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An announcement was made, and there was much musical joy.

  • Michael Jackson dies before his upcoming comeback tour!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait, AEG will compile all his rehearsals from that concert tour, and make it into a documentary? After showing that awesome clip from CNN? Two tickets please!
  • Son of a Bitch, Metallica are making -another- albu...Wait, Rick Rubin AKA the guy that did Reign in Blood for Slayer is on board? They are going back to their '80s trademark sound!? * Headbang*
  • Oh, great, Megadeth will do a Rust In Peace 20-year-anniversary tour... wait... DAVID ELLEFSON IS BACK IN THE BAND? Awesome!
    • And now, Joey Belladonna has returned to Anthrax. Just in time for the Sonisphere festival... which will feature Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. Yes, you've read it right: the BIG FOUR of Thrash Metal. Playing together. In the same lineup. The '80s are back, bitch!
  • Iced Earth is going through with the sequel to Framing Armageddon? Ugh, Tim Owens is just going to ruin it again, just like he did with Framing Armageddon. What's that? Matt Barlow was re-recruited to take his place back? And they announced a rerecorded version of Framing Armageddon with Barlow on vocals? HELL YEAH!!!
    • The re-recording of Framing Armageddon looks like vaporware, though.
  • Back in 1999, Iron Maiden fans were happy seeing Bruce Dickinson returned. And exploded in excitement seeing he brought guitarist Adrian Smith back as well.
  • This was most likely the fandom's reaction to the Ayreon album The Human Equation. Hmm, Universal Migrator wasn't that great compared to the others... and this one has nothing to do with sci-fi? And James LaBrie is playing the main character? I think I'll pass... Wait a second, Mikael Åkerfeldt? Devin Townsend!? THANK YOU, ARJEN LUCASSEN!
  • Dammit, when the hell is EMI going to release the special edition reissue of Station to Station? It was announced, like, a year ago! What's that...there's going to be a special edition and deluxe edition of the album, with the deluxe edition containing the 2010 remastering of the album and the Live Nassau '76 bootleg on CD and vinyl?? But that's too much for my little Bowie-loving heart to take! addition to that, the deluxe edition will have a photo booklet with never-before-seen Bowie photos, pictures of rare memorabilia, and replicas of the Bowie On Stage 1976 press kit folders and '76 fan club folders? All is forgiven, EMI, ALL IS FORGIVEN!
    • God, it really sucks being a David Bowie fan in 2013...ten years since his last album, nine since his last tour, nearly six since his last public performance...he is dearly missed, and while reissues are fine, those fans who didn't discover him until recently will never know the feeling of anticipation that — wait, how come no one knew (or said) that his official website was finally getting a relaunch on his 66th birthday? Let's see what the fuss is about — OH MY GOD, THE NEXT DAY?! A new album for preorder? There's already a full Surreal Music Video for its first single? Happy birthday!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. After three 2011 concerts and no announcement of other shows, this came as a bit of a pleasant surprise. But wait, there's two new movements alongside the previous line-up? AND they're touring worldwide? YES!
    • For Philadelphia-based fans, the very fact that the tour will land there in late July, as they were almost certain that they wouldn't stop there.
  • Man, I'm sick of waiting for LASERS to come out! You know what, forget Lupe Fiasco, he fell off, that's why all his songs su-HOLY SHIT HE DROPPED A NEW MIXTAPE!!!!!!!!!
    • And new songs!
      • And when that started to die down: Man, I don't even care about LASERS anymore. Lupe's never gonna release anything new-HOLY SHIT THERE'S GONNA BE A FOOD AND LIQUOR II!!!!
      • And now... VICTORY!!
    • Ughh, LASERS wasn't even that good, there was way too much Executive Meddling, he was great, but it looks like this is just another case of What Could Hav- Oh My Word WHAT IS THIS!!!
      • Yeah that's cool and everything, but it's only one song, the label won't ever let him do a full album with songs as good as-HOLY SHIT THERE'S A NEW MIXTAPE!!!.
  • After eight long years, Doctor Steel announced he is working on a new full-length album!
  • Rammstein hasn't performed in the United States in over ten years...wait, they're going to perform in Madison Square Garden?! Where do I buy tickets? (The show sold out in thirty minutes, by the way)
    • And that's going to have a DVD release? FUCK YEAH!
