformers toy ever!
  • Deluxe Orion Pax, Bumblebee, Megatron and Trailbreaker. WITH THEIR IDW DESIGNS.
  • Coming 2014, Deluxe Skids (in his IDW design), Armada Starscream, and WASPINATOR. As the Transformers Wiki puts it: This is indeed proof that there is a God, and He loves Beast Wars.
  • Also coming 2014, Voyager Whirl and RHINOX, WITH HIS CHAIN GUNS OF DOOM.
  • And don't forget Legends Swerve and Tailgate!
  • Among a veritable landslide of other fantastic Generations figures comes one particular gem hidden amongst the gold... Deluxe. Generations. Arcee!
  • 2015 is the year of COMBINERS. To start it, we have SUPERION AND MENASOR. ALL DELUXE FIGURES CAN COMBINE WITH ALL VOYAGERS. Remember that Voyager Optimus Prime from BotCon 2014? HE CAN COMBINE WITH ANY DELUXE FIGURES. YES.
    • Superion deserves special mention. The original toy was notoriously flawed due to its fragile design in spite of its awesome concept. This new Superion manages to retain the feel of the original while eliminating the flaws of the original and making it in scale with the existing Classics and Generations line. Menasor promises to be just as good, with both teams getting lovingly show-and-comic-accurate designs.
    • Hasbro caught some flak from the fans for the omissions of Wildrider and Slingshot from the lineup of the Stunticons and Aerialbots, replacing them with Offroad and Alpha Bravo, respectively. Hasbro's response was to talk to Takara and borrow their molds for the missing characters. Brake-Neck and Quickslinger, the trademark-friendly versions of Wildrider and Slingshot, are due to appear by the end of 2015, which means fans are going to get 'perfect' reissues after all. Fans rejoiced.
      • And in 2016, we also got a Deluxe Groove for those who want a perfect G1-accurate Defensor.
  • 2015 will see the release of Generations Combiner Wars Leader class ULTRA MAGNUS. And he's NOT an Optimus Prime retool or anything, he's based on how he appears in the IDW comics! It gets better, his two guns and missle pods can combine to form a HAMMER. And it gets even better. He comes with MINIMUS AMBUS. And he has his own vehicle mode! YES.
  • Do you like combiners? Because we are also getting Defensor!
    • And TITAN CLASS DEVASTATOR! Six Voyager-sized Constructicons combining into the biggest combiner ever! Basically, each Constructicon is the size of the G1 Devastator toy.
    • Apparently, the Fan-Built Character voting is returning...for an entire combiner team!
      • The new combiner has arrived: Victorion, the first female combiner, with new hand/feet molds the fandom has been asking.
    • As many expected, we're also getting Bruticus. However, unlike Superion, Menasor, and Defensor, Bruticus will be formed from the original Combaticons. note 
      • And just like Superion and Menasor, there will be an exclusive Bruticus in G2 colors!
  • Apparently, Combiner Wars will go on into 2016...and then we'll have a new line, named Titan Wars! No word so far on what it includes, but images shown at Botcon 2015 hint at Astrotrain, Blaster with the original boombox mode and a new base mode, and FORTRESS MAXIMUS! Did I mention each figure seems to be a Headmaster, with small vehicles and other functions for the smaller figure to interact with?
  • There are many exciting news from NYCC 2015, so to recap:
    • The next theme (actually called Titans Return) and the previous Combiner Wars will be part of the "Prime Wars Trilogy''.
    • All Deluxe, Voyager and Leader figures are Headmasters, with "one-size-fits-all" heads (called Ttan Masters) with balljoint necks. So far only the Deluxe are the original Headmasters redesigned.
    • The Voyagers are all Triple Changers with two vehicle modes, with Galvatron and Sentinel Prime already announced.
    • The Legends all fit in the chest of the Leaders; many of them are Mini-Cassettes who turn into datapads and vehicles.
    • The Leaders are also Triple Changers with a base mode; so far only Blaster is announced, but the existence of Decepticon Mini-Cassettes heavily hints at Soundwave as well.
      • Replace "heavily hints" with "just confirmed".
    • Some of the original Headmasters were redesigned as unpartnered Titan Masters, which are sold with a small transforming vehicle they can ride in one mode and combine with in another.
  • Just announced for next year: Leader class Powermaster Optimus Primenote  and Titan class Fortress Maximus!
  • New voting pole (now on Facebook, on November 24th), this time to choose the Titan class figure for 2017: Trypticon, Omega Supreme or Scorponok.
    • Trypticon wins! YES!
  • Annoyed with "Betatron?" Don't worry, the rest of the Technobots are coming, truly giving us Computron! And they're bringing Liokaiser with them!
    • And Computron comes with Scrounge, of all people!
  • What's going on for 2017, other than the Trypticon mentioned above? OVERLORD, that's what!
  • Leader. Class. SIXSHOT. And he still haves all six modes! (OK, the gun mode was replaced with a submarine mode that is blatantly an upside down gun, but still)
  • Power of the Primes, the final chapter in the trilogy, is on the horizon and so far it's basically cranked the hype Up to Eleven and snapped the dial off. BOTH previous gimmicks return (with Titan Masters renamed "Prime Masters" that slot into other figure's armor parts). Deluxes and Voyagers can form combiners, while the Leaders have an "evolution" gimmick where they can armor up into more powerful forms.
    • The opening salvo? THE DINOBOTS ARE BACK! AND They're bringing a new member (the Legends-sized lady raptor Slash) and combine to form VOLCANICUS.
  • ABOMINUS, (The combined form of the Motherf-ing Terrorcons) IS CONFIRMED FOR POWER OF THE PRIMES BABIES!!!!!
    • Alongside that, TITAN CLASS PREDAKING!!!!!!!
  • Battletrap is a Decepticon C-lister without many notable appearances (other than getting his ass kicked during Time Wars like 90% of that arc's cast), and was recently given a new pair of toys. Why is this here? Note the word 'pair.' From what was once one of the most underwhelming 'transformations' in the G1 Duocon gimmick (insert planet into car, spring loaded robot forms with zero articulation), Hasbro has instead engineered two Legends-class that not only transform into distinct and self-sufficient robot modes, but these two robots combine to form a single Deluxe size robot...and they do so using some of the most complex mechanisms and detailed sculpting seen to date, especially in Legends class toys. He's come a long way and shows that Hasbro still knows a thing or two about updating a character.
  • Punch/Counterpunch was a unique concept in the original G1 era: a Transformer with a single vehicle mode, but two robot modes, reflecting his status as a 'double spy,' that is, an Autobot undercover as a Decepticon. The original toy was ambitious for its concept, but also rather underwhelming as none of its three modes were particularly interesting. They tried again with the Timelines rendition of the character, which did a little better but still fell short thanks to the strange and unflattering proportions, most notably an inexplicably small head. 2018 finally saw the release of a Generations version, which finally manages to do everything the original sought to do: have two visually distinct robot modes that manage to share no overt details and a car mode that neatly encapsulates both robot modes. Little wonder that it sold out within an hour of becoming available on Amazon.

  • Bumblebee was great, and a total love-letter to everything about Transformers, from the G1 style Cybertron battle scenes and a shift in the character aesthetic to look more like they do in cartoons and toys, not to mention had a really great human character that was actually useful and had a genuinely endearing friendship with Bee. Really, there was a lot of moments during production that could constitute an entry on this list, but probably the biggest thing? Well, the reason why its not among the Film Series entries: Bumblebee was officially announced to be the start of a new Transformers Cinematic Universe. After a decade of Michael Bay's highly derided live action films, Hasbro is making the decision to end the franchise and take Bumblebee into its own continuity, meaning a franchise reboot. And after the high acclaim Bumblebee got, what comes next is going to be highly anticipated.


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