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  • Noblesse: Frankenstein, M-21, & Tao. Frankenstein revolves around only one man; Raizel, & he spurned the pretty Dr. Aerith. M-21 has a lot of fangirls; he doesn't know they exist. He is very emotionally attached to M-24 & only seems to have fun around other men. Tao is an ambiguously bi semicrossdresser who wears a woman's offshoulder sweater, paints his nails, wears eyeshadow, & has a fondness for Ik-Han (boy) & Seira (girl).
  • Badly Drawn Webcomic: does this a lot, in particular here and here.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl has David, who adores Abbey according to the chart. And this or this makes it seem that David likes touching Abbey while having fun.
  • Ja Wangnan from Tower of God. He and Viole are not Distracted by the Sexy that is Yeon, but that might be because the first impression she gave him was accompanied with her accidentally burning him and making him drop out of a test. The real reason why people think he might be gay is because he saved Nia's number under "My Beloved Nia ♥".
  • Bob and George takes the perceived Ho Yay between Zero & X in Mega Man X and runs with it. While X and Zero angrily deny this, plenty of humor comes from them being way too affectionate and concerned with each other, and entering into oddly ambiguous banter. Many other characters often debate if they're gay or not the second they leave the room, and Bob at one point actually referred to them, upon their entrance, as "The Ambiguously Gay Duo".
    Protoman: Okay, to turn it off, all we need to do is press Zero's left boob-light.
    George: ... I'm not gonna do it! You do it!
    Protoman: Where's X? He'll do it.
  • The Class Menagerie:
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures has Abel. Of course, he'll have no shortage of admirers, whatever his preferences turn out to be... and then it turns out he's pretty much asexual. He could have been lying, though, and the comic's romantic leanings means that he'll figure himself out by the end.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Tedd: despite looking rather feminine and even recreationally spending some of his time as a woman, is not only totally straight, but mildly homophobic (because everyone thinks he's gay). He's trying to get past the latter, though.
    • Played for drama with Nanase, despite it seemingly starting out as a joke. She is, of course, the genuine article.
    • Subverted with Noah, who turns out to be Camp Straight.
  • Emergency Exit: Jason. Fell into this category for the first few years, but the innuendo has gotten clearer since to the point that the only question is "gay or bi?".
  • Erfworld: Prince Tramennis of Jetstone: A Bishounen diplomat in a family of chiseled warriors, who comments on his brothers' fashion tastes, annoys his father, and rocks some low-grade Zettai Ryouiki. When he communicates with Charlie, the latter's idea of A Form You Are Comfortable With inevitably involves rainbows. But it's never quite actually discussed, and it might just be a non-issue for Erfworlders, given how their reproduction works.
    • Erfworld also has Ace Hardware and Cubbins, with such doozies as, "The Magic Kingdom had been Ace Hardware's occasional refuge... He and Cubbins would usually come here and... Oh, man. Cubbines. They were enemies now, right? Aw, no." May be a bit of a subversion since Ace Hardware generally comes off as a tough military sergeant type {{Gadgeteer Genius.}} Cubbins has enough stereo typically gay traits, though.
  • Funny Farm: Mike Sopkins. Spent a lot of time frolicking gaily through this trope. And, of course, ended up being revealed as utterly straight, if unbelievably innocent about sex in general; in fact, Ridley is afraid to come out to him.
  • Mitch from Good Cheese Provides the trope image, in fact.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name:
    • Conrad: is all over this one. Violent aversion to women? Check. Tight, fashionable clothing? Check. Apartment in the "artsy" side of town? Check. But nothing's yet been stated straight out.
    • Doc Worth, with his fabulous (though probably a little grungy) fluffy pink coat. And his ambiguously Slap-Slap-Kiss relationships with both Lamont and Conrad.
    Hanna: Yanno, actually Worth is kinda keen on you now.
    Conrad: WHU-? What.
  • Mayonaka Densha: Jack. Is oft none to subtly hinted to be attracted to Tom, is constantly teased about it by Hatsune and is also a raging misogynist. Nothing has been stated outright although it's justified, given the setting.
  • The Order of the Stick has Vaarsuvius, who started with just Ambiguous Gender, but then so does his/her spouse Inkyrius. Their children are adopted. The idea that they're a same-sex couple was rather encouraged by the fact that during V's transformation into "Darth V" after his/her Deal with the Devil, the background was a pink triangle.