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Analysis / Dethroning Moment of Suck

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Necessary Negative

No matter where you look, whatever work you see, there always seems to be one of these moments, even in amazing series like One Piece, or the game Bioshock Infinite. It's bad enough that humans Accentuate the Negative everywhere they go. Not to mention, tropes like Broken Base are (nearly) inevitably going to settle for certain works. But that is partly why this trope will always be around, because what is a Dethroning Moment of Suck for one person is a Moment of Awesome for another.


The main reason, though, is this: Nothing is perfect. There will always be flaws in a given work that can be found. And naturally, some of those flaws are so bad, that these moments happen. Is it ugly? Yes. Do we like it? No. Is it inevitable? Sadly, yes. Can it help us appreciate our favorite shows/games/etc. more? Strangely, yes. Due to the dominance of Hype Aversion, not everyone is going to think that a certain anime or movie or what-have-you is as good as others make it out to be, and in fact, said people will likely look for the flaws of said overly hyped event going on, not necessarily because we hate quality, but rather due to us being the reasonable watchers we are, and pointing out that the hyped thing isn't perfect. When that isn't the case, then do you have more people actually interested, and thus having Hype Aversion, well, averted.


So whether or not you like these moments, they will always be around, and we as viewers must pull forward to accept these moments so that when we get back to the fun stuff, we can enjoy the work more.


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