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An Ice Person / Webcomics

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Ice blasts can be as devastating as a fireball.

  • Yun from Divine Bells. He can create ice projectiles to skewer his enemies (although they don't often work...).
  • In 8-Bit Theater, Red Mage exclusively casts Ice spells, leaving Fire and Lightning to Black Mage. His spell level goes all the way up to Ice 9!
  • From Antihero for Hire, Coldular/Froster/Cubenator, the ice-themed villain who picked a different name every damned time he spoke, and managed to work up some cold-based puns that shamed anyone else on this list for their stupidity, and that is saying something.
    Coldular/Froster/Cubenator: I better make like a glacier and recede. Only, you know, faster.
  • Sil'lice in Drowtales, a Drow with an elementary affinity for ice (a snowflake is even part of her crest). She uses her powers to torture people by freezing their blood and certainly fits the "icy" part of this trope in personality.
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  • In a world ruled by Mad Scientists like Girl Genius, it's no surprise that the firefighters are something like the Ninth Aetheric Vapor Squad. Their firefighting tools are Gas Condensers that, when kicked up a notch, can freeze a castle to the point where you can crack it open with a hammer.
  • The Ice Immunes from Fetch Quest: Saga of the Twelve Artifacts are so called because they are not affected by the severe cold that ice brings. In fact, they developed a style of martial art utilizing it.
  • Kieri of Slightly Damned has ice powers along with her water magic, though, mostly, all she's done with them is Harmless Freezing. The demon Lazuli, on the other hand...
  • Sa Ghang Gwon from the published webcomic Trace definitely counts, given he doesn't really freeze things as he uses ice spikes.
  • Supermegatopia illustrates some of the problems with being an ice person.
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  • Oglaf has the Snow Queen, who seems to be a personification of winter, or at least be tied directly to the season. Satisfying her sexually is apparently necessary to bring winter to a close.
  • The supervillainess Frosty Freisin in The KA Mics.
  • In The Shufflers, this is Played With. While he can’t control ice himself, Hiddenite’s world in his cloak consists of an ice biome, and each biome is unique to each Harvester.
  • Snow By Night has Winter and his daughter Snow-by-Night. Snow-By-Night's body is actually made of snow, she can create ice and freeze things at will, and her nature and personality are consistent with the Water element.
  • Wayward Sons: Saiden, along with his other water-based powers. Sefani specializes in this, not requiring water to be around like Saiden does.
  • In Minion Comics, Dingus plans his minion identity "Icepick" around an ice theme, deciding that "I'll kill people, but only with weapons that are cold and shit.".
  • In Our Little Adventure, Emily went for Ice, not Fire.
  • In Bob and George Ice Man.
  • In Pacificators, Larima is skilled enough at her power of water that she's able to chill it to produce snow. We've been told that the renegade Tiamat is capable of freezing people in large blocks of ice. Only those skilled enough at their water power are capable of this.
  • The Fair Folk in Whither are creatures of winter and various degrees of icy, from not feeling the cold up to bringing on Endless Winter.
  • Part of Samantha Bee's skillset in Fake News Rumble.
  • In The Far Sideof Utopia this is the practical application of Tyler Weber's powers. Including freezing bullets out of the air, which consternates observers as that doesn't follow The Laws of Magic in world, and suggests that freeze effect is something of a side effect, if one he frequently leverages for creating Human Popsicles.


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