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Analysis / Inherently Attractive Profession

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Someone might find a particular job sexy due to at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Financial Security: Knowing that a potential partner can provide for you long-term is a big plus. Their job might be high-paying (such as a corporate lawyer) and/or will always be in demand (such as a doctor).
  • Services: In keeping with the above, part of the appeal of dating someone who provides potentially expensive services (such as law or medicine) is that they can provide access to these for the family.
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  • Authority: Some people are simply into people in positions of power, such as politicians, executives, military commanders. An added bonus is that these people can protect the family as well. Depending on how it's played, this may overlap with Unequal Pairing.
  • Intelligence: Some people find brains attractive, and so their type is someone whom Hollywood stereotypes as smart, or is surrounded by intelligence — see the Hot Scientist, the Hot Teacher, and the Hot Librarian. Of course, due to Hollywood Beauty Standards they usually look like the Hollywood Nerd.
  • Caregiving: There's something innately attractive about offering physical or emotional support or needs — even when it's all part of the job description. People like caregivers and nurses fall into this category — see Hospital Hottie, and potentially Florence Nightingale Effect — as do people with "assistant" roles — see Sexy Secretary and Girl Friday. Even the Hooker with a Heart of Gold might qualify if she offers the protagonist solace in This Bed of Rose's.
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  • Uniforms: Not only does this usually tie in with Caregiving via public service and Authority, something about an official uniform just does it for some people. See Good-Looking Privates, Fair Cop, Hot Men at Work, and Firemen Are Hot.
  • Entertainment: Singing, acting, dancing, playing an instrument, stand-up comedy... having the talent, skills, and confidence to entertain people is very attractive to some. The celebrity that is often associated with being an entertainer can be a draw as well, and is why The Rock Star or Idol Singer tend to draw the Groupie Brigade. See Elegant Classical Musician for when playing an instrument is seen as attractive. Singers may have overlap with Aroused by Their Voice.
  • Artistry: Similar to Entertainment, but with a specific focus on creating art, as this might mark someone as sensitive and in tune with the world around them. Artists, writers, and sometimes singers fall into this category. Usually mutually exclusive with Job Security due to the Starving Artist trope. See Artists Are Attractive.
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  • Athleticism: Knowing someone is physically capable might be attractive to some. Athletes are counted here for a variety of reasons (some might want the sheer strength of a boxer or the flexibility of a gymnast). Dancers can overlap with Entertainment as well.
  • Being Good-Looking: Sometimes, the appeal of going after a particular profession is attractiveness in the physical sense. Jobs like the Fashion Model or the flight attendant have a reputation for being populated by pretty young women, for example.


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