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And I Must Scream / Myth and Religion

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  • Hell from Christianity and in the Book of Revelation is described as a lake of fire where sinners will be cast into and suffer for all eternity with no hope of escape since they are already dead. Other depictions of Hell describe it as a place of solitude and darkness. Either way, it is a place of eternal pain with no hope of escape.
    • In Revelation 20:14, Hell is thrown into the lake of fire, showing that they're not the same thing.
    • Orthodox Christianity states that sins are making 8 passions, deadly habits (think of seven deadly sins, when sloth is mostly absence of desire to live the salvation, and despair is unrestricted sorrow.) They CONTINUE to torture us after the death with GREATLY increased power. Forever, as sating them requires body. And lake of fire? It's how damned will feel God's love... while saved people will feel that as love.
  • Greek mythology is full of these since many things were immortal. Prometheus was condemned to this by Zeus for stealing fire. He was chained to a rock where an eagle would eat his liver each day. As a Titan god he could not die and his liver would always grow back. In some versions an adamantine spike was driven through his chest for good measure. His harsh punishment is sometimes stated to also be because he refused to tell Zeus who was destined to over throw him so Zeus would never release him. He got off lucky thanks to Hercules freeing him thousands of years later since Prometheus had information Hercules needed.
    • Sisyphus was forever forced to roll a boulder up a mountain, just to watch it roll back down every time he reached the top. Subverted in some tellings where there's nothing actually forcing him to push the boulder, he's just too proud to give up (fitting, since he's damned for the sin of hubris).
    • Tantalus was stuck in hell, in a lake that he couldn't drink from, with a fruit branch above him that he couldn't eat from, because the water and the branch always moved just out of reach whenever he tried to drink or eat. Although, he deserved it.
    • The Titans themselves were condemned to an eternity in Tartarus, a dark pit for their war against Zeus.
    • Atlas had to hold up the heavens forever. His torment only ended when Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn him into stone.
    • The sky god Uranus was castrated by his son Kronos and must spend all time unmanned.
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    • The centuar Chiron was poisoned by hydra blood and could not heal himself, but due to being the son of Kronos he was immortal which would have left him in agony. Once again Hercules saved the day by arranging from him to die.
    • Typhon. Trapped forever under Mount Aetna.
  • Loki from Norse Mythology was chained to a rock by the entrails of his own children with a snake dripping poison over him till the end of time for the murder of Balder among other acts. His wife only provide a brief respite from the pain by collecting the poison in a bowl that must be periodically dumped. Decrees of fate prevent him from dying or being freed. The only time he will be freed is to die in the final battle that ends the world. Interestingly enough, due to the common Indo-European origins of Germanic/Nordic and Greek mythology, the myth parallels that of Prometheus.

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