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Analysis / Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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Josee & MacAuthur
by Polisi 25, from my blog's blogpost, if you don't mind.

I have to include a segment about them, due to the fact that they are similar to each other.

Both of them are quite devious and manipulative (Josee has many, while MacAuthur did try to dare Spud in Finland), and they basically needed their partners to hold them back. And they also have difficult childhood, with Josee having a family that strives for excellence all the time, while MacAuthur basically did thing that will get her fired from being a police officer.


But the difference between them is their partner, Sanders mostly a shoulder angel while Jacques mostly a shoulder devil.

Sanders is basically a textbook good cop, whose biggest crime is not paying the fries when she founds out, and usually have a lot of differences with MacAuthur. She chose what’s is morally good for MacAuthur even she founds out MacAuthur's past (which is not mentioned at all), and when she’s hurt due to MacAuthur negligence, she decided to take charge of the situation and make herself as an equal alongside with MacAuthur.

Jacques however, basically go along with what Josee did as it doesn’t penalize them. Since they have similar mindsets, Jacques only chose to hold her back from being insane from repeatedly getting anything less than 1st and rarely did anything on being courteous towards other people. “My Way Or Zimbabwe” is the biggest example, where Jacques stopped Josee from running over Dwayne, and give her the orders when Dwayne said that gold medals don’t matter.


So that’s the difference between them, where influences basically changed their way of how they behave.


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