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Analysis / Bakemonogatari

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  • Bakemonogatari is told from the perspective of Araragi Koyomi. Obvious enough, he's the main character, right? But it isn't just seen as how he SEES the world, it's also seen as he FEELS the world. Some of his thoughts are put as actual actions happening on the screen. Scenery doesn't match what it should be, and characters sometimes say things they wouldn't normally say. Violence is always colourful and brutal because Araragi feels the pain and chaos that comes from getting hit by unnatural forces. Sexual things have extra attention on them, because Araragi is a huge pervert. Sometimes parts of an conversation may feel out of place as they are not followed up on. That's because it happens in Araragi's head. Sometimes he thinks how the conversation would end up if he said certain things, and it's shown to the viewer as an actual part of conversation, which doesn't actually happen in the series' world.
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  • Senjougahara is born on Tanabata, and it's shown, not told, that she believes that the ancient story of Tanabata would apply on her. That's one of the reasons she shows Araragi the stars, to show him the Summer Triangle, which is formed by Deneb, Altair and Vega, which are interpretated in the ancient tale as the main characters. She never says this, but it can be seen from her mannerisms as how she talks about them.


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