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Anime and Manga fandoms are known for being particularly reactive to large announcements; here's a list of some major moments to enjoy.

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  • Bananya has gotten absolutely outstanding treatment for being a short series. They usually wind up unlicensed...Discotek's giving this one a Blu-ray (before Japan!) and an English dub with Mike Toole as narrator.
  • For the love of God, the Berserk anime is getting a remake?! Susumu Hirasawa is back?! OOOHHH YEAAAAH!!!
  • Black Butler is getting a second season, with Sebastian and Ciel gone for good? None of the cast returning? Oh WTF come on how-...Then came the day when episode one of Black Butler II premiered. Let's just say the advertising team trolled the entire fandom.
  • Same for the new Black Butler arc, "Book of Circus". The first trailer alone was enough to win back the fans who actually hated the second season. Awesome music? Checked. No mention of Alois or Ciel being a demon? Checked. And then we had and absolutely epic curb-stomp battle in the first episode...some reviewers even say that this may be the best season of all three.
  • Black Lagoon dubbed by Canadians? Oh crap, not another disastrous dub...WOAH! They had more F-bombs than the Japanese original!? In good English!? With actual, believable accents!? This is going to be fun!
  • Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War arc is finally getting an anime adaptation after all this time? AND the Spin-Off one-shot BURN THE WITCH is getting a serialization and an anime film? WOO!
  • Blue Exorcist is getting an English dub? Thank you, Aniplex USA!'re getting Johnny Yong Bosch to play Yukio? Awesome- that's the fifth Jun Fukuyama role he's dubbing!
    • Bryce Papenbrook as Rin? Er...hold on, he was Aidou, Kida and Asbel? Yay! Rin's in good hands!
    • Christine Marie Cabanos as Shiemi? Okay, I officially love this dub!
    • Man, the anime was good up until it stopped following the manga. Wait, there's a new season coming? And it's following the Impure King Arc, meaning it will potentially ignore the latter half of the first season? Sold.
  • Mini-Skirt/Bodacious Space Pirates? I'm not sure about this...Oh, so Tatsuo Sato is the director? Sounds like it might be fun. (2 years later) What the— Sentai's pre-emptively licensed this series? Sign me up!

  • Why does Australia have to get remasters of Cardcaptor Sakura and we Americans don't?! We haven't gotten new DVDs since Geneon's demise and it's likely the series will never be picked back up—-SAY WHAT?! Discotek Media just got the rights to the first movie and are releasing the remastered version?! TAKE MY MONEY, DISCOTEK!!!
    • NIS America JUST GOT THE SERIES!!! But wait! It says there's going to be a monaural edited English dub in there. They can't be referring to the atrocious Macekre that was Card Captors, right—THE ANIMAX DUB?!? The one Madman Entertainment tried to get but couldn't because it was too financially taxing?! WE LOVE YOU, NIS America!!!
  • Dang it, Sentai Filmworks, how could they not give Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions an English dub, but instead give one to a barely recognized show such as Hakenden?! W-wait, what's that? THIS LISTENED TO US?! CHUNIBYO'S GETTING AN ENGLISH DUB AFTER ALL?! REJOICE!
  • Bandai's dubbing Code Geass? Boooooriiiing! Wait, Crispin Freeman as Jeremiah!? Yuri Lowenthal as Suzaku!? Michael McConnohie as Emperor Charles!? Man, I'm gonna watch this!
    • Johnny Yong Bosch as Lelouch? Boy, talk about bad casting...Wow, he actually pulled it off! With an even better Evil Laugh!
    • We've been waiting for three years Funimation where's Code Geass on DVD and Blu-ray? Wait, October 4, 2016, and legal streaming on their website on release day?! WOOO!
  • Let's face it, Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier is never going to get a proper DVD release. All we got are bad Toonami recordings and the old DV Ds that only contain a few episodes. Oh well, I guess we better—wait, what's this? Discotek Media licensed the series?! They're restoring any footage they can find to make it look as high quality as humanly possible?! THEY'RE INCLUDING ENGLISH DUBBED VERSIONS OF THE UNAIRED EPISODES?!? Discotek, shut up and take my money!!


