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3 Ultimate

4 Ultimate

  • Monster Hunter 4G? Monster Hunter 4 didn't even get released outside of Japan, and Capcom Sequel Stagnation is already happening again. Wait a minute, it's going to get an international release! YAAAAAAAA!
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  • They're bringing back Chameleos?! Great, now we have to deal with its obnoxious invisibility again. Wait, Chameleos can only go invisible when it's enraged? It can't be invisible and attack at the same time? Chameleos could actually be fun to fight this time!
  • One new feature allows you to take advantage of the Mercy Invincibility you get when you're knocked down by allowing you to choose when to get up.


  • Oh. my. Goodness. There's a new game called Monster Hunter X! But it's not going to be released in America. Looks like this is the end... Oh god, it's going to be released worldwide. In English! YEAH BOI!
  • You can now gather items continuously by holding down the A button.
  • You can play as a Felyne!
  • There's a skill called Negate Confusion that prevents Palicoes from panicking. Additionally, the Palicoes can also get the skill Biology to prevent Blastblight, meaning they also won't get Blastblight all the time and panic constantly,
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  • The upgrade system has been revamped so Rare Random Drops are only needed for the equipment's final upgrades and maybe an intermediate. Making the equipment in the first place only requires more common items, and only a few super-endgame armor requires specific rares.
  • Remember when you had to search through all of your armor if you wanted to find a specific decoration? Well now you can remove all of your decorations at once! Say goodbye to having to spend ages looking for a decoration or accidentally making more than you need.
  • Rathalos doesn't have the Rathalos World Tour anymore!
  • Kokoto Village, Pokke Village, and Yukumo Village are back!

Generations Ultimate

  • A new version of Monster Hunter Generations is coming! Wonder what will the developers will bring to the table next... Wait, Barroth, Barioth, Nerscylla, Diablos, and Lao-Shan Lung are back! Yay!
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  • The Prowlers are getting new abilities that look like their own Hunting Styles. And there are going to be two new Hunting Styles. HOLY SHIT!
  • In the past, if you placed a trap and the monster left the area, you had to wait for the trap to self-destruct before you could place another one. Now you can destroy any traps you set down.
  • Text announcing actions like a weapon losing sharpness or a Hunting Horn song being played now appear in the bottom left part of the screen instead of the center.
  • You can now wear one set of armor while having the visual appearance of an entirely different set of armor, so you don't have to sacrifice fashion for practicality anymore.
  • A Switch port is out, making it the first Monster Hunter game on a console in four years.
  • There was nothing about localization of XX at E3 2017, only World news, and nothing about its localization for months. It's never gonna... what do you mean, it's actually getting localized?!


