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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Dragon Ball FighterZ

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  • After BlazBlue: Central Fiction suffered backlash because of a case of No Dub for You, Dragon Ball FighterZ received an English dub.
  • A common complaint is that the Saiyans are a Spotlight-Stealing Squad, and that raw strength has eclipsed tactics in determining a winner in the series proper. Here, while it's downplayed in favor of support abilities, like in other fighting games, the canonically-weaker characters can take on anyone else. This is taken Up to Eleven compared to other games with how the characters are designed since the cast is so well-designed from a gameplay and flair standpoint that even the likes of Yamcha are considered amazing.
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  • A very quick one happened when word started to spread that the game would have a lootbox mechanic to obtain alternate colors, titles, etc. Arc System Works clarified that it would just be a system like the "fishing" in Guilty Gear Xrd that would use in-game currency, and that players won't be able to spend real-world money on them.
  • The Story Mode is this. While Dragon Ball Xenoverse was praised by the fandom due to containing an original story and interesting lore, it still relied on recapping events from the Dragon Ball Z sagas, which was exhaustively repetitive and trite for many fans. FighterZ, however, doesn't recap anything from the series at any point during its multiple story routes and the story itself takes place during a point in Dragon Ball Super, all of which has been immensely well-received thanks in part to the quality of the various character interactions.
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  • Need to take FighterZ on the road? It's coming to Nintendo Switch!

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