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Analysis / The Worf Effect

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The Worf Effect, Used For The Right Reasons, Is Not A Bad Thing

While a side effect is weakening of the character, there are good, valid reasons for having The Worf Effect show up. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. If you allow the 'Worf' enough victories, he can be used as a good yardstick.
  2. If you're trying to make clear that physical force alone is insufficient. (See, for example, many early examples of the Trope Namer, or the opening of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.)
  3. If Worf Had the Flu or Drama-Preserving Handicap is built into the plot. (Many "Superman fighting under the effects of Kryptonite/Red Sunlight" stories qualify here, for example.)
  4. If the point is for the Worf to be a distraction. (Many works have a character going into a fight expecting to die in order to allow time for others to accomplish some other objective.)
  5. If the 'Worf' is explicitly, in character, an idiot of some kind. This usually doesn't directly contribute to Badass Decay, merely to his "What an idiot" rating.


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