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  • Dammit, Sting... really? Lute music? Is this what you've come t— Wait, why are you in a press conference with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers? Do my ears deceive me? After over 20 years, The Police are burying the hatchet and going on tour? Heck yeah!
  • Kylie Minogue's North American fanbase rejoiced when they heard that she was going to tour the States and Canada for the first time in 2009. They rejoiced again when she returned to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with her Aphrodite world tour.
  • Lady Gaga released "Born This Way" two days before the Grammys, performed it at said Grammies, and the two days after that, became the number 1 song on the Billboard 100. Yes, we did rejoice!
    • You and I is perhaps her best song. When it became a single as opposed to a mere promotional song, what do you think happened...?
  • Live 8 captured this perfectly. "Oh, great, another charity concert special...wait, is that Pink Floyd reuniting for the first time in 20 years?"
  • Blue Man Group's shows are amazing, but they really haven't done anything new in a while. Just the same schtick and songs with every sho- What's that you say? There's going to be a Blue Man Group IMAX movie experience where they go inside an autistic person's brain and help bring out their creativity? And it's going to feature the original performers?? And there's going to be new songs?? Mind: BLOWN!
  • No Queens of the Stone Age music lately... or Foo Fighters. Wait... Josh Homme and Dave Grohl are in a new band, reuniting after 2003's Songs for the Deaf? And on bass they have John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin? American rock music has reached it's peak. Pack it in, boys.
    • Similarly, the announcement of a new Foo Fighters album, which not only has Grohl's former bandmate Krist Novoselic in a song, but is produced by Butch Vig, who worked with Nirvana in Nevermind...
    • Fans were also quite pleased to hear that Dave Grohl will be drumming on their new 2013 album, however it came at a price due to the fact that the Foo Fighters on on hiatus.
  • Michael Kiske started a new project. It's going to be a fai... WHAT? KAI HANSEN HAS JOINED TO THE BAND? KISKE AND HANSEN TOGETHER AGAIN??? WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! AWESOME!!!
  • Billy Corgan has a Major Announcement. Oh, it's going to su- Wait, a new full length album that's a part of the Teargarden Project!!! Re-issues of EVERY ALBUM WITH BONUS TRACKS!!!!! VINYL REISSUES AS WELL!!!!! A PHYSICAL RELEASE OF MACHINA II!!!! THE FINAL METRO SHOW IS GETTING A RELEASE AS WELL!! MOTHER OF GOD!!!!
  • Autopsy is reforming for the Maryland Deathfest? Ah, it's probably just a one-shot performance. Wait, they're releasing a WHOLE NEW ALBUM? Headsplosion
  • So Rascal Flatts has moved from Lyric Street to Big Machine. So they're still working with Dann Huff, the same record producer who led them to whiny, overproduced power ballads. Wait, this "Why Wait" song is upbeat and catchy, and it's not overproduced for a change! Neither is "I Won't Let Go"!
  • Filipino fans of Disney stars haven't got a single Disney star to come to their country to do at least a concert for one night or do promotions for their projects. Not even Hilary Duff AT ALL. Might as well give up on the hope- WAIT, MILEY CYRUS IS COMING?!?! At last! Even though it's been a few months after her show was done in the US, at least she's coming to The Philippines! Can you say, SWEET NIBLETS?
  • The day in late 2003 that Shirley Manson of Garbage announced she'd thrown all her blonde hair products out and went back to being a red-head. Much of the band's Broken Base blamed her shaved blonde hairdo for hijacking their third album and the personified it as the cause of its commercial failure.
  • In 2008: X Japan is reuniting? YAY! By 2009? "We wish they never had."
  • Oh great, another KMFDM side project instead of a new album. Pfft. Yeah, whatev—WAIT. Tim Skold collaborating with KMFDM again? AHHH DON'T BELIEVE IT WAKE ME I'M DREAMING!