  • Subverted in the case of the Eden of the East dub. Apparently, Oasis' label did permit Funimation to get the rights of the anime's OP, "Falling Down"...but only for the first episode.

  • The Fairy Tail anime is coming back, and Aya Hirano is staying on as Lucy, despite the fears of the fandom!!!
    • At Otakon 2012, FUNimation announced that they had the rights to episodes 49-72 of Fairy Tail, and the movie, The Priestess of the Phoenix. The best part? They literally got the go-ahead to announce those additions to Fairy Tail that morning.
    • Otakon 2014, FUNI revealed a new set of voices for Part 13... wait a second, Michael Jones? As in Achievement Hunter Michael Jones?! SWISS FUCKING CHEESE!
  • So they are going to do an anime of Fate/Zero, guess we are going to have to get used to Studio DEEN somehow messing this one up...Wait, it's not Studio DEEN? It's ufotable doing the animation and they hired the Drama CD VA's? Nice. But what about the music...Yuki Kajiura (another person familiar with The Garen Of Sinners, having done the haunting sound track there. Also just finishing a stint with Puella Magi Madoka Magica). This is going to be good...
  • Wait? Fate/Zero airing on Neon Alley? It's getting an English dub? And they got the top union-only voice actors in it? FUCK YEAH! Screw The Other Darrin, This is gonna be awesome!
  • Fate/Zero was a pretty faithful and awesome adaptation. Too bad the ones for the first two routes of Fate/stay night sucked and Heaven's Feel will nev- wait? What's that? There's gonna be a Fate/stay night remake? Well, I hope it doesn't turn out lik-, WAIT, ufotable is animating? Hell yeah!
  • While the Fruits Basket anime remake was announced to have an all-new Japanese voice cast at the author's request, Funimation, the series' American licensor, did the opposite: they elected to bring back a majority of the dub's original cast to reprise their rolesnote . The excited reactions on Twitter from fans of the original series (including other fellow voice actors) were especially high with the initial announcement of Laura Bailey coming back to play Tohru Honda, one of her original signature roles.
  • Another Fullmetal Alchemist anime? Sigh, you know what they did the last time...Hey, isn't that Ling Yao and Lan Fan?!
    • Wait a sec...Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham are back?! The (almost) original cast? Cue fangasm! Oh, the Risembool Rangers and the Miniskirt Army are gonna be all over this!
    • They're replacing Roy Mustang's voice actor? Screw that! Wait...they've got Miki Shin'ichiro?!
    • Rumors that Adult Swim had 3 new anime? Eh, it's probably gonna be an attempt to troll us with more Tim & Er-- Wait, it's confirmed that one of them's the new Fullmetal Alchemist? YES!!!
      • Bah! They'll just shove it into 2 AM with no advertising — Wait, it's at 12 AM? And there are actual ads? Hey, AS cares about anime after all!
    • A certain faction of the fandom experienced another one with the publication of the third art book and its Word of God pronouncement that the Roy/Riza ship is, in fact, canon. Specifically, the author said that the military's anti-fraternization law is the only thing keeping them from getting married.
    • They'll dub FMA for German release, huh? Oh well, at least you can assume they won't butcher the script, and you can always turn on the original with sub- HOLY SHIT they cast DAVID NATHAN as Roy?! THE GERMAN VOICE OF JONNY DEPP?!!!
  • Man, it's been 10 years since Full Metal Panic! had an anime, will they ever adapt the rest of the novels...WHAT WHAT WHAT A NEW ANIME'S BEEN ANNOUNCED! Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory will be coming out in 2018!

