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Analysis / Wacky Wayside Tribe

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  • In what way exactly is encountering something on the way to the destination a derailing of the plot? Every physical journey requires overcoming some obstacles and they are rarely ever going to be 100% connected to the MacGuffin... or whatever else "plot" means here. If the trolls capture the heroes, then the trolls are blocking the way to the Lonely Mountain, no less!
  • In most of the examples it is not even the dreaded Padding, because the "random encounters" are often quite creative, fun/educating or have some other value and for this very reason have been included in the work in the first place!
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  • This troper thinks, that only true Plot Tumors would really fit into the tone of the article; say: a tea party by the old auntie's is not bad in itself if a character has a moment of thought on human behavior which develops him/her as a character; it only becomes... of questionable purpose when the author starts counting buttons on the jackets.

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