  • Elton John's 1980's comeback can be attributed to Elton collaborating full time with lyricist Bernie Taupin for the first time since 1976's Blue Moves, and to Elton reuniting with guitarist Davey Johnstone, bassist Dee Murray and drummer Nigel Olsson, his classic 1970's backing band, for the first time since 1975's Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. It helped that Elton's album, Too Low For Zero was a solid effort, with tracks like "I'm Still Standing" and "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" and entertaining music videos.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's latest album, Alpocalypse. Whoa, finally a new Weird Al album! It took a while, but finally we have a new polka medley - and not a crappily-recorded live version, to boot! But then there was yet another ATFR moment, namely when, for the first time, there was a music video for a Polka Medley. As in, you know, not a fan-made one - no, an actual, honest-to-God music video! To quote the Wikipedia article for the album:
    "Yankovic intends to create music videos for every song on the album. At the time of the album's release, videos for all but two of the songs were included with the physical DVD and deluxe downloadable version of the album. A live-action video for "Perform This Way" was released a day prior to the release of the album, while a video for the polka medley, "Polka Face", was slated to be released in late July. It was finally released in late September 2011 on Comedy Central's[5] The polka medley video, primarily animated but featuring some live-action takes, is the first time that Yankovic has created a video for his traditional polka medleys."
    • Not to mention he finally made a Lady Gaga spoof that reached over a million views within a week.
  • Within Temptation's new album? Great! Hopefully we don't have to wait another three... they already have another album idea?! That's supposed to be released next year?!?! AND THEY'RE MAKING AN UNFORGIVING MOVIE?!??!!?! Cue fandom squeals.
    • They're releasing an EP soon that includes a song with TARJA TURUNEN?
  • Alestorm have a new album out? Great, more epic swashbuckling metal to enjoy. Wait... is that You Are A Pirate?! YAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
  • Tim McGraw is finally leaving Curb Records, the label that's treated him (and its entire roster) like dirt for the past 10 years? Sweet!
  • Miracle of Sound and Malukah will be collaborating on a project? FILK FANS REJOICE!
  • The "New Cars" are OK, and Todd Rundgren might be an interesting frontman, but he's no Ric Ocasek...hey, wait, all the surviving original members are reuniting?! With Ocasek?! And they're recording a new album?! And it sounds like old-school Cars? 'And'' they'll even do a short tour? Sign me up!
  • It was the late '00s, and the reunions of British pop acts of the '80s were for a time omnipresent. OMD, Spandau Ballet and the like. When Ultravox was announcing their reunion, however, three things brought a little extra cheer among the fans:
    • Warren Cann was back, after being unceremoniously sacked virtually straight after Live Aid;
    • The tour was aesthetically centered around fan favourite album Rage in Eden as opposed to Vienna, and the setlist reflected this;
    • They opened the concerts with the seven-minute instrumental "Astradyne". Bricks were shat in the audience.
  • Yes announced they'd be recording a new album for the first time in ten years? Well, Jon Anderson isn't in the lineup—wait, Trevor Horn is producing? And Geoff Downes is back as the keyboardist? Sold.
  • Schwarz Stein is going to reunite for a one-off concert? And it's going to be released on DVD? And they're going to release a new EP after seven years of inactivity? YEAH!
  • Primus came out with their album, "Green Naugahyde," after a 12 year hiatus, and this made fans of their's rather happy.
  • The Protomen have a lot of instances of this.
    • December 10th, 2010. Queen. Tribute. Concert.
    • At the November 5th Atlanta show, Panther announced the band was working on a cover CD.
    • The news of Act I being re-released on vinyl, with bonus features.
    • In November 2011, the Protomen made a Facebook post about possibly touring outside the US, and asked people to 'like' it to show interest. Even people in the US liked it.
    • After months of waiting, the documentary incentives are being prepared.
    • April 19, 2012. The Queen CD and accompanying shirt is on preorder.
    • Occasionally, the Protomen offer items for sale on eBay. These have ranged from Heath Who's Flying V guitar to Turbo Lover's lab coat and spandex bodysuit.
  • (Checking Hatsune Miku Facebook page, October 2010) Hm, so if the page is liked by 39390 people, there will be an English version? Better get my friends into vocaloid. (One month later) Yes! 39390 fans? Awesome! Aw, but it will take 2 years to complete? Ok Saki Fujita, better start learning English. (Mid 2011) There's a demo for Miku English? Better take a listen. Huh, not bad, phonetics need work, but okay. Wait. English Miku is coming out in 2012? Awesome! (mid 2012) Man, how long does this take? Oh look, another demo. Hm, still some phonetic issues, but not bad. And they're making Kaito an English voicebank too? Yes! And now the release date is spring 2013? And Yowane Haku will get an English voice as well? (cue girly screams) To be continued...
  • Aw Man, AC/DC is an epic band, but they can't release their songs onto iTu—Wait a sec, To coincide their 40th Anniversary, AC/DC are finally releasing all their songs onto iTunes?! HELL YEAH!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!
    • November 2010: Well, let's see what's on iTunes toda—OH MY GOD, COULD IT BE???? THE BEATLES ARE FINALLY ON ITUNES? THANK YOU APPLE!!!!!!!
    • Similarly, Kid Rock is now letting fans purchase his songs on iTunes. Which means "All Summer Long" can finally now be added to your iPod without having to import it from a physical CD copy. And now you'll get ARTWORK.
  • After spending an entire decade being known to fans as a Revolving Door Band, the very first lineup UK Girl Group Sugababes reformed under the moniker of Mutya Keisha Siobhan with the intention of releasing some new tunes. Cue pop music forums imploding.
  • Man, when is Daft Punk gonna make another album alread- wait, they have? And it's coming out next month? And their first single is already out? Cue Big "YES!" from the fanbase.
    • Not only that, after 20 years Daft Punk finally score a Top 40 hit on the Hot 100.
      • And now it's top 10!
  • November 11th, 2011 will be known for gamers as the day The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released. For metalheads? It will forever be remembered as the day Ozzy Osbourne announced that the original Black Sabbath lineup was getting back together for a brand new album.
  • Wow, Devin Townsend has really outdone himself with The Retinal Circus- HOLY SHIT he's playing Detox! AND Love! WITH JED!!
  • The 2nd Law Tour has been full of surprises for the Muse fandom. This Helsinki gig sounds like just another conc- wait, what do you mean they played Agitated and Yes Please for the first time in 12 years?
    • And then came the Tokyo Zepp concert, which consisted almost entirely of B-sides and songs from Origin of Symmetry. And they dressed in their costumes from the Panic Station video for the encore. And they filmed the whole thing. AND it was just a rehearsal for a potential 20th anniversary tour? BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART!
  • Oh, so mothy wrote another novel expanding on the song in his franchise? Well, I guess that's….wait, THE CHARACTERS PLAYED BY KAITO AND MEIKO ARE A COUPLE!? AND ONE OF THE MOST WIDE-SPREAD FANON PIECES WAS CONFIRMED!? ANDTHE WICKED MAID AND STUPID BUTLER HAVE NAMES?!
  • 2012 and 2013 were excellent years for Rush fans. The album Rush had been teasing the fandom with since 2009 was finally released. They toured for it extensively, from September 2012 to June 2013. They added a full string ensemble to live shows (though this one was a bit divisive since Rush had never performed with more than the three band members on stage, though most fans were excited and most skeptics were won over when they saw the strings live). They released a Blu-Ray and DVD of one of the shows (customary for Rush tours). The album was the band's first fully-realized Concept Album, unlike its big brothers 2112 and Hemispheres. The album got a novelization written by Kevin J. Anderson, which got an audiobook version read by Neil Peart himself. Now there's a graphic novel version about to be released in 2014 with Anderson tweeting something very vague and cryptic, which may point to a movie deal. Clockwork Angels is well on its way to becoming a franchise, and probably a very lucrative one at that. The fandom loves it.
    • Rush is testing out "Losing It" in their R40 soundchecks? That's pretty cool, but they've never played it live because they'd need a violinist on stage...oh wait, they've reunited with Ben Mink to play it in Toronto? For the concert that's being filmed for the R40 DVD? (And for good measure, they played it with Mink again in Vancouver, as well as with Clockwork Angels string alum Jonathan Dinklage a few times in the United States.)
  • Exodus got rid of Rob Dukes? Thank fucking god. Maybe they'll get someone who doesn't sound like a prospective Five Finger Death Punch vocalist to replace him. Wait, they got Steve "Zetro" Souza? THE Zetro? OH SHIT, SON.
  • 21st March 2014. Turn on news. Find out that Kate Bush is performing live for the first time in 35 years. HOLY SHIT!
  • Hey David Gilmour is working on a new solo al- what. IT'S A PINK FLOYD ALBUM?! AND IT HAS RICHARD WRIGHT ON IT?! SWEET WEEPING JESUS THERE IS A GOD.
