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  • Way back in 1982, many fans of The Last Unicorn couldn't believe that any animated film adaptation could possibly capture the magic of the original... until they saw that the original author, Peter S. Beagle, was writing the screenplay.
  • Okay, so a trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released several months early, and Hiccup is Batman now. Also, the series' events are canon, and dragon flying just got even more awesome than it already was. As Hiccup puts it while gliding over the ocean:
    • The first full trailer! Specifically, the identity of the mysterious new dragon rider that has been teased for quite some time. SHE'S HICCUP'S MOTHER! And she's developed her own method of dragon taming that helps her save the dragons around her!
  • Wait, Lego's making a movie? And the plot is...agggh, another Cliché Storm, some stuff about an ordinary guy who saves the world and is the Chosen One, bla bla bla-WAIT, IS THAT JOHNNY FREAKIN' THUNDER? OH MY GOD HE'S BACK! HE'S BACK! HE'S BACK AFTER 11 GODDAMN YEARS! And Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius? I'VE GOT TO SEE THIS!
    • Hmmm...OK, Superman, Batman, yeah yeah yeah-WAIT, WONDER WOMAN? And is that...IS THAT LIAM NEESON? OH MY GOOOOOOOD!
    • And it's getting A SEQUEL!!!
    • Get ready to shit bricks, because IT'S GETTING SPINOFF MOVIES BASED ON NINJAGO AND BATMAN!
    • The LEGO Batman Movie looks pretty funny... Wait... Did they mention that Billy Dee Williams will reprise his role as Harvey Dent and FINALLY portray the later as Two-Face?!? This is GREAT!
  • A new Justice League movie, huh? Well it being announced a week before its release doesn't show good signs for its quality-wait. Liam O'Brien is gonna be Aquaman and Laura Bailey is gonna be Dawnstar? That's cool I gues-Grey DeLisle and Jason Spisak are gonna be Wonder Woman and the Flash? Huh, that's actually some pretty good cast-WHOA! Dante Basco and Jack DeSena will be in this too? Maybe I'll consider peeking at a few cli-OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! DIEDRICH BADER IS GOING TO REPRISE HIS ROLE AS BATMAN?!?! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!!
    • Okay, so the cast is good, but there have been bad movies with great casts befo-wait a minute, Giancarlo Volpenote  is directing it? Nevermind. I didn't say anything.
  • Oh, great! They're making another Flintstones movie. All right, who's gonna—Wait. It's going to be animated!? And it will be produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McCay!? And written by Chris Henchy!? YABBA-DABBA-DOO!
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  • So they're making a Tintin movie. OK - wait, Peter Jackson is producing? Steven Spielberg is directing? And Steven Moffat is writing the script?
  • A third movie about The Smurfs? Ugh, and I thought the fact that Alvin and the Chipmunks got a trilogy was bad. How are they going to mess it up this ti- Huh? They are rebooting it already? OK, but I don't see how that is going to hel- It will be fully animated? AND they are going to stick more to Peyo's art style? Looks like you have a chance to redeem yourself, Sony!
  • The Peanuts Movie:
    • Fans originally cringed big time at the announcement of a movie, fearing something akin to what happened to The Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Fans were overwhelmingly happy when the first trailer came out because: A. No live action. B. It doesn't try to awkwardly modernize the series. C. It is an All-CGI Cartoon done in a non-traditional style that resembles a watercolor traditionally animated cartoon. D. Not only were voice actors recruited who could pull off the original voices as best as possible, but in the case of Snoopy and Woodstock, they used restored voice clips of the late Bill Melendez.
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    • American fans were ecstatic about the rating of all things. It has a "G" rating. In recent years "PG" has become the new "G", with films that would have previously been "G" in The '90s like Frozen (2013) getting the rating. "G" has mostly been regulated to preschooler fare instead of being for "General Audiences" (Pixar being the main exception). With the G-rating fans are wondering if it might come back into popularity.
  • Trey Parker is voicing the antagonist of Despicable Me 3?! (In Cartman's voice) Ah, sweet, dude!
  • So, Sony's making an animated Spider-Man movie? Okay, sounds cool, I—wait, it's starring Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker?! Alright!
  • DreamWorks Animation is releasing a Captain Underpants movie? I don't know... while yes, tons of fans have wanted a Captain Underpants movie for years (heck, I’m one of them!), Dreamworks has been a little more "miss" than "hit" lately in my opinion, especially with The Boss Baby... The last thing I want is them ruining our childhoods! Oh well, it can't hurt to watch the traile—hello, what's this? It's being animated in a similar way as The Peanuts Movie that stays loyal to the original art style of the books? Professor Poopypants is the main villain? IS THAT THE TURBO TOILET 2000?! MY CHILDHOOD HAS COME TO LIFE AT LAST! TRA-LA-LAAAAA!
  • Cats Don't Dance got a widescreen DVD release last November?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Ordered!
  • Another Scooby-Doo movie? Could be good, I supp—Holy shit, it's a crossover with Batman: The Brave and the Bold?! That's been off the air for years and Diedrich Bader is back as Batman! This should be good!
  • The Book of Life IS GETTING A SEQUEL!
  • Oh God, Illumination Entertainment is making an animated Grinch movie? After they utterly butchered The Lorax, I’m a bit scared. What’s that? Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing The Grinch? Okay, that’s a pretty good casting choice. Wait, what? Danny Elfman is doing the music? There may be hope for this movie yet.
  • OK, so Sausage Party was a hit, and Isle of Dogs did OK. . . so where are all the other adult animated movies we thought for sure were going to follow? Hold on. . . did Sony and Columbia Pictures just announce an entire upcoming slateof adult animated movies? And two of them are going to be directed by GENNDY FREAKIN' TARTAKOVSKY? The Animation Age Ghetto might be on its way out after all!
  • They're making a new Space Jam? Well, with the original not pleasing Looney Tunes fans as well as being a Sacred Cow that could probably never be lived up to among the 90s kids, this is probably a lost cause... wait, it's directed by Malcolm D. Lee with Ryan Coogler producing? Don Cheadle is the villain? There are 2d animated scenes, with the final game having the toons in some fantastic Industrial Light and Magic CGI? The movie as a whole is an unashamed Weird Crossover between Warner Bros properties, with Hanna-Barbera, Game of Thrones, The Wizard of Oz, It (2017) and A Clockwork Orange of all properties, and perhaps most hyped online of all, the Warner Siblings?! Well, then, everybody get up, it's time to slam now.


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