  • Aw man... why aren't there more honest to god Humongous Mecha anime about Hot-Blooded pilots kicking ass instead of getting too much into character/human psyche drama? And when are we gonna get something new from Getter Robo?? Mazinger already got a movie, but Getter fans have been left in 16-17 years with nothing but old shows, and people have been saying that mecha is dead... Huh? What is this new announcement—GETTER ROBO ARC FOR 2021!?!? Adapting the cliffhanger-ending manga that is Getter Robo Ah!?!? It's not a new IP, but WOO-HOOO!!! GETTER SAVES THE DAY OF MECHA!!
  • Many fans were resigned to the belief that there would be no more Ghost in the Shell anime. Then, Production IG announced that they were working on a new Ghost In the Shell series which will be released in 2013! YES!
  • Crunchyroll has added Giant Gorg to their Anime Catalog! AWWWWWW YEAH!
    • Earlier then that, Discotek Media announced their aquirsation of the Giant Gorg license for a North American DVD Release.
  • Gintama's announcement that they were going to release the Benizakura arc was a Big "YES!" for the fandom. And then, when they decided to bring back the TV series a year later, everyone went nuts.
    • On the US side of things, the fans were sad that Sentai Filmworks stopped releasing the TV series...until they eventually licensed The Movie (which covers the Benizakura arc, from the unlicensed portion of said adaptation), with an English dub made for it. To top it off, the ADR director isn't Steven Foster. Needless to say, much joy was had at that point.
    • April 2012. Gintama was gone, ending with a real closure this time despite one last attempt to troll. But fast forward to August and couldn't be...a second film with Sorachi himself involved? AND IS THAT SHIROYASHA IN THE TEASERS? Sunrise you really do care! But that's not all. The TV anime is returning with not only reruns but new episodes too!! In the 6pm Thursday slot!! Roll on October.
    • When they casted Yūichi Nakamura as Kintoki, fans thought it was the best casting ever, considering that the former and Tomokazu Sugita (who's Gintoki) are practically Heterosexual Life-Partners and having these two try to grab the spotlight of the Kintoki arc would be an immense amount of trolling.