  • When Killing Joke's bassist Paul Raven (also of Ministry, Prong, Godflesh and [[Supergroup Pigface]] fame, among others) died in 2007, it was not an occasion for joy. However afterwards, they reconvened their original lineup for the first time since 1982, playing several high-profile shows and turning a serious loss into a triumph for them. They've since recorded two more albums with this lineup, cementing this new winning streak.
  • Area 11 included a version of "The Legendary Sannin" on the complete version of All The Lights in the Sky? Thank you, god.
  • A mild one but still Squee-worthy to some of Céline Dion's Asian fans: In 2011, David Foster, famous Canadian music mogul with whom Celine has partnered for a long time, released another compilation album, Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends, which bizarrely doesn't contain any Celine song. Considering that David Foster's previous compilation albums include at least some Celine songs, this is cringe-worthy to say the least... except that the year after that, there's another David Foster compilation, The Best of Celine Dion & David Foster, which contains nothing but Celine songs. Eeeeeeeee!!!
  • After Morbid Angel's reunion with David Vincent in 2004 yielded nothing but a seven-year wait for an album that wound up being absolutely horrendous, few fans had any faith that the band would ever be great again; when Pete Sandoval officially departed in 2013, that faith dwindled even further. People began to resign themselves to the fact that Morbid Angel had essentially turned into a greatest hits act after they stopped playing material from Illud Divinum Insanus aside from one or two songs, and given Vincent's heavy involvement in the writing process and sole writing credits on several of the most despised songs, fan opinion of him had moved towards "the washup who is the cancer killing Morbid Angel" and people had begun to call for Steve Tucker to return, figuring that he could at least prevent the creation of another Illud. Come June 2015, and not only was Vincent out, but Tucker had returned and Thor Anders Myrhen and Tim Yeung had also left. Aside from a few people who insisted that Vincent was the one true Morbid Angel frontman, the fandom's reaction was a more-or-less unanimous "this needed to happen" and Tucker was finally embraced as a truly worthy frontman in his own right.
  • Pinoy CimFam have a big reason to be lucky- Cimorelli gets to perform on November 22nd in the country! Who knew the Philippines gets to be the first Asian country they'd sing to?
  • In 2012, the Backstreet Boys fandom practically burst with joy when it was officially announced Kevin Richardson would be rejoining after his six-year absence from the band.
  • Studio Killers fans were pretty pepped when "Jenny" finally got a music video.
  • Damn, I wish Weezer would just release another album already, their last few albums were disappointing and they haven't released another one for four years... wait, they're releasing one this year that's said to be a return to their old sound? AND IT'S BEING PRODUCED BY RICK OCASEK, WHO PRODUCED THE BLUE ALBUM?!
  • Oh, Guns N' Roses are headlining Coachella? Pass... hang on, Slash and Duff McKagan are back in the band after being gone for almost twenty years?! Squee!
  • The Avalanches' ground-breaking album Since I Left You was a worldwide success, and left fans everywhere wanting more. For 16 years. Bits and pieces of a second album were teased, but nothing came of them. Until June 2016, when they finally announced the album's name (Wildflower) and release date (July 8, 2016). Fans just about exploded with happiness, and the album received glowing reviews upon release.
  • On July 20, 2016, the My Chemical Romance fandom exploded when the band's official social media websites were updated with a video called MCRX unveiling a new logo and the date "09.23.16". Not only that, but their tweet announcing their breakup was deleted. Of course, fans have already began speculating what it could mean, from a tenth-anniversary edition release of The Black Parade, to the band getting back together.
  • In yet another Pink Floyd example, many fans of the Syd Barrett era had this reaction when it was announced that Volume 1 of The Early Years series would contain the first official releases of "Vegetable Man" and "Scream Thy Last Scream", along with the instrumental "In The Beechwoods" and a live concert in Sweden during this period.
  • Dream Theater conducts their 25th Anniversary tour for "Images and Words". Awesome show, but nothing really unexpected, sets were business as usual. Time for the encore—wait...sweet mother of Mike Portnoy, is that A CHANGE OF FUCKING SEASONS?!?!?!
  • What's this? Roland's releasing a VST version of the Sound Canvas line? That's cool. Plus, it's essentially the same price as one Sound Canvas model, and this includes all four of them. That's much more cost-effective, not to mention less of a hassle. And it's fully compatible with MIDIs that were designed for it? Neat touch. Wait. That includes DOS and early PC games? I'm sold!


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