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Analysis / Beast Wars

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Here's my analysis on Beast Wars:

4 Million years ago

  • Bumblebee and Wheeljack find energon on a scouting mission. On their way to Iacon, The Seekers attack them.
  • The Autobots launch the Ark on a mission to find energon. The Decepticons follow them. The Decepticons on the Nemesis board the Ark.
  • During the fight, both ships crash on Earth, the Nemesis into the ocean and the Ark into Mount St. Hilary. Before the crash, however, several objects are ejected from the Nemesis, including an escape pod and what will become the Pearl of Bahoudin (from "More Than Meets The Eye Part 1").
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  • The Predacons and Maximals travel back in time, crashing on Earth. Before the Axalon crashed, however, several stasis pods were launched from the ship.

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