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Analysis / Haganai

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  • One can say that Haganai is a deconstruction of harem series:
    • Yozora, the "snarky" character, is just mean and misanthropic.
    • Sena, the perfect superhuman school idol, is self-centered, near-universally disliked for it, and is socially incompetent as a result.
      • Sena and Rika are otaku surrogates, and the others consider the otaku behavior to be creepy.
    • Yukimura, the guy who looks weirdly girly, really is a girl, and her gender confusion says disquieting things about the way she was raised.
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    • Kobato, the chuunibyou character, is a kid, because kids act like that.
    • Maria, the "unusually intelligent child", isn't necessarily more mature or sensible.
    • Kodaka is your dense harem lead archetype who's revealed to be simply faking being the archetype for personal reasons.
    • It's worth noting that Rika is the exception; her loveable sex maniac trait gives way to her more serious side. On the other hand, Kodaka is notably freaked out by it often enough. In a less serious series, no one would bat an eye at it.


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