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New Weapon Triangle Mnemonics

Departing from previous entries in the series, Fates features a new version of the iconic weapon triangle. Let's try and come up with some new mnemonics for remembering how it works.
  • The New Weapon Triangle
    • Swords and Magic beat Axes and Bows.
    • Axes and Bows beat Spears and Throwing Weapons.
    • Spears and Throwing Weapons beat Swords and Magic.
  • Historic Trianglenote  by Edrobot
    • King Arthur drives back Ghengis Khan with help from Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table.
    • Ghengis Khan tramples Oda Nobunaga with axes and horse mounted archers.
    • Oda Nobunaga sends Ninjas to assassinate King Arthur, and then moves in with spear-wielding conscripts.
  • Ninja-Pirate-Viking Triangle by Edrobot
    • Pirates use swords and traded their souls for dark magic so they could raid Viking settlements.
    • Vikings are traders, so they're smarter then they look. Thus they know how to defend themselves from Ninja.
    • Ninjas are often hired to kill Pirates.
  • Tharja's Wisdom by Edrobot
    • "Some Men Are Bald." Says Tharja.
    • Helps one remember the order of the New Weapon Triangle; Swords and Magic, Axes and Bows, Spears and Throwing weapons.
  • For those familiar with Pokémon, this new triangle follows the same rules based on background color: Swords and Magic are red and beat Axes and Bows, which are green, Axes and Bows beat Lances and Hidden Weapons, which are blue, and Lances and Hidden Weapons beat Swords and Magic. For those unfamiliar with Pokémon, the idea is still very simple: Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, and Water beats Fire.
    • It helps that this game's incarnation of the Fire Emblem happens to be a sword.


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