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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Sonic the Hedgehog

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Good to have you back, guys!
Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Sonic Colors

Sonic Generations

  • Has its own page here.

Sonic Lost World

  • Sonic Lost World has been getting this reaction upon the reveal of its teaser trailer, namely due to the new gameplay style that looks like a crossover between the cancelled Sonic X-treme and Super Mario Galaxy. The new gameplay style also has parkour gameplay elements and brings back the fan-favorite spindash gameplay move.
  • The revealed designs of the Deadly Six have been well received, but the green female one in particular has received a ton of attention and subsequent fanart.
  • Many fans were happy to hear that the 3DS handheld version will also be a 2D/3D platformer like its Wii U cousin. Especially notable since it's the first Sonic handheld to have 3D gameplay. Past handheld Sonic games have been strictly 2D or 2.5D.
  • Elements from the Genesis Sonic games have been brought back, such as the "badnik" animal robots and the tiny animals that they contain as well as the return of the spindash and Sonic's Super Peel-Out animation.
  • Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition? Cause we really need an extra version of the same ga-NiGHTS DLC?!?
  • And now that the game is out, it is receiving more DLC support from both Sega and Nintendo in the form of FREE Nintendo-themed stages! The first of these stages? Yoshi's Island!
    • The second DLC stage? The Legend of Zelda! Sonic gets to wear Link's signature green tunic, solve puzzles, run around a variation of the Twilight Princess version of Hyrule field, fight stalchildren from Ocarina of Time, explore a dungeon that resembles some of the more tubular levels from the main game, avoid rolling gorons inside of said dungeon, open treasure chests with heart containers (complete with the famous "chest opening" jingle), collect rupees, see cameos of Skyward Sword Link riding atop his loftwing, and even FIND THE TRIFORCE!
  • The December 2013 patch. Why would a patch be reason for rejoicing? The patch fixed some of the more common gameplay complaints that many (even from those who love the game) had! Rings now give players one ups again if they collect 100 of them (originally this series-standard feature was mysteriously absent), the controls for various wisp powers have been altered to now allow for more traditional controls for players who found the touch screen controls not precise enough, if one should get a game over then they will restart with 10 lives instead of 5 (alleviating the problem that the game's increased difficulty meant certain players had a harder time getting through levels without "life farming" first), and sometimes special items will randomly appear on the world map to help out players who need them (though of course players looking more a challenge can choose to ignore these if they wish). Last but not least, it also fixed a rather odd graphical bug that might have been harmful to players with epilepsy. Goes to show that even after the game is out, Sega is still listening to the fans in order to make improvements where they can!
  • Sonic Lost World got a Steam release! People without Nintendo consoles rejoice!

Sonic Boom

  • In late 2013, SEGA teased a new Sonic TV show with redesigns for the characters. Naturally, everyone was enraged. But then, SEGA revealed, not only the series, but a BRAND NEW WII U AND 3DS PREQUEL GAME FOR IT. And that's only the beginning. The current voice actors reprising their roles? Check. Series standard of great animation and actual humor? Check. The return of Adventure-style character gameplay? Check. Possible 4-Player co-op? Check. And much more to come...
    • People still worried about the franchises future can (try to) breathe easy: this show won't affect the main series any more than a show like Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM).
  • Sega, I love you baby, but after you failed to put out with Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal, I think we're finished for now. You're gonna need, like, two or three years to recharge- wait up, so you're telling me Fire & Ice is proof you've learned your lesson and have taken personal charge? Hold the phone... you're saying you've given this new 3DS game literal fire- and ice-themed augs to help the characters explore their world, Bot Racing as a functional speed-based multiplayer element, and had the newfound wisdom to have both Amy and Sticks playable together this time around? Never mind, we're back in business!
    • Not to mention the fact that Sega actually delayed a game's release for quality control! You can bet some fans were happy for that!
  • Well, great, Amy's back. We can hear the pink child squealing for Sonic alrewait a sec. Did she just swing from a horizontal bar with her hammer? Did she land on the ground like a fucking ninja? Did she drop the Minnie Mouse voice?! Did she spend half a level alone with Sonic without once uttering the D- or M-words?! *grumbling excitedly* Ohhhhh... Houston, we have nooooooo problems.
    • And speaking of a welcome change to Amy, Cindy Robinson was finally allowed to use a voice for Amy that wasn't the fake Minnie Mouse voice that Sega originally saddled her with. The fact that this change was carried over into the main series Sonic games starting with Sonic Forces could only be met with positivity.
  • Richard Jacques returning on music duty.

Sonic Mania

Sonic Forces

  • Oh, Sega, we're so happy about Mania, but what about the modern franchise. I bet the new game's gonna be more Saturday Morning slapstick and... wait. Does Sonic look angry? He's in a destroyed city, Archie-style! Sure, marketable, but— Is that Classic Sonic? Of course, then again, it's just Sonic & Classic... Join the Resistance? Praise Lord Sega!
  • Game after game since Sonic Adventure, Eggman has been a constant victim of being an ineffective villain overthrown by a greater threat, be it a couple of gods, the consequences of his grandfather's actions, or his own creations. And while a couple of games have sought to fix that, it's only now that not only is Eggman not holding back, but for the first time in the series' video game history has finally conquered the world. Needless to say, a lot of Eggman fans roared with applause that he's finally made good on his threats.
  • Sure, Eggman's back to being the main antagonist, but is he going to be the only villain- wait what? Shadow's coming back? AS A VILLAIN? That's kind of weird considering his role in Adventure 2 but- Metal Sonic? Chaos?! They're coming back too?!? Again... we don't see a new villain, just returning ones- what? There IS? And he wears a mysterious mask and can spawn multiple red cubes? Sign, me, up.
  • Speaking of Shadow... there is also Episode Shadow. A Free DLC allowing anyone who purchases the game to play as Shadow the Hedgehog once again. Sign me, up, too.



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