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Amputations in movies.


  • In Brave, King Fergus lost his leg battling the demon bear Mor'du. He replaced it with a club-shaped lump of wood.
  • How to Train Your Dragon has no blood, but Gobber has a pegleg and missing arm that he can change for different things like a hammer, a tankard, a fork, etc. Toothless the dragon counts after losing a tail rudder fin, and Hiccup loses a foot in the final battle.
    • The villain of the sequel, Drago, lost one of his arms at some point. He lost it in a dragon attack, but he uses a metal arm as a replacement.
  • DC Animated Movie Universe:
    • In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Superman blasts Aquaman's right arm off with his heat vision to try and save Cyborg, as Aquaman is about to impale Cyborg's exposed heart.
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    • The Death of Superman sees Doomsday rip off one of Cyborg's arm when the League is fighting him.
    • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War sees Wonder Woman get an arm ripped off, Shazam get one of his legs, and Cyborg get both arms torn off during the League's failed attack on Apokolips.
  • In Princess Mononoke the first indication we get of the demonic power of Prince Ashitaka's curse is when one of his arrows rips both arms off of a samurai.
    • Later in the film, Lady Eboshi loses an arm to a rather vicious and symbolic animal bite.
  • In Strange Frame, Grenman is missing both of his legs. Supposedly, they were stolen cut off by a pair of alien foot fetishists.
  • Buzz Lightyear gets his left arm broken off in the first Toy Story film while attempting to jump out of a window leading to outside Sid Phillips' house. The mutant toys eventually put his arm back on, however.
    • In the second movie, Woody's right arm gets ripped off.
  • In Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, this version of the MK continuity sees Jax lose his arms to Goro, who rips them out during their big fight. The same fate almost befalls Liu Kang after being defeated, only for Scorpion puts a spear through Goro's head before ripping it right out.



  • Michael Ironside's characters frequently lose (and damage) limbs in the movies he's done, including:
    • In the original Total Recall (1990), getting both his arms ripped off before falling to his death.
    • In Starship Troopers, his character lost much of his left arm, presumably in an earlier war with the Klendathu Arachnids, but he gets an artificial hand fitted on it later in the film. He subsequently loses both his legs in his death scene, after which he pleads Rico to give him a Mercy Kill. Doubly referenced by a Recruiting Sergeant who appears as a triple amputee for shock value to naive recruits, and the schoolmaster who has also lost an arm.
    • In The Machinist, he loses another arm in an industrial machine accident which the main character subconsciously caused.
    • In Highlander II: The Quickening he gets his hand cut off in a sword fight right before MacLeod chops off his head.


  • In 13 Sins, one of Elliot's challenges is to amputate the arm of his Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up. He does.
  • Mentioned by Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.
    "I remember when I was with Special Forces... seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate some children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn't see. We went back there, and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms."
  • The Banana Splits Movie has the Splits nailing the studio executive, Andy, to the "Wheel of Endings", where he lands on the "Banana Split" — in which he gets his limbs painfully pulled off by the Splits before dying.
  • The 1977 Sandalwood movie Bayalu Daari is about a fighter pilot who loses his legs during the 1971 Indo-Pak War, and goes into a deep depression over it. This "amputation angst" causes him to abandon his girlfriend who has borne his child, letting her believe he is dead.
  • Occurs in Blood Diamond, depicting the Truth in Television actions of the Revolutionary United Front during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The election slogan at the time was "the future is in your hands", so the rebels chopped people's hands off to discourage them from voting in the elections.
    Captain Poison: No more hands, no more voting!
  • Boxing Helena: Mad Doctor cuts off a woman's legs so she can't run away, then cuts off her arms so she can't fight back. It's a love story.
  • Braveheart: Hamish's father, Campbell the Elder, loses his left hand at the Battle of Stirling, so he spends the rest of the movie using a flail.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Vampire Amilyn (Paul Reubens) is on top of Pike's speeding van, reaching in through a hole punched in the roof — until a low branch sweeps him off and severs his arm. He is not pleased.
    Amilyn: You ruined my jacket! (to minions) Kill him a lot!
  • The Burning: When Michelle reaches the adrift raft, a severed arm falls off it.
  • Dagon: When Paul and Barbara are reunited with Viki, they find her in a state of complete shock because the cultists cut off one of her legs.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God: Berek cuts off Damodar's arm to get the orb out of his hand, and he barely reacts. There's not even any blood, so perhaps he doesn't feel pain too. It's restored later with magic. Ormaline also gets her arm torn off when it's caught while teleporting the party to safety, and this is shown more realistically as her bleeding profusely, needing immediate aid from healers.
  • Dust Devil: Most of the bodies left behind by the film's villain are dismembered, and their arms are left hanging by ropes.
  • In Evil Dead 2 film, Ash cuts off his own hand after it is infected with evil.
  • In Fear, Inc., Joe is forced to cut off Ben's hand in a recreation of a scene from Saw.
  • At one point in The Fly II, the young protagonist goes to one of the few characters from the first film who appears to ask him for help. He gets refused, on the grounds that his compassion for the young man's father in the first film "cost me an arm and a leg!" (They were dissolved by giant fly vomit.)
  • Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump, who lost his legs in the Vietnam war, provides the main page picture.
  • Film/Hancock has two examples of this...inflicted on the same guy, no less. When Red Parker tries to get Hancock to safely escort the gold put of the bank, he makes the mistake of constantly pushing Hancock's Berserk Button...which results in a very deadly game of frisbee costing Red his left hand. Later, when Red and his goons go tokill Hancock at the hospital, Ray saves chopping off his other hand, then slamming him in the face with a fire axe.
  • In The Hand, Jon Lansdale loses his hand in a freak accident when it caught between his car and a truck.
  • In The Hands of Orlac, concert pianist Paul Orlac's hand are destroyed in a train wreck. Knowing that her husband values his hands over his life, his wife Yvonne begs their doctor to do whatever he can to save them. The doctor transplant a pair of hands from a recently executed murderer onto Orlac's arms. However, Orlac soon comes to believe that that his new hands are Evil Hands.
  • If you took a shot every time limbs go flying in Hellboy (2019), you'd be hospitalized by the time the credits roll. Nimue losing an arm to Excalibur in the prologue is just the most prominent example.
  • According to the film adaptation of Inspector Gadget, Doctor Claw actually got both his name and trademark claw after one of his hands was chopped off by a bowling ball.
  • Kill Bill Part 1 took this to ridiculous extremes, with many members of the Crazy 88 and Sofie Fatale losing various limbs to the Bride.
    The Bride: (in Japanese) Those of you lucky enough to still have your lives, take them with you! However...leave the limbs you've lost. They belong to me now. (in English) Except you, Sofie! You stay right where you are!
    • It's also how The Bride exacts both revenge on and information from Sofie Fatale. Cutting off Sofie's arm at the start of the Crazy 88 fight shows O-Ren Ishii that The Bride means business, and she takes the other arm away during her interrogation following the big battle.
  • Killer/saurus: When Jed is reaching into the room the dinosaur's being kept in, he pulls out a severed arm.
  • In the 1942 film Kings Row, Drake McHugh (probably Ronald Reagan's most famous role) has both of his legs amputated needlessly by a sadistic doctor after an accident. When he wakes from anesthesia, he says the famous line: "Where's the rest of me?"
  • Kothanodi: In this anthology of folk tales, wicked stepmother Senehi takes this trope to horrific levels as she breaks her stepdaughter's limbs one by one, and then smashes her skull in.
  • Leprechaun kills a cop in Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood by ripping off his leg. He then uses the said leg to reach the pedals of a police car as he gets back to chasing after the protagonists.
  • The Machine Girl: Yakuza cut off schoolgirl's arm; she replaces it with a machine gun. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Mad Max film series:
    • Mad Max:
      • Cundalini's attempt to stop Jessie's fast moving car with a chain ended badly for him. Toecutter later claims retribution for Cundalini's missing hand as partial justification for attacking her, though they're really just doing it For the Evulz.
      • Implied at the end when Max handcuffs Johnny The Boy's ankle to a death-trapped car and leaves him a hacksaw with the admonition that while it would take at least 15 minutes to cut through the chain, he could probably saw through his ankle in five.
    • Toady's attempt to catch the razor boomerang in The Road Warrior ended badly for him as well.
    • The female protagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa, has a mechanical arm. In the climax of the Final Battle, she sacrifices her mechanical arm to kill Immortan Joe before escaping on his car.
  • The titular character from The Man with the Iron Fists gets both arms chopped off.
  • All of the films released during "Phase 2" (2013-15) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feature at least one character losing an arm or a hand at a pivotal moment, reportedly as an homage to Luke losing his hand in the second Star Wars film.
    • Iron Man 3: Tony uses a blade built into his Iron Man armor to cut off Killian's hand during the final battle. It grows back.
    • Thor: The Dark World: Loki appears to cut off Thor's hand in an illusion to fool Malekith.
    • Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Bucky traumatically loses his arm in a flashback and has a mechanical replacement in the present.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora cuts Groot's arm off during their initial fight. It grows back.
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron removes Klaue's hand early on, hinting at the mechanical hand he has in the comics to make an appearance in a later film.
    • Ant-Man: When Darren Cross gets imploded into the Quantum Realm his right arm is the first thing to go.
  • Following on the above, some of the Phase 3 movies briefly touch on this:
  • Played for laughs with four Type 3 amputations in quick succession on the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Trope Namer for Only a Flesh Wound.
  • In The Mummy (1999) Rick slices off Imhotep's arm during the climactic fight. After tossing Rick away, Imhotep is able to reattach it.
  • In a deleted scene from Natural Born Killers, Mickey and Mallory cut off the legs of the Hun Brothers with chainsaws. Upon realizing who they were, Mickey and Mallory stopped and apologized. The Hun Brothers actually thanked them for it.
  • Orca: The Killer Whale: Bo Derek's character has her leg bitten off by a killer whale. It proves to be the story's turning point.
  • In Pacific Rim, Gipsy Danger loses its left arm in the Action Prologue against Knifehead. After being rebuilt, it loses its right arm in the final battle.
