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  • They're finally releasing the original Gundam series in an Anime Legends pack? Well, that's good news I suppose, since the originals are long out of print. Wait, we're finally getting the Japanese audio too?! Squeee!
  • "Crap, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE looks like it's gonna be a stupid kids' show. Wait...JAM Project are doing the OP? This is gonna be awesome!" Ok...we kinda got jossed on that part.
    • But Kei Yoshikawa is now doing the music for the seires. WHICH MEANS...
    • And you thought AGE-1 is just that, AGE-2 and AGE-3 MS have been revealed, and they're a homage to the Zeta and Double Zeta! EPIC!
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    • It may not be Crossbone but an animated Pirate Gundam? HELL YEAH!!
  • For all the flack that Gundam Seed Destiny gets, one of the biggest casting coups is that they got Shuichi Ikeda (AKA Char Aznable) to play Gilbert Durandal in his first AU Gundam work (second if you count his role as Commander Sazabi).
  • Two years after Bandai Entertainment's downfall, Sunrise teams up with The Right Stuf to distribute the Gundam series in North America, including ∀ Gundam.
    • After years of being left in Japan, Victory, X, and ZZ are coming to America! Sieg Zeon!
  • Man, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans was a great series...too bad it doesn't have a dub, which kills any chance of it being shown on most US TV stations. Wait, Sunrise is working with Bang Zoom! Entertainment to dub the series? AWESOME!
    • The series is finally airing on Toonami! But wait, there's still the slight chance that it might get censored, seeing as how dark it was for a Gundam series. Now the first promo is out, and it's a nice tribute to the promo that they did for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, even using the same music and having similarly campy lines. While it sucks that Peter Cullen isn't the narrator, that's a nice throwba-wait, THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED MIKAZUKI EXECUTING HAEDA? THIS IS INCREDIBLE!
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    • Funimation announced it obtained the rights to distribute the two seasons of Iron Blooded Orphans. They would begin releasing the series in late 2017, and they would release a limited edition as well.
  • There will be a new movie for Universal Century called "Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative". Huh, weird name, but it might not be ba-wait, is that the Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex?! It's finally getting an animated debut?!
  • So, Gundam Build Divers has reached the point where the main protagonist has to receive another Mid-Season Upgrade, huh? Alright, what's the 00-pandering Gunpla gonna be like this ti-wait, Riku is touching up his Gundam 00 Diver Ace with parts from the Destiny Gundam? Gundam 00 Sky is a kitbash unit?!
  • Sunrise decided to open up a YouTube channel focused entirely on streaming Gundam shows. While it contains all of the usual suspects for the mainline Gundam works, there's also both SD Gundam Force and SD Gundam Sangokuden: Brave Battle Warriors for SD Gundam representation, and even the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Festival 10 "Re:vision" Live Drama Performance.
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  • Gundam Build Divers is getting a sequel? Wasn't the original widely hated-wait, the Main Protagonists Gunpla has a gimmick similar to the AGE Gundams? Another of the Main Characters pilots a Gunpla based off of the Walking Dome Mobile Armor?! And the SD Gundam rep this time is based off of the Gundlander series?! This might be worth checking out after all!
  • OH MY GOD! Gundam Sousei has been officially licensed by Denpa and will FINALLY be released outside of Japan!
  • Oh,here comes the 10th Anniversary of the Gundam Extreme VS Series Stream,bet there's just announcements and updates for Extreme VS 2- Woah woah hold up. Is that a PV of Maxi Boost ON I'm seeing?. Is that what I think it is!? OH MY *bleep*-ING GUNDAM! MAXI BOOST ON IS COMING TO THE PLAYSTATION 4 WITH CONFIRMED LOCALISATION!
  • Hm, they announced a sequel to SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden? SD Gundam World Heroes, eh? Well, let's see what it ha-what the?! A character based off of Sun Wukong is the Main Protagonist? There's a world loosely based on the SD Command Chronicles series?! And a pirate world?! And a medieval fantasy world?! There's an Epyon Gundam based off of Oda Nobunaga?! Zhao Yun 00 Gundam is alive?! Wow, they're going buck wild with this series!
    • That being said, Sangoku Soketsuden hasn't aired any new episodes in a long time. Episode 8 has been postponed for nearly a year now and, due to the fact that we still haven't gotten any news and it and instead gotten news on Heroes, the show's probably been cancelled-wait, it hasn't?! It's going to resume airing on March 18th, 2021, just a month prior to Heroes?!

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