  • .hack has been stuck in the limbo since Bandai Entertainment got itself a "restructuring" back in the days but wait! What's this?! Funimation acquired them? They rescued it from from being stuck there? HOORAY!!!!
  • Haganai gets an English dub? YES! Jerry Jewell is Kodaka? OH YEAH! Jad Saxton as Sena?! Wait! She was Haruna and is kicking well! And Alexis Tipton as Rika? SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET MY MONEH!
  • Crunchyroll hasn't done much with their Sentai Filmworks partnership yet, aside from four series- wait, they announced 11 more titles for home video release? Sounds cool, but one of them is not really an ani- Haikyuu!! To the Top is one of the series slated for home video release? Sentai, all my money!
  • Season two of Haruhi Suzumiya was such a let down...we didn't get any Vanishment episodes..."Endless Eight", you are officially forgotten. Wait, a movie...BASED ON VANISHMENT?!!!!.
    • Not to mention the movie appears to have art close to Season 1, as opposed to the low-quality "K-On!-ification" of Season 2.
    • The dub of Season 2 will be released in a boxset. Thanks Cristina!
      • Wait, Bandai didn't just license Season 2, but also the movie?! AND Haruhi-chan and Nyoron Churuya-san?! And they're all being dubbed?!! (cue mass applauding)
    • As for the Kyon/Yuki shippers, there was much cheering, and Squees after the whole movie. Yuki has a major crush on Kyon, and the tugging of his jacket, and her Woobie-ness...
    • They're gonna release the 1st part of Novel 10 in the next Sneaker magazine? Pfft...*2 months later* OMG! It's true! There's a 70-page preview! Ryoko is back!
      • While Baka-Tsuki project has been forced to stop, you can still find translations on the internet, and according to the BT forums, the Cease and Desist letter only covered the first 9 novels. It's now up to the translators to see whether they want to risk angering the lawyers.
    • There'll be a spinoff anime of The Melancholy of Yuki Nagato! The franchise is still alive!
    • Haruhi and the SOS Brigade are back, ladies and gentlemen!!! VOLUME 11 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED AS OF SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2020!!!!!!!!!! Even better? IT'S GETTING A SIMULTANEOUS ENGLISH AND JAPANESE WORLDWIDE RELEASE IN NOVEMBER 2020!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • The English dub of Hellsing Ultimate got this when it was announced that pretty much all of the English cast for the TV series, including Crispin Freeman, would be returning. Rightly so, considering that, if anything, the dub of Ultimate is even better than the original series' dub.
    • And in November 2011, Funimation announced they will finally dub episodes 5-8 with the same cast and crew as before. Much rejoicing indeed.
      • Plus, "When You Start the War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords!" was one of the most popular songs from Hellsing TV. When we heard it as the ending theme to Hellsing Ultimate episode 8, we were so happy.
    • Come October 28, 2014, the English dub of OV As 9 and 10 will be released, completing the series.
  • Ah, FUNimation is dubbing Hetalia: Axis Powers? Cool...Wait, they're using accents?
    • There was also a small bout of panic when it was announced that the Ending Theme was going to be changed. And then the preview for Hatafutte Parade was released...
    • Some against type casting (mainly Vic Mignogna as Greece) was offset by some really great choices for Belarus, Rome, Chibitalia, and Sealand. And then came some of the main characters, sending the squees to a fever pitch.
    • Hetalia season four? Zippedy-doo-dah! FUNimation licensed that, season three, and the movie, all on the same day? HALLELUJAH! I'll go get the defibrillators...
    • So Himaruya's taking Christmas requests again this year? Sweet...HOLY CRAP IS THAT FRANCE!? LET THE 2010 BLOODBATH BEGIN!
    • In general, when a country is revealed the fandom rejoices (especially fans from said country). Fans will also rejoice if a country is added into the manga plot.
    • When Himaruya returned after an 8 month haitus, there was much rejoicing done on tumblr and livejournal.
    • Season 5? Great! New designs that are much closer to the manga artwork? AWESOME!
    • 2014 was a year of awesome for Hetalia fans. A bi-monthly comic is running in Shonen Jump, a whole 3 years since the strips were running at a regular and constant pace. The flood of new content was overwhelming for fans. Then Hima released designs for the UK brothers, all of whom he has been hinting at since the beginning of the webcomics. Then he introduced Portugal, a character whose designs' were released a good year ago and fans have been waiting eagerly for. It really was a great year for the fandom, especially considering discussions of it dying...down of...HOLY CRAP, SEASON 6 IS HAPPENING! WOO!
    • In 2016, season six is finally getting a dub! Christmas is coming early!
  • So the High School D×D anime is over. Issei defeats Riser in an Engagement Challenge and gets the girl of his dreams (Rias) to like him. So all is well. But wait. Sirzechs and Grayfia did mention the "Vanishing Dragon" at the end. Maybe there's hope for a second season.
    • Wait, a second season has been announced? Hell yeah!
    • And a second OVA episode will come in 2013? Right after the first one was released in Japan?! And it's also written by Ishibumi himself?! AWESOME!!!
    • Season three has been green-lit! Only three words to describe this: ALL HAIL OPPAI!!!
  • Hunter × Hunter is getting a new anime? With less filler? And will adapt the Chimera Ant arc?
    • It think it's time to pack it in. It's been four years, and nobody is licensing it... Wait, Viz Media announced that they are going to dub it? The show is now just one step closer to airing on Toonami!
    • Don't get your hopes up. They're probably going to use the same voice actors from the mediocre dub of the 1999 anime. Wait? It's being dubbed in-house? And Erica Mendez is voicing Gon? She was perfect for Gon the second we heard her in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic!

  • Man, Initial D will probably never get a proper adaptation...wait, Funimation got it? AND they're giving it a proper dub with the Eurobeat?
  • Wait, what the hell?! Isekai Quartet is getting a movie?! Time to see our old Isekai friends on the big screen!