  • Sections of maps have been made seamless. No more being "warped" to the next zone while trying to fight a monster near a boundary!
  • It's planned to be released worldwide on the same day, instead of the Western release coming months after the Japanese version.
  • You can change weapons in mid-quest.
  • Consuming items no longer forces you to stay in place for the duration of the animation.
  • You no longer have separate armor for Gunner and Blademaster weapons. Both types of weapons now use the same armor, with Blademaster weapons getting a physical defense boost and Gunner weapons getting elemental resistance boosts.
  • There's an in-game weapon tree and you can un-upgrade weapons!
  • Actual voiced lines! And if you don't want that, you can easily switch to the standard gibberish.
  • PC version means that non-owners of PS4s can enjoy the game as well, and it being a global release means that players outside of Asia can finally enjoy a localized Monster Hunter PC game!
  • The Paris Game Show showed off some gameplay that looked rather impressive. But, the moment that really made jaws hit the floor was when Aloy made an appearance.
  • The free post-launch updates, starting with the fan-favorite Deviljho, were certainly a welcome announcement.
  • Two Elder Dragons can be on the same map at once! The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny potential has never been greater.
  • The wishlist. While useful by itself - as it allows you to keep track of what parts you need for what weapon, it's "Total Number" option is a godsend as it displays a full list of combined amount of parts you need to produce every item saved on the wishlist. No more making spreadsheets!
  • After the divisive treatment of the Gunlance in past (see the Scrappy Mechanic page), World finally brings much needed improvements to it's mechanics - including the ability to reload all shells during a combo, a more streamlined moveset, and a new Wyvern Stake attack.
  • Seven words: Dante. Has come back. To Monster Hunter.
  • After nearly nine years, Lunastra has finally returned. And thanks to the aformentioned multi-Elder Dragon mechanic, the Flame Dragon Dual Boss dream team is now a reality. (And very painful.)
  • There was a collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV announced at E3 2018. But it's more than just a costume set, because Behemoth is a huntable monster now!
  • How about when Rathalos was confirmed to be both an Assist Trophy and a boss enemy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!? Now, Nintendo's greatest (as well as several others) can all be Monster Hunters!
  • Iceborne, an Expansion Pack that finally adds G Rank (er, Master Rank) and the ice area that everyone's been clamoring for.
  • The end of the December 10, 2018 update stream had a familiar sound and glowing red eyes... Nargacuga's here!
  • What's this? A crossover event with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Hmm, looks like we might get a set of witcher armor, maybe a new monster-GERALT IS COMING TO MONSTER HUNTER? AND HE'S PLAYABLE?! HOLY SHIT!
  • The June 4, 2019 trailer not only brought back Tigrex, but Glavenus, too.
  • The expansion was named Iceborne, and Nargacuga and Tigrex were in it, but a Game Informer video finally confirmed for the fanbase that yes, Barioth is back! The Pseudowyverns are in effect!
  • The July 11, 2019 trailer showed off Glavenus and the return of Monster Subspecies(for Odogaron and Anjanath). Then finishes with a teaser: A poor Uragaan covered in green slime that explodes. Brachydios is coming back!
  • Though they had already seen leaks all but confirming it, though the anticipation had gotten to the point that other fans were getting annoyed, the fanbase nontheless did their best to pretend to be shocked when the August 29th trailer finally showed that their best Good Boy Zinogre was coming to Iceborne.
  • Rajang will be in Iceborne's first post-launch content patch, similar to how the base game introduced Deviljho. Not only do we have ANOTHER terrifying badass invader, but it's World's first Fanged Beast!
  • The dev diary covering the April 23rd free update (adding Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios) dropped an amazing surprise announcement days before it's release: Layered Weapons are coming to World!!! Initially this only covered the generic weapons, but at a later date the unique ones were covered as well, allowing all Hunters to play with the weapons stats that they want AND the weapon looks that they want as well.
  • Following Alatreon, the August 28th diary (introducing the very last free title update of Iceborne), and announced FATALIS, AND IT WAS COMING IN JUST A MONTH. For the most part, no one ever truly believed Fatalis would ever come to World, for the same reasons as Lagiacrus (problems with the long neck and skeleton), so while they hoped, it was unlikely. Now, not only has it finally come fully rendered in World's amazing visuals, it's signature arena CASTLE SCHRADE is also coming, as the backdrop for the entire fight. Moreover, it's weapons and armour are absolutely epic. Needless to say, the entire fandom jumped in joy.


  • Worried that Monster Hunter for Sony's and Microsoft's big, beefy, but home-bound consoles and for PCs was going to be the future for a series that was popularized through handheld installments, thanks to the runaway success of World? Don't like that MHGU isn't taking full advantage of the Nintendo Switch's capabilities? Fret not, Monster Hunter: Rise is coming as a brand new game on the Switch that's designed specifically around its hardware! And like World before it, it's getting a global same-day release!
  • Finally, dog companions! That you can ride on!
  • Now you can bring one of your companions with you on 3- and 4-player hunts! No more being disappointed that you can’t bring them because a third player joined the lobby!
  • In a first for the series, and for the Nintendo Switch as well, the game will be running on Capcom's RE Engine, and based on footage from the trailer, it looks great.
  • The addition of the wirebug has intrigued many people with how it was shown in action, especially in combat.
  • The 2020 Game Show Awards trailer reveals the return of an area from Monster Hunter 3 (tri-), the Flooded Forest, now reimagined as a massive, seamless area. It also features the return of the Royal Ludroth, Great Wroggi, and in a blink and miss it moment, the Great Baggi. Plus, the familiar roar of a certain blind, electric wyvern can be heard.
  • The 2021 stream introduced monsters returning and new, as well as other surprises. The Goss Harag caught eyes when it showed up, and while Glavenus was the first of the Fated Four to appear in the fifth generation, this time it's Mizutsune's turn - with none of the others in sight thus far. But the real star of the show was Wyvern Riding - the ability to ride monsters and use them against other monsters entirely at your discretion!
  • While the first title update was always known to bring Chameleos, it brought other content with it. First, the other two Elder Dragons Kushala Daora and Teostra are returning. Awesome! Second, we have new Apex monsters: Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos. Third, we can hunt said Apex monsters in regular quests as well as the rampages. What's that? The Hunter Rank Cap is unlocked? Cool. Whoa, we have layered armor? Very nice! What the... Bazelgeuse is returning?!
  • The second title update had no monsters teased before its release, and as for recurring monsters you can stop complaining about fighting your way through a Rampage: Ibushi and Narwa will be paired together in an individual hunt to wrap up the story. But the bigger deal involves two returning monsters made new: the Thunderlord descendant known as Apex Zinogre is one of them, but the other is Generations Ultimate flagship dragon Valstrax!
  • The Amaterasu skin for the Palamutes was nice but expected...wait, Akuma is coming to Rise?! AND he gets his own animations and voice clips?!

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