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By aqueen

  • About Ty Rux*
As Revvit noticed when they met, Ty is the most unusual T-Trux. T-Truxes are destructive, terrific Truxes, they are loners; described in the Rule: "One territory, one T-Trux". A common T-Trux is exactly the kind D-Structs and D-Stroy are. But Ty is different, after D-Structs defeated him the first time they were fighting, Ty came up with an idea how to fight D-Structs on the other, more efficient way. And not just fight him but take the crater from him because he wanted to make it a safe place to live for everyone. Ty believes that everyone should enjoy that crater, and share. This is one of the biggest differences between him and D-Structs. T-Truxes don't share, they are taking what they want and when they want, without asking or even caring about anyone else except themselves."I don't share"- We all know this sentence, and we can freely say that D-Structs lives by this rule. Ty believes in opposite and that's the main reason he's forming his crew. He proves that different species of Dinotrux can work together, get along with each others, build and share. Despite that D-Structs is physically bigger and stronger T-Trux than Ty, by all other attributes Ty is "The bigger Trux." And, as Revvit told Ty in the Magnet mountain: "Your physical strength, while considerable is not what gives you power. Your ideas do. You are the first Trux to say we could work together. When you work with your friends, when you build with them. You are the most powerful Trux of all", Ty has a different kind of power and that is what makes him strong.
  • About D-Structs*
D-Structs is the ruler of the crater in which Ty started living after his valley is destroyed by a volcano. He’s more powerful and stronger than Ty but after Ty formed his crew, he can’t defeat him anymore. D-Structs would do anything to make Ty leave his crater. That often includes cunning plans because he can’t win in a four on one fight.Before Ty came D-Structs was the absolute ruler of the crater, he often attacked Dinotrux, destroying their homes and stealing their ore - we are founding this out in the episode ”Blade”. We don’t know much about D-Structs’s past, except few short flashbacks in some episodes: he fought Flint, attacked Dozer’s herd, and used to work in a team with his big brother D-Stroy.He doesn’t like to be disturbed while he’s eating or sleeping, and if someone dares to come close to his territory he immediately attacks. As T-Truxes both Ty and D-Structs are loners (before Ty formed his crew), but Ty is a friendly T-Trux, despite that everyone runs from him, he is nice and instead of destroying he builds. D-Structs is completely different, he is destructive (as his name says), dangerous and really unfriendly (least of all). It is pretty obvious that Ty and D-Structs are made like completely opposite characters: good - evil, builder - destroyer, friendly - unfriendly, nice - naughty...
  • D-Structs & D-Stroy*
Relationship between D-Structs and D-Stroy is very complicated and unusual (considering that they are brothers). They used to work together but they didn't get along well, we can see this in episode "D-Stroy" during the flashback of "That night" when D-Structs said: "Enough plans, we take them here. I'll show you who is slow!" It seems D-Stroy was always bulling D-Structs, mostly by calling him "Little brother" all the time, constantly reminding him that he is stronger, smarter and better than him in every way. We can say that this is the reason why D-Structs doesn't like D-Stroy much and why is he always hipped every time D-Stroy says something. Also here we can see why is D-Structs a bully - because of a bad example set by his brother.Even if it doesn't look like that at all in few scenes we can see that they care about each others and actually like working together. In episode "Bad build" after Ty and the Trux escaped that falling hoodoo, defeated D-Structs leaves, camera goes up and we can see D-Stroy looking at the Trux with a glare that pretty much says: "No one's messing with my little brother, except me".
Glare of the brother
In the same episode we can see how D-Structs feels towards his brother - in previous episodes we saw that whenever Scrap It says "WE" D-Structs immediately corrects him to say "YOU":
Skrap It: They're all leaving, we did it!
D-Structs: What do you mean, we?
Skrap It: By we I...I meant you, because, you're big enough for we.
D-Structs: You really should talk less.
But with D-Stroy it is completely different and D-Structs is actually the one who insist on teamwork (WE), also his brother is the only one to whom the rule "I don't share" does not apply. D-Stroy is the only one with which D-Structs wants to share the crater, even his "Favorite Scraptool" Skrap It couldn't rule with him, but his brother can.
D-Stroy: My name is D-Stroy and, your crater belongs to me now.
D-Structs: You better mean US.
- "Bad build" after arrival of a Dreadtrux -
D-Structs: Time to finish this once and for... What a...!
Skrap It: Where did they *twitch* go?
D-Stroy: It doesn't matter, they can't hide from us forever. Besides, now that they're gone...
D-Structs: ...WE rule the crater.
- "Bad build" after the victory of D-Trux brothers -~Despite that both of them care about each others as much as they nervate each others none of them is actually and directly showing that to another one. Also none of them trust another one, which we can see in every episode where those two are together (they avoid answering questions posed by another one):
D-Stroy: So what were you doing in my valley anyway?
D-Structs: Don’t you mean our valley?
- “D-Stroy” after brothers escaped Desert Scraptor nest -
D-Structs: What do you want?
D-Stroy: Oh, can’t I pay my brother a visit once for awhile? It’s not a bad territory you found yourself here.
- “Bad build” in D-Structs’s lair -~Despite their conflicts they are a great and nearly unstoppable team. As brothers they are synchronized even better then Ty and his friends.
  • D-Structs & Skrap-It*
Relationship between D-Structs and Skrap-It is in a first place completely opposite than the one between Ty and Revvit. It’s also a bit more complicated than theirs. D-Structs started working with Skrap-It because he needed someone who can fix him whenever something doesn’t work about him. It might look weird that he chose a Scraptool to repair him, knowing that Scraptools are naturally taking things apart, not fixing them. But the only reason D-Structs teamed up with Skrap-It actually was because he didn’t have any chance to find and force Reptool to work on him. Even if he somehow managed to find Reptool Ravine, because of his bad reputation he’d never be able to turn one of them on his side. In the first season it’s noticeable Skrap-It’s only role and reason he’s added to the show was to make D-Structs reveal his plans to the viewers:
D-Structs: If only I could pick the Dinotrux off one by one. If only I could find a way to...Ah...dispose of them.
Skrap-It: Huh, sinkhole *twitch* from the storm.
D-Structs: How deep is it? Drop something in!
Skrap-It: (Drops a lief) Still going, still going, still going, oh it stopped, no still going, hah...
D-Structs: Enough! Drop a rock in or I drop you.
Skrap-It: Oh a rock of course. That makes so much more sense.
D-Structs: (Listening) Hm
Skrap-It: Oh, you’re gonna drop the Dinotrux in there, aren’t you?
D-Structs: Now where would you get that idea? (Leaves)
Skrap-It: Well, first you were talking about getting rid of the Dinotrux when you saw a pit and then, after we dropped a rock in I just put two and two to...and I am talking to myself. *twitch*
-“Pit” when D-Structs discovered a Pit-But in time Skrap-It became so much more, first D-Structs’s favorite Scraptool:
Skrap-It: It was really tricky getting to his master cylinder without waking him up, but but your favorite Scraptool came through once again *twitch*. I loosened all the bolts and even took one off.
D-Structs: You’re not my favorite. (turns around ready to throw bolt away)
Skrap-It: Wait! Do you think maybe I could keep it, for my collection. (D-Structs leaves) I am his favorite. *twitch*
-“Speed” after Skrap-It messed up Ty’s master cylinder-And then even his best friend:
D-Stroy: It’s so ironic, isn’t it. You, asking for my help after what happened that night.
Skrap-It: Wait, what night, what did he do? *twitch* See, this is the kind of stuff best friends tell each other.
-“D-Stroy” after D-Stroy showed up-Skrap-It reavealed how he feels towards D-Structs many times. Since the very beginning of their partnership Skrap-It wanted to be D-Structs’s friend, but D-Structs kept pushing him away every time he tried to make them friends:
Skrap-It: So, does the mighty D-Structs approve?
D-Structs: I must say. It feels better than I thought, has a good weight to it, the chain is just the right length...
Skrap-It: I do good work for a friend in need.
D-Structs: Grr
Skrap-It: I, I mean *twitch* a partner
D-Structs: Grr
Skrap-It: *twitch* I, I mean a T-Trux I kinda sorta know, little bit.
-“New Tail” when Skrap-It made new wrecking ball tail for D-Structs-

On D-structs side of their relationship he's abusive, belittling, blameful and treats Skrap it badly. Due to he prefers to be solo so Skrap it's desire for friendship clashes and makes trouble. Though despite all that, he has


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