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Alternative Character Interpretation / Wolverine and the X-Men

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  • Is Wolverine as the leader of the X-Men a reluctant leader burdened with The Chains of Commanding? Or has he been turned into a Drill Sergeant Nasty Hypocrite that routinely bullies subordinates (who are, of course dissenters and thus always wrong) and has abandoned integrity to his principles in a stunning display of the fact that power corrupts? Both interpretations have supporters and detractors and a respectable amount of evidence can be assembled for either interpretation.
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  • Similarly, is Cyclops really a Fallen Hero and Heartbroken Badass struggling to put his life back together? Or is he just a chump who rode other people's coat tails? Or even worse, is he a violent, Too Dumb to Live, psychopathic, and Yandere Manchild that is crippled by an unhealthy relationship from his teen years that he should have outgrown? Or does he just need a hug? There's really not a lot of evidence to back him up as the X-Men's former leader or any kind of competent hero or even a decent boyfriend for either Jean Grey or Emma Frost. For that matter, was Cyclops ever really in love with Jean or was Jean just mind-raping him the whole time? Also, was he ever really close to Professor Xavier? Or was Xavier just mind-raping him as well?
  • And while we're at it, is Jean Grey really Cyclops's one true love, who gets understandably upset at his serious temper problem and barking at her instead of saying he's sorry (granted, he does try to apologize to her later on but not to Wolverine)? Or is she just a shallow, manipulative, insecure bitch who took advantage of Cyclops's loneliness and poor self-esteem in order to feel better about her own shortcomings (whatever those may be)? When Jean asked Wolverine to promise her he wouldn't get into a fight with Cyclops, was it because she loved Cyclops so much that she didn't want to see him get hurt? Or does she simply have so little faith in his ability to control his temper (which unfortunately appears to be justified) that she has to steer any potential rivals away from him? What was the true meaning of that little kiss she blew Wolverine in the pilot- was it just an apology? Or reaching out to her soul mate and hoping to get away from her so-called "boyfriend" as soon as possible?
  • For that matter, is Xavier really a loving surrogate father figure to Cyclops and the X-Men in general? or is he just a manipulative, ruthless bastard who kicks people to the curb (namely Cyclops) when it suits him? Or was Xavier giving Cyclops the cold shoulder an attempt at "tough love"?
    • Was Emma Frost really such a horrible person for going along with the Inner Circle’s plans and just exploiting Cyclops, or was she in fact the One True Love of his life who tried to save him from an unhappy work environment?
  • Even the MRD (Mutant Response Division) is up for this. Are they really a bunch of pure evil Fantastic Racists who believe the only good mutant is a dead mutant, or are they misguided but genuinely Well-Intentioned Extremists forced to take up the sword to protect the innocent from violent, psychopathic mutant terrorists (the human flip-sides of Magneto in other words)? Are they just mercenaries and hired guns who don't care who the target is as long as they get paid to do what they do best, or are they vengeful Death Seekers, men who have been genuinely wronged by mutants (having lost friends and loved ones to mutant attