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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Pokémon Gen V
aka: Pokemon Black And White

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Pokémon Black and White
  • Older protagonists, the female PC's design, the first female professor, triple battles, two rivals (three if you count N), idle animations, online random matches, portrait cutscenes with moving lips, no more NPC Roadblock, and specifying the weather on the bottom screen instead of pausing every turn to remind you.
    • In the old days, TMs broke after one use. Not anymore! This allows the creators to introduce (in some cases, such as Rock Smash, re-introduce) the more "useless" HMs as TMs, which means that Pokémon can finally just forget them if necessary without the player having to look for someone to make them forget the attack. On the other hand, TMs were made more expensive in order to counterbalance this.
    • No Generation I-IV Pokémon prior to obtaining the National Dex. Which means no more Zubat, Tentacool, Geodude, and Magikarp.
      • Although Woobat takes Zubat's place, it's much less of a Goddamned Bat than the above four were. Woobat tend to buff themselves or confuse the player's Pokémon, which means no harm, no foul if you simply run.
    • There are 156 new Pokémon. That's more than have EVER been introduced at once in a generation.
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    • Tornadus of the Kami Trio is the very first pure Flying-Type.
    • And there is now a fully-evolved pure Dragon, Haxorus (all previous fully-evolved and Legendary Dragons have been dual-types).
      • And a non-evolving pure Dragon-type with Druddigon.
      • As well as the first three-stage pure Ice-type line (Vanillite, Vannillish, Vanilluxe) and the first pure Steel-type evolutionary line (Klink, Klang, Klinklang).
    • Only six HMs are in the game, including Dive for the first time since Hoenn.
      • As a bonus, aside from an early instance of Cut, (which one could teach to a Patrat or Purrloin, or the elemental monkey if you didn't intend to keep it beyond the first gym) none of them are needed to finish the main storyline. Meaning the only move slot you'll "need" to waste is that of a flying type for the Fly HM for convenience's sake.
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    • The annoying beep that plays when the Pokémon's health is low was changed to an awesome remix that makes the beeping sound catchy. However, this does have the downside of negating whatever battle music is currently playing, which can get annoying if you consider it to be worse than the music it's overriding.
      • There was even more rejoicing when a remix of Blue Oak's theme from the original game was revealed.
    • Most routes now have a NPC that will heal your Pokémon on the spot, negating the need to head all the way back to a Pokémon Center for healing. Previous generations only had occasional healing locations on longer routes.
  • Generation V (Black/White and Black 2/White 2 alike) also feature a welcome addition: box-to-box Pokémon trading in Local Wi-Fi play. That's right, nobody'll ever need to get out of the Wi-Fi Room and swap the Pogeys in his party with those in the PC anymore.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

  • The first pair of games, Pokémon Black and White, turned out to be hype-inducing already; however, the first direct sequels in the franchise, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, are already turning everything about their predecessors Up to Eleven, and that includes this very trope. Let the rejoicing begin!
  • This is the first main-game sequel since Pokémon Gold and Silver, and it'll probably be more of a sequel than that game. Also, the thought of the beloved Pokémon Black and White continuing - and threads being tied - made the fandom really rejoice.
  • This is the second pair of main series gamesnote  to be localized the same year as its original counterpart. Dated summer for Japan and (northern hemisphere) fall for the United States and other countries.
  • The confirmation that these games are indeed outright sequels, featuring an expanded Unova.
  • New Pokémon joining in the Unova regional Pokédex, some including the Eeveelutions, Riolu/Lucario, Psyduck/Golduck and... Tyranitar and Metagross!
    • Specifically, 301 Pokémonnote  are in the regional Pokédex. You will not be at a loss for team options in this one.
    • The new Habitat feature, a checklist showing which Pokémon reside in which area, is like a godsend for players who focus more on collecting them.
  • The addition of a Poison-type specialist may seem minor, but there hadn't been one since Generation II.
    • Nor outside of Kanto, for that matter.
  • The female protagonist design has once again become popular within the franchise.
  • Regular Trainers now have animated sprites. They're much more animated than the three frames that previous generations had and now have as many frames as animated Pokémon sprites do (not minding the fact that the Trainer sprites stop, of course).
  • New formes for the Kami trio, Kyurem, and Keldeo!note 
  • Cheren and Bianca are both confirmed to be back; Cheren is a Normal-type Gym Leader while Bianca will give you your starter Pokémon. They both play major roles in the plot as well.
    • N is also confirmed to be appearing in the game with the same scan that shows Cheren, Bianca, and Alder.
  • The animated trailer. Saying the fandom rejoiced might as well be an understatement.
  • The World Tournament Mode, where you fight the Gym Leaders and Champions from the previous generations, as a massive Continuity Cavalcade. And yes, Red counts as a champion. Our bodies weren't ready.
  • There's an item that increases the chances of getting shiny Pokemon! Which you get by completing the Pokedex. Finally, something actually USEFUL after all these years instead of a damn certificate!
    • Also there are some Pokemon that are guaranteed shiny! The last time this happened was way back in Gold/Silver, and that was only one Pokemon (Gyarados) and only because the story of the game made it that way!
  • Music wise, every gym in this game now has its own remix of the gym theme instead of sharing a single theme.
    • Not just that, but the Gym Leader and Champion themes from the previous games return, to go along with the Gym Leaders and Champions from previous games returning in the World Tournament.
  • Every non-mascot, non-event legendary from Gens III and IV being catchable in the postgame (though Lati@s are version-exclusive, all other legend aren'tnote ). Regigigas even finally gets the Regi trio's battle theme!
  • Voice acting in some of the music tracks excited a lot of fans.
  • Regarding people disconnecting before losing in the random matches, now if someone does that he or she won't be able to play random matches for an hour.
  • All old participants received new overworld sprites, and all new animations. Even if they were somehow re-used from older games, they're still different due to being smoother.
  • When the animated trailer was dubbed in English.
    • Hugh is voiced by Goku.

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