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Analysis / The Presents Were Never from Santa

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So, Bob isn't really empowered. Why does he believe himself to be?

It could be a scam, a misunderstanding, or madness.

  • If it is a scam, then it can be either either malicious or well meant. If it's the malicious work of a Manipulative Bastard who tries to start a Windmill Crusade or Scam Religion by using a God Guise, he simply needs to be exposed. But the well-meaning kind can be even more devastating. Let's say Bob is a kid who has done something really bad but never told his parents. That Christmas they give him a lot of presents "from Santa". Believing that the presents are really from a Santa Claus who knows everything he has done, he draws the logical conclusion that Santa approves of his actions.
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  • If it is a misunderstanding, it simply needs to be resolved somehow. Let's say Bob thinks he got a vision from an angel who wanted him to do a certain thing. Maybe it was a real angel but he misinterpreted her, or maybe it was merely a dream that he mistook for a divine morality license. In either case, maybe a priest or psychologist can help him with a dose of Epiphany Therapy?
  • If it is madness, then at least one character probably needs professional help. Either Bob is insane, or he has met an insane person and mistaken her delusions for facts as she told him the "wise" words that her alien mentor supposedly had communicated to her telepathically.


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