  • Patient Zero 2018: After being bitten by "Pete Townshend", Scooter is taken to the bunker's infirmary to have the bitten arm cut off. Sadly, it didn't stop the infection in time.
  • Psychos: Norma, compelled by Sasha and JJ, cuts off her father's hands, and possibly other limbs, and sticks some of them in plant pots.
  • The serial killer in Resurrection (1999) murders people and steals their body parts before then stitching them together to recreate the body of Jesus Christ in time for the resurrection on Easter. Six victims total—one for each limb, one head, and a torso.
  • In RocknRolla, this is implied to have happened to The Russian. The phrase is spoken verbatim. Archy may have said it in a light, even joking tone, but considering what we just watched him do in the previous scene...
  • Rust And Bone (De rouille et d'os): Stephanie losing both legs above the knee to a killer whale attack (in a sea park) isn't the only focus of the story, but it is the impetus for her relationship with Ali and their respective growth as characters.
  • Two Type 3s in Santa Sangre. The first occurs before the actual events of the film, concerning a girl whose arms were cut off by her rapists and who is now worshiped as a saint in the titular church; ironically enough, the second happens to Concha, the leader of the Sante Sangre congregation, whose arms are hacked off in a similar fashion.
  • The Saw series was built around this.
    • Lawrence from the first film sawed through his chained leg and plays a large (mostly behind the scenes) part in the events of the sequels as a result.
    • The prologue of Saw VI has two predatory lenders-one obese, the other skinny- in a trap in which the first to carve off a pound of flesh within 5 minutes will get to survive. Realizing that the fat man will likely win, the woman chops off her arm in a last-ditch attempt to make the weight. She wins.
  • At the start of Scream and Scream Again, a jogger collapse from a heart attack. When he wakes at the hospital, he discovers his leg has been amputated. Every time the movie cuts back to him, another limb has been amputated.
  • Screamers. In our introduction to the eponymous Killer Robots, an enemy soldier sent to deliver a peace offering gets his hand severed by a flying screamer, still holding the canister holding the message. The next screamer slices his foot off, leaving him on the ground and vulnerable to the rest. Even the hardened soldiers watching from the bunker are squicked out.
  • In Shaun of the Dead, David gets brutally killed by a horde of zombies, who then proceed to tear his corpse limb-from-limb. Dianne is shown with his leg as she proceeds to fight the zombies.
  • In Showdown in Little Tokyo, the Big Bad Yoshida first shows how ruthless he is with a type 3 when he responds to a drug dealer who strongly disagrees with his pricing by drawing his katana and slicing the man's hand off. Needless to say, the dealer is quick to change his mind.
  • In Silent Night, Mrs. Roach's dismembered remains are found in the Watson house, and Maria has a leg chopped off with an ax.
  • In Siren (2010), Ken twists his ankle chasing after the phantasmal Silka and wakes up the boat with the dead sailor about to amputate his leg. He screams as this happens, but wakes up on the island with his leg intact, making this another of the island's Mind Screws.
  • Spy Hard: General Rancor lost both his arms after his previous run-in with Agent Dick Steele, but has had various prosthetic replacements constructed. After Steele ties Rancor to his own missile in the climax, he loses his legs as well.
  • Daniel Jackson lost his leg to frostbite in Stargate Continuum.
  • Star Wars has a large number of Type 3 lost limbs, five of them belonging to someone named Anakin. There's a website and a Wookieepedia article listing all of them, plot-important or not.
  • In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-800 loses his left arm when combating the T-1000 in the foundry.
  • The famous defibrillator scene in John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), in which a character has his arms bitten off by the titular Thing. Oddly enough, the bitten character is never seen again, so he presumably died of blood loss while the rest of the men were distracted dealing with the monster.
    • Suffers from a bit of Special Effects Failure in that the arms separate well above the bite, but it's so startling and horrifying that it's easy to overlook.
  • Optimus Prime gets his right arm sliced off by Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Quorra loses her left arm in TRON: Legacy. It's grown back later.
  • Averted in Tropic Thunder by the character POSING as a double amputee who actually still has both hands.
  • In the 2010 film version of True Grit, Mattie loses her left arm to a rattlesnake bite.
  • In Tusk, Wallace has both of his legs amputated as part of the process to transform him into a walrus. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • In The Unknown, Alonzo the Armless blackmails a surgeon into amputating his arms because he believes this will enable him to win the heart of the woman he loves.
  • One of the bumbling cops from Versus loses his hand early in the film. It's a Black Comedy Running Gag that he keeps forgetting it's missing and tries to touch things with his stump.
  • Virtuosity: Parker lost an arm to the bomb which killed his family, but it's replaced with a cybernetic one.
  • In When Evil Calls, the girl who wishes to lose a stone in weight gets her right arm ground off in the garbage disposal.
  • In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sunspot gets his arm chopped off in the final battle. He lost pretty quickly after that.
  • In Yellowbeard, Moon loses his left hand when Yellowbeard slams the chest lid down on it. He later replaces it with a Hook Hand.


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