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Supergirl says that Frost "has really... 'cool' powers".

  • 7-Second Riddles: A literal Ice Queen shows up as the villain of one riddle. She lives in an Ice Palace, wants to turn the protagonist into an ice sculpture, and captures them when they're wandering through the snow.
  • Aster in the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.
  • Darwin's Soldiers has the aptly named experiment "Ice" with, well, ice powers. There are implications that several other experiments have similar powers, but they are never mentioned.
  • Josephine Engel from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is able to create and manipulate both ice and electricity. She experiences a minor downside in that she struggles to turn it off, and instinctively lowers her own body temperature when agitated.
  • Juniper Taylor in The Descendants. Not just water ice, either. She's frozen air at least once.
  • Deviant has the appropriately named Blizzard, known for freezing people solid. This isn't the limit of her powers, though, as she can also summon snow, frost, and ice, and pretty much control it any way she desires. She's also unaffected by temperature change.
  • Johnny Snow from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has a homemade Freeze Ray. He's Dr. Horrible's self-appointed nemesis, but doesn't actually appear in the video. He's the Hero Antagonist of one issue of the tie-in comics, though.
    • The Doctor's own Freeze Ray stops time, however.
      It's not a Death Ray
      Or an ice beam—that's so Johnny Snow!
  • Dreamscape:
    • Ahjeen has ice powers, like creating icicles.
    • Jenna can shoot balls of ice.
    • The blue fairy of Eleenin's Fire, Ice, Lightning fairy trio has ice powers.
    • By using a Spirit Rune with a snowflake on it, Drake can create a wave of icy wind that freezes whatever it hits.
  • DSBT InsaniT:
    • Martha has ice powers, notably her Freeze and Kill attack.
    • Amber can freeze her opponents by summoning the Boomerang Nebula.
    • Icers can fire beams of ice and create ice crystals.
  • The Cold Boy from The Fear Mythos. Moreover, he usually targets people who are afraid of being "cold" or cut off from others.
  • In "Frozen Flame" by Mahu the frostlings as a whole are a race of creatures seemingly made of ice and feared across the continent.
  • MovieBob's The Game Overthinker series has an enemy known as the Cryothinker, a ninja with Ice powers who freezes Bob (non-lethally, of course) on multiple occasions. He also has a Fire powered counterpart in the Pyrothinker.
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  • Ice Princess and Coldstar both have ice-controlling powers in LessThanThree Comics.
  • In Lords of Creation, Aeron, The White Queen, is the goddess of winter and has this power.
  • Hypothermia in Metro City Chronicles.
  • In Polokoa Quest, Vampiresque Rokoa and her mother had magical powers over ice when they were alive. In keeping with the Ironic Hell theme of Rokolo's mindscape, Vampiresque Rokoa is imprisoned in a block of ice.
  • Dawn Fraser of Re Evolution freezes everything that touches her skin, including the clothes she is wearing and the food she tries to eat.
  • Stalin and Hans Frollo (Claude Frollo's Russian cousin) In The Frollo Show both have ice power to reference the fact that they are from russia which is known for its coldness.
  • In the Sock Series
    • Hothica the sky god freeze a pillar of water Sock was caught in.
    • Uquorion the water god create some ice arms that shoot high pressure water to pin Sock against a wall.
  • In The Sol Wars, Kylie has the power to cryogenically freeze and thaw herself at will - this is important as it was this power that let her unfreeze herself in 2151 after being cryogenically frozen the old fashioned way.
  • Trinton Chronicles:
    • Frost is one of these - he creates and controls ice and cold into every useful tool he can. It also helps that he is immune to cold with the draw back that his powerful icy-aura can't be turned off, only down, makes dating and cuddling rather interesting.
    • As a sub-trope, technically, the Fairy Sisters have a touch of this too, as they control the Ice Maze in the first story arc.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Characters like Icer, Winter, Bifrost, Nahga, and Frostbite.
    • And inventor Mister Cool, who doesn't have the power, but invented the equivalent of a freeze ray.
  • Worm has Rime, a female superhero from Los Angeles. Her power consists of generating little balls of ice which expand into iceberg-sized ice formations on contact with solid objects.


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