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All the awesome announcements for future Kiseki games (and some past ones) can go here.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky


Zero no Kiseki

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

  • After The 3rd revealed that 'Carnelia' was based on a real person (Ein Selnert) and Ring Of Judgment confirmed that 'Toby' was based on a Bracer named Toval, fans have been hoping he would appear in a game directly. Falcom showed a suspicious silhouette prior to Cold Steel's release, followed shortly by a screenshot showing the man, followed immediately by fan rejoicing.
  • Also, the announcement of Cold Steel in general. Falcom has been building up Erebonia as a place to visit since the very first game and after Ao's ending, expectations were at an all-time high.
  • Cold Steel III is already getting these reactions from fans, especially fans of the Sky trilogy, many of whom were ecstatic to see Agate and a now teenage Tita, with this marking their first appearances since The 3rd.
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  • In addition, Arianrhod shows up again with all three Stahlritter finally identified, Campanella, McBurn, and Shirley show up as well and Laura and Fie with their new looks.
  • Because All Myths Are True in this series, Rose from Red Moon Rose finally appears.
  • The official trailer has been released and we already have fans hyped up for the series!
    • For those who were worried that they wouldn't be playable, rest assured Olivert and Tio are both playable in this game.
    • All three Stahlritter are finally voiced and have their faces appear. And their first impression is to have a nine turn HP recovery and speed buff!
    • For those who were worried that the former Class VII members were no longer playable, they are confirmed to be in the party at some point.
    • Campanella as a boss fight without Rean indicating that the game might have dual protagonists at some point (Rean is still primary).
    • Fie VS Shirley on top of the Derfflinger fully animated unlike the duel between Laura and Fie.
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    • Rean at some point fights Azure Siegfried in anime form.
    • All four Ironbloods have activated their ARCUS II links indicating that they may either be a boss fight or something else. Either way, fans got hyped! Especially since this is the first time Lechter has brought out his weapon in 3D.
    • Zephyr's leader, Rutger Claussel is Back from the Dead and leading Zephyr again, indicating that there's an Aidios gift somewhere that allows them to bring people Back from the Dead. And fans of the lore of the series are excited to see what this lore is.
  • The teaser for the fourth arc is finally open and clicking the website shows Rean all chained up in his ogre form, both physically and magically. Then there's also the other screen shots that reveal who is in.
    • The Stahlritter with Duvalie wearing casual clothes rather than her armor.
    • Crow wielding his dual saber and new clothes.
    • Renne all grown up
    • And finally, Lloyd and Elie looking at the sea.
  • Falcom has been gradually revealing information about the fourth game in the months leading up to release.
    • Everyone from the original SSS will appear in the game! And did we mention that Randy has finally a proper picture that looks like his S-Craft, while holding Berserga?
    • Along with the full profile of Crow, we also got the main official picture for the fourth game and the hype couldn't be higher. Especially with Rean looking free from the previous chains, for once! And with some really nice clothes which the fandom has embraced very well.
    • There is a screenshot of Rean kneeling in front of a man who is strongly hinted to be none other than Cassius Bright himself!
    • Renne and Cassius won't be the only Brights coming to Erebonia. That's right, Estelle and Joshua Bright are back! Playable, and with their S-Crafts in full 3D, just like Agate. To say the fandom freaked out would be an understatement.
  • Then a teaser came out and every second ended up being one fandom rejoicing moment after another. We have the following:
    • Crow is back in the party with his own S-Craft portrait.
    • Mariabelle is a boss fight for both Lloyd and Elie.
    • Randy is in the party on foot alongside new Class VII.
    • The Ouroboros ship Glorious shows up.
    • Rean and Crow look like they're about to face off against Arianrhod in their Divine Knights.
    • It only happens for a split second but Duvalie is a party member.
    • Roselia is back in her full adult form as shown in the flashbacks of Cold Steel III
    • But the biggest bomb that dropped is that Kloe is back alongside Cassius!
    • And finally, Estelle is in a party with Renne, Tita, Tio, and Altina with Altina's new S-Craft that has her wielding a BFS.
  • It's finally confirmed that Cassius is in the game, but what's even more surprising is that he's using the sword again!
  • The long awaited trailer for the 4th game is finally out and a lot of things have dropped:
    • Osborne is finally revealed in his battle attire.
    • Wayne and Jessica are confirmed to be playable in the game.
    • Jusis is wielding a different sword compared to his old one.
    • Craig and Neithardt are revealed as a boss fight.
    • Alberich is revealed as a boss fight and he has a Nightmare Fuel move that involves the eyes of some beast.
    • Michael pulled off a Face–Heel Turn and joins Cedric and Shirley alongside Thors 1 students.
    • But one of the best moments for fans is that long time character Gilbert is back!
    • Finally, the winning shot where Rean, Lloyd, Kurt, Crow, Randy, Machias, and Ash face off against people surrounding them that includes Xeno, Leo, and Lechter.
    • The fact that we are going to have the 3 main protagonists (except for Kevin) together in the same game, working together and interacting with each other is already something the fandom is hyping to a new galaxy and back. Not to mention all the other good interactions we are probably going to have (Crow with Lloyd and Randy, Renne and Joshua with Sharon or Arianrhod, Ke A and Altina, Schera and Sara...). Kondo was not kidding when he said this was a point of the story that he wanted to work for a long time.

The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Origins

  • The teaser for Origins is finally up and there are a ton of hype moments!
    • Rixia is dancing with Ilya at Arc-En-Ciel in 3D!
    • Arios and his daughter Shizuku in front of his wife's grave.
    • Revealing four new characters instead of the fans thinking there were only going to be two.
    • The synopsis claims that there will be three protagonists this time instead of just Rean with Rean as the "Hero", Lloyd as the "Liberator", and a third, masked character, as the "Hermit". And this time, players can actually switch between the three!
    • And finally, who exactly is in the art cover of the title? It's none other than the Grandmaster!!!

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