  • Legend of Galactic Heroes is finally getting a North American release!
  • Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland will come to Blu-Ray. They'll probably cheap out on extra content like for the DVD, but at least we can watch the movie in HD...and with Japanese audio and English subtitles? Plus, Studio Ghibli's pilot will get included as a bonus feature? Goll-ee!
  • Man, Little Witch Academia (2013) is great, but it'd be nice if they made a full series out of it. Huh, THEY ARE MAKING ONE?! HALLELUJAH!
  • Loveless being re-released as a dub? YES!
  • Lucky Star's getting dubbed? Oooookay...Wait, dubbed by the same people who brought us Haruhi Suzumiya? DARLING DARLING PLEASE!
  • It was nice of Discotek Media to bring over First Contact, even though we likely won't be getting any more Lupin the 3rd entries for a long ti—What? They just got the first season, with the green jacket Lupin and the episodes done by Hayao Miyazaki? I don't care if it's not dubbed, this is awesome!
  • Lyrical Nanoha: Reinforce (Eins) fans cheered when it turned out that their beloved Ein would be getting more screentime in the second movie.
    • Oh great, a new Nanoha manga based around card games and no magic? This is going to...Wait, is that Precia? Linith? Alicia? And they're NICE?! Wait, is that Fate? Fate and Alicia are both alive?! Cool! And they work with Lindy? Awesome!
      • Yeah, but that's not really that...Did I just see the Materials? The Florian sisters? Yuri? And the Materials and Yuri have last names now?! Holy fuck yes!
      • Hayate and her family will probably be...Reinforce Eins Yagami?! Screw the movie, this is getting awesome!
      • Yuuno's slated to actually be in this manga too? Holy damn, it's like 7arcs is trying to apologize to everyone for every perceived slight the franchise has had since A's ended almost 10 years ago.
    • The announcement that the third movie was finally being brought out of Development Hell was met with much fanfare. Then it was revealed that the cast from the video games would be in it. And for the icing on top, it was announced that it would be getting a US screening.

  • Magi: Labyrinth of Magic getting an English dub? AND airing on Neon Alley? And being dubbed by Bang Zoom! note . HELL YES!!
  • Sunrise and BANDAI SPIRITS' Tamashii Nations toy brand gave the out-of-nowhere announcement that the Mashin Hero Wataru Series is getting a new project titled "Mashin Eiyūden Wataru Shichi Tamashii no Ryūjinmaru" scheduled for Spring of 2020! While it hasn't been confirmed if the project will be an Anime yet (For now all we know is that it'll air an animated promo on October 25th at the Tamashii Nation 2019 event), it's enough to make fans hopeful!
  • Man, I wish Millennium Actress got a new re-release, as the old one is just terrible. Oh well, at least we can—wait, what?! Eleven Arts licensed the movie with plans for a future DVD/Blu-Ray re-release?! They're giving it a limited run in theaters?! WITH A BRAND NEW ENGLISH DUB?! Eleven Arts, take my money!!!
  • My Hero Academia is getting an anime? But the manga isn't even two years old yet. They're going to cram filler in it, I just know it. Wait, Studio Bones is making the anime? Well, maybe their fillers won't be so bad.
    • Man, the voice of Bakugo in the Vomic was underwhelming. Wait, Bakugo is getting a new voice actor for the anime? And it's Nobuhiko Okamoto? And Aoi Yūki is going to be Tsuyu? Sign me up.
    • Shinso has appeared in the manga and it's been confirmed Aizawa had been training him to help with his wish to join the Hero Course. The fandom went crazy.
  • Will The Irregular at Magic High School ever get animated... oh wait. FINALLY!
  • Okay, it got some special episodes as part of Detective Conan, but-A full Magic Kaito ANIME? For Fall 2014?! YES!
  • Magical Princess Minky Momo is getting movie dub compilation streams on Amazon, courtesy of William Winckler Productions. Oh boy, that dub will be laughable— wait, it's actually the old Harmony Gold dub (that never got broadcasted in the US)? Might not be so bad, although the method's outdated. Hold up, the movies will cover the ENTIRE 63-episode series without any edits if they succeed? Where do I sign up!?
  • Macross:
    • Harmony Gold have restarted their litigation over Battle Tech. Yet again, It will get settled out of... Wait, It's going to court?!? They actually think they can win?!?
    • Then, a short time later, it's found Harmony Gold took Tatsunoko Production through arbitration over contract issues... They'll not lose the ri-... Harmony Gold ARE losing the rights!?!. Macross is going back to the Japanese owners?!? The legal issues are over?!?
      • Bad news: Tatsunoko hammered out an extended agreement, allowing Harmony Gold to keep the rights. Looks like we won't be seeing any more- wait, what's this? Big West, Studio Nue, and Harmony Gold have agreed to global distribution of most of the franchise? The legal issues are finally over this time?
      • And then not even a month later, it was announced that Big West would handle global distribution of all Macross works made after 1987, including the new Macross Delta film. The legal issues are over at last!
    • The most shocking thing for the fandom in general is that the court case that started it all, that made Harmony Gold declare defacto ownership of Macross was the original Battle Tech court case... and the one that ended it was effectively the same case!
  • Mewkledreamy: Why is it that Yume is the only Dream Partner that can transform into a Magical Girl and use Dream Synchro? Oh well, let's see how Mix is like... WHAT THE HELL!? THEY TRANSFORM!? ALL FIVE OF THEM!?!?!?

  • Viz Media previously released the anime adaptation of Nana, but the license expired on them, making the show out-of-print... it seems that the anime will be in eternal licensing hell, just like the anime adaptations of Ai Yazawa's other works, which are either unreleased in the US or out-of-print- Wait, Sentai Filmworks rescue-licensed Nana? Complete with a potential Blu-ray release? Thanks, Sentai!
  • Naruto: The trailer of "The Last" movie, which will be the first Canon movie! It basically sent thousands, if not millions of NaruHina shippers worldwide to the hospital due to joy seizures!
  • Another Negima! Magister Negi Magi anime, huh? What, are they going with the Neo pl- THE MAGIC WORLD ARC?! ANIMATED ETERNAL NEGI FEVER!?
    • Kodansha takes over publishing Negima in America...hello, what's this? Re-releasing the early volumes in an omnibus edition? Re-translated?
  • Man, there's no way Neon Genesis Evangelion is going to get a Blu-Ray release. The old ADV DVDs are out of print, the show itself has become ridiculously expensive to license, and Netflix's new dub of the show is...not great, and Netflix anime don't often get home video releases. What's it going to take to—WHAT?! GKIDS LICENSED THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE FOR HOME VIDEO RELEASE In 2021?! AWWWWW YEAH!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!note 
  • The Nichijou manga finally gets an English localization! 5-10 years late is better than never.
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! is getting an ANIME?!? HOLY S***!!! REJOICE!!!

  • One Piece:
    • Funimation licensing One Piece after 4Kids lost the rights. Nothing more really needs to be said here.
    • The announcement that Funimation would be releasing episodes again after over a year.
    • For manga readers, the news that Viz would be releasing five volumes per month starting in 2010, bringing the English edition up to speed with the Japanese one.
      • A more minor example, but many fans were happy when it was announced that professional translator Stephen Paul was hired to translate the manga for Shonen Jump Alpha.
    • Holy crap! Funimation just licensed both the fifth season and...STRONG WORLD?! Funimation, all my money!!!
    • Come September 30th, not only will Funimation start releasing Thriller Bark, but they're also releasing One Piece Film: Z! Keep it coming Funi!
    • The long-anticipated Wano arc will be directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, the same director of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and what we've seen is GLORIOUS!
    • After a lengthy hiatus starting mid-2018 and going throughout 2019, Funimation confirmed that they will be resuming the English dub starting with Punk Hazard. About time!



  • Man, Saint Seiya can't seem to catch a break. It's first dub by Dic Entertainment was a heavily censored mess, and ADV's old dub tried to fix it but never got past episode 60. Considering the show's track record in North America, there's no way it'll ever get a faithful dub that covers the entire—wait, hold the phone! Netflix managed to license the entire series and are streaming it?! THEY'RE GIVING IT A NEW ENGLISH DUB THAT'LL ACTUALLY BE COMPLETE?! The armor Gods have smiled upon us at last!!
  • The yuri manga Sakura Trick is getting an anime? Eh, it'll probably be overdosed on Ship Tease and vague subtext, like practically every anime with yuri. Wait...the lead girls have a page-long makeout the first chapter? And another one in the second chapter?! YAY!
  • Samurai Pizza Cats to be released DUBBED AND SUBBED in DVD. DISCOTEK, ALL MY MONEY!!!
    • Sadly, Japan is getting the Box Sets earlier on than US. Take that!
    • It also got an official book released, and new toys are on the horizon. All this after around 2 decades of absolutely nothing.
  • This is a bit old, but...MEDIA BLASTERS LICENSED THE FIRST SEASON OF SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI!!! Finally!!! Now if only they would stop postponing its release...
  • Sengoku Basara had an animation series, and then FUNimation picks it up for dubbing. We know the disaster of Devil Kings so I guess they will dub them as Devil Ki—HOLD UP, THEY ARE DUBBING IT AS THE ORIGINAL SOURCE OF SENGOKU BASARA!?!? PUT YA GUNZ ON!!!
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear is getting a second season, okay more Nana Mizuki singing and Kicking ass. Let's see the new additions to the cast: Yōko Hikasa and Yui Horie. Good, good. Nana Mizuki and Yōko Hikasa IN A DUET!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!
  • FUNimation dubbing Sgt. Frog could be considered one of these moments, though many fans were wary of the dub using a loose translation, which could go either way...then it was revealed that Christopher Sabat is voicing Giroro.
    • Of course, a loose translation was exactly what the Sgt. Frog anime needed, in order to offset how watered and toned down the anime production was from the original manga. To say nothing of how the implementation of it was almost sheer genius in everything from episode titles to obscure references that even the nerdiest nerds of nerdom wouldn't have expected.
    • Oh and of course, the "Test Episode". WHAT IS THIS?? NATSUMI RENAMED TO NATALIE?? THE FROGS NAMES CHANGED TO BE ONE LESS SYLLABLE? PLANET WUSSIAN?! MISTER FURBOTTOM?!? WHAT ARE THEY DOING, IT'S RUINED FOREVER!! Oh wait! They listened to the fans feedback and the real series will have no transliterated name changes after all?? Hooray for FUNimation!!!!
    • In March 2021, Discotek Media announced that they'd be releasing every episode on Blu-ray. Yes, you heard that right. Every. Single. Episode.
  • The 2001 anime adaptation of Shaman King had it rough in the US ever since its TV run ended. Only two uncut volumes were released (which are out-of-print), the edited-for-TV version was even less lucky, not seeing any release, and may never see a- wait, what? The 2001 series was announced for release by Discotek Media? With the uncut subtitled version at a later date as well? Take my money!
  • The new seasons of Slayers are being dubbed by FUNimation? Oh, great, they'll probably just end up getting ADV's cast from the movies and-WHAT? They're bringing back the voice actors from the first three TV series?! OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!
  • SSSS.GRIDMAN is getting a new Anime set in the same universe called "SSSS.DYNAZENON", seemingly starring Dyna Dragon!
  • Sunrise is opening a new light novel publishing imprint named "Yatate Bunko", which they will use to release projects based off of their most popular works. One of said projects? King of Braves: GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman! HECK YEAH!
    • And now GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman is getting a Web Manga adaptation!
  • Sword Art Online is getting an anime release? They're going to cover up to the Fairy Dance arc? Awesome!
    • And Yuki Kajiura is composing the soundtrack. Hell yeah!
    • Until this new series comes on, where can I watch Sword Art Online now that its run on Toonami is's on Netflix!?
    • The original Light Novels are being released in America by Yen Press. No-one thought this would happen.
  • After Voyager Entertainment botched attempt to bring Space Battleship Yamato 2199 to America, It's safe to say that we will never see the series... wait, Funimation's dubbing it! They're streaming it on their website, with Crunchyroll streaming the subtitled version.
    • Old school fans also appreciate some of the terms from the original anime's dub, such as "Megameter" and "Planet Bomb", being used as Mythology Gags.

  • From Viz Media in New York Comic Con: Tiger & Bunny is getting an English dub
  • To Love-Ru is already long over. What? Its got an anime called Motto To Love Ru. Sweet. A couple months later, the manga announces its triumphant return, with extra plot and a double dose of fanservice. Incredible. Then its announced that there will be side chapters published in a sister magazine. Better and better. And the newest piece of news? To Love-ru Darkness is having an anime release? The one manga that was declared too hot for tv is being released on tv? YES! I AM SO WATCHING IT! Its a good day to be a To Love Ru fan.
  • Toonami announced that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders would premiere on July 29th, 2017, and the second season of Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans would begin airing in October 2017.
  • So NIS America said they were looking into dubbing at AX 2013, yawn...if they going to keep their word on... what this? They're reissuing Toradora! with an English dub on Blu-Ray? It's being dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment, and they got some nice voice actors in the cast? This is gonna be awesome!
  • Man, Tsuritama is never gonna get dubbed! Sentai's just gonna give it a sub only release—WHAT?! ITS GETTING DUBBED AND A BLU-RAY?!? YAAAAY!!!
  • Tokyo Godfathers is such a great movie. It's a shame it's never gotten an English dub—hold that thought! G Kids is giving it a dub and releasing it in theaters and eventually Blu-Ray?! BIG NAME ACTORS ARE BEING CAST IN IT?! THEY GOT AN ACTUAL TRANSGENDER VOICE ACTOR TO PLAY HANA?!? Shut up and take my money!! Now this movie can finally receive the treatment it deserves!!



  • When They Cry:
    • A lot of people were really annoyed when they heard Sayaka Ohara playing Beatrice for the first time on a drama CD of the second arc of Umineko: When They Cry. Her voice was too low and deep, there was no way that she could troll and cackle the way Beatrice is supposed to. Then they actually got to hear her in the anime. Let's put it this way - there's a reason that both of the quotes on her page are from Umineko.
    • Higurashi Kira? Pfft...What a way to milk the franchise, Studio DEEN....Wa—- Wait, what!?
    • Adding to Higurashi Kira, the latest preview for episode 3 features Mion x Keiichi. At least half the fandom (excluding Keiichi x Rena fans) squeed here.
    • The trailer for the Kaku movie. Specifically, the part where Rena battled someone with a gun, wielding only a cleaver. In glorious, glorious, modern animation. It looks like the next entry of Higurashi will return to the blood and gore that we all love.
  • Wolf's Rain is getting a full DVD rerelease! Twelve years of waiting is over!
  • The World God Only Knows. Fans go absolutely crazy anytime one of Keima's Unwanted Harem girls appear outside their capture arcs.
    • The Goddess arc is going to force Keima into looking for Goddesses residing in his old capture targets?!?! MY BODY IS READY!!!
  • After years since the last season ended, another anime season for World Trigger has been announced! Despite many fans seeing the anime adaptation as subpar (being made by Toei Animation with the studio's common issues present), it's still thrilling news for the fandom, given the constant uncertainty of World Trigger's future thanks to the author's poor health—announcements like this are a sign that the series is still standing strong.

  • X-Men being aired on G4 with an English dub...oh great, they're going to get Milo Ventimiglia back as...wait...Steve Blum coming back as Wolverine in the X-Men anime!! W00T!!! Marvel, you have finally been redeemed in the Marvel anime project.




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