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An Ice Person / Animated Films

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Queen Elsa spends the holidays with Olaf, the snowlem that she made.

  • In Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, the evil wizard Wenlock turns everyone else in Princess Annika's kingdom to ice statues as a And Now You Must Marry Me ploy.
  • Gru from the Despicable Me franchise has several kickass weapons that we see over the course of the two films, but his go-to weapon seems to be his Freeze Ray, which is also the one we see him use most frequently. Minions reveals that he got the freeze ray as a child at VillainCon, and has been using it ever since.
  • In the Disney Fairies film The Secret of the Wings, the fairies learn about a sister race, the frost fairies.
  • In Dragons: Fire & Ice Xenoz was given strong ice powers over the years. He uses it to wipe out an army in one scene.
  • Fire and Ice: The wizard Nekron uses his magic to cause an ice age, as his domain is the icy lands.
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  • Frozen: Elsa could generate ice and snow as a young kid, but had a hard time controlling her powers. Her ice powers increase as she gets older so she can generate giant ice palaces and snow golems, but she still has difficulty controlling them, accidentally plunging her kingdom into a winter during summer and completely freezing the fjord. Her powers are fueled by her emotion, meaning they go haywire when she's afraid or anxious.
  • Frozone in The Incredibles, while a partial parody of the Silver Surfer, has the ability to generate ice as his main superpower.
  • The 2005 movie The Magic Roundabout's villain, Zeebad, is this. (Curiously, midway through the film, he actually beats someone Playing with Fire.)
  • Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians was granted the power to make winter.
  • In Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas the roc turns a tropical island into an arctic tundra.
  • The Snow Queen (2012) has the Snow Queen, who controls the powerful North Wind.
    • In The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King, the snow king may be even more powerful.
    • In The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice, Gerda is possessed by the snow queen and has her powers during that time.
  • Snow Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus is a supernatural being in command of all cold weather in the world. According to his Villain Song, whatever he touches "turns to snow in [his] clutch".
  • North Wind, the titular evil ice spirit from The Legend Of The North Wind.


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