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Therapists; missing or useless?

Downplayed in that Harumi Chono is seen talking to one (all those other loony characters, on the other hand....) He doesn't seem to help much at all though, so rather than There Are No Therapists one could say All Therapists Are Useless....
  • Perhaps not. The moment Maromi disappears and people are forced to face the lies they've created, Maria appears in front of Harumi's husband. She never came to peace with herself or directly faced her problems, probably her blatant self-repression in a sexless life/marriage, she ignored the therapist's advice and it bit her in the ass. The therapist may very well have been helpful to someone more willing to listen.
    • Debatable, but comes more under All Therapists Are Useless, considering that the very last thing you want to do with someone who has Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder or simply lapses into Dissociative Fugues is to let the primary personality deal with it completely alone, with no medication, psychotherapy, or support, particularly when at the point we meet Harumi, it's very clear that she is very very sick and should be institutionalized.note 
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    • The therapist does allude to preparing to perform some sort of radical procedure on Maria that will produce a long-term cure, though what the procedure is isn't entirely clear (It could be anything from a short institutional stay to a form of psycho-surgery). That would partially explain why he was neglecting a more short-term solution, but insisted she come out and explain these details to her fiance since his support would do her a lot of good if she's going to undergo extreme therapy. That and it'll be hard to hide a split personality from someone you live with.
    • We also do not know what the therapist knows about Maria's/Harumi's situation. Harumi seems to be the personality interacting the therapist the most, and she may have decided not to tell him that Maria is a prostitute. Harumi is desperate to keep her condition a secret and may have downplayed some things or lied while talking to him. She may have also refused any short-term solutions the therapist offered her or, if she tried some of them, found them ineffective. (We also do not see much of Harumi's life after she moves in with her fiancé/husband. He may have learned of Maria firsthand, which could explain why Harumi's marriage appears sexless. From Harumi's perspective, it is; Maria is the one who has sex with him. Little Slugger's involvement may have only made Harumi completely ignore her condition, letting Maria do whatever she wants.)


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