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Analysis / Brooktown High

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Sources for the information I used in the main article, and my additional two cents.

Development Starting in 2005

Bon Art Studio shows Backbone Entertainment was shopping around for a graphical team in 2005:seen here

Foundation 9 Entertainment eventually won the contract.

Konami asked Backbone to make an American Tokimemo

Proof of this is from various interview videos with the lead developer:seen here and seen here


Konami of Japan gave support to Backbone

This Famitsu article gives a good summary: seen here

They even translated Tokimeki Memorial for him.

Konami provided some advertising support

There was various Brooktown High stuff given away at events and contests: seen here and seen here

Brooktown High Media Artwork

High quality artwork provided to magazine and online game reviewers. Good look at the development material: seen here

Brooktown High Soundtrack

Lists artists involved with the music can be found in the instruction manual: seen here

Brooktown High Changed Art Direction

Can be Google searched easily, but a good source: seen here and seen here


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