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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Soulcalibur VI

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  • Just the mere announcement of the game brought many to tears, after having waited nearly six years just to get to this point.
  • Wait, is Mitsurugi younger? Wait, is that SOPHITIA?! Just as many wanted, the old favorites that were cut from Soulcalibur V are returning.
  • The announcement of the platforms confirmed the PC version, finally giving PC gamers a taste of Soul.
  • Project Soul quickly confirmed that the story mode will be "epic" and features a complete roster of iconic returning characters, hitting the reset button from the corner the series was backed into after V. Fans were both excited and relieved.
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  • Despite the Broken Base towards Grøh, the fandom was very pleased with the second trailer, and was ecstatic to see Kilik, Xianghua and Nightmare again. Especially because it's so refreshing to finally see Kilik using his signature Rod rather than the Ditto Fighter style he was saddled with in V, Xianghua because she's another veteran who got shafted by a lesser replacement that's making her grand return, and Nightmare for his awesome new look with an equally-awesome Critical Edge, and—wait, is that SIEGFRIED under Nightmare's armor?!
  • Ivy's back? Cool! But it would be great if we could get characters from later games, particularly ones who were missing from V like—ZASALAMEL?! OH MY GOD!
  • Finally, the guest has been revealed. And who it is you may ask? IT'S NONE OTHER THAN THE WHITE WOLF HIMSELF!
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  • Taki, who was the most anticipated returnee of the series, is finally back at long last!
  • Though a bit vague in terms of actual details, the snippets of the story shown in the "Fate's Choice" trailer make it clear that Project Soul is trying their damnedest to address the complaints directed at V's meager narrative offerings. The fact that the trailer's grand presentation not only hearkens back to the feel of earlier games (particularly the much-lauded Tales of Souls story structure in III), but also suggests that many players will get adequate focus and their own time to shine, as opposed to V relegating 90% of the cast to the sidelines, had a lot of fans hopeful and eager to see what the game would bring.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, after ten years of waiting... TALIM IS BACK!
  • Astaroth's making a return, no big surprise there since the E3 trailer already—wait, Seong Mi-na, is that you?!
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  • The Libra of Soul trailer looks promising enough, as you can embark on a story of your own with your unique character... Wait a minute, are those CUSTOM LIZARDMEN, DEMONS, SKELETONS, BUNNY WOMEN, ELVES, AND GOBLINS?! Yep, they are. For the first time in the series, the long-requested ability to select a different species for your character has finally been added. You no longer have to play as a run-of-the-mill human if you don't want to.
  • After its glaring absence in V, Museum is back!
  • Raise the anchor and make sail, ye hearties! Cervantes de Leon sails again!
  • How do you top someone like Geralt of Rivia? With 2B, of course. Glory to mankind!
  • Another fan favorite has returned at long last! Throw some rose petals for Amy!
  • Following a drought of information after the release of Amy, Project Soul made sure to keep the fandom's souls burning at EVO 2019.
    • First came the (official note ) return of another long-awaited vet. Welcome back to the stage of history, Cassandra.
    • If that wasn't enough, next up was the announcement of Season 2, with new moves and gameplay mechanics galore. And the first character of S2 to be unveiled? It just so happens to be the other notable wandering samurai of fighting game fame, Haohmaru!
    • Simultaneously rejoiced and dreaded, the queen of ringouts, Hilde, returns.


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