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Analysis / Cold And Flu Invasion

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     List of Character Animations 
Each type of sprite has a different animation when they heal. Here's a list.
  • The old man with glasses, a brown coat, and sandals will pour a test tube of green liquid onto the floor.
  • The blonde girl in the pink skirt will grab a balloon and float up to the ceiling.
  • The man with black hair, sunglasses, and a suit will jump into his briefcase.
  • The boy with the orange shirt and the brown hair will ride away on a scooter.
  • The redheaded boy with a blue shirt and glasses will use a small, futuristic device to teleport away, leaving the device on the floor.
  • The man with a purple coat and hat will disappear into his hat.
  • The shirtless, muscular man with long hair will flex his arms and grunt.
  • The shirtless, muscular, nearly-bald man will flex his arms and grunt also, but he has a slightly higher grunt.
  • The police officer with sunglasses will talk into his walkie-talkie.
  • The man with a tan shirt that has yellow sleeves will spin around.
  • The brunette in a blue skirt and maroon shirt will apply lipstick.
  • The hunched-over, bald, old man will jump for joy and chuckle.
  • The soldier in the blue uniform will shoot his gun a few times.
  • The soldier in the grey uniform will also shoot his gun a few times.
  • The redheaded woman with the blue tank top will dance and make flirty noises.
  • The man with spiky blond hair will jump and say, "Yeah!".
  • The brunette in the black tank top will also dance and make flirty noises.
  • The man with the baseball cap and green shirt will start dancing and beat-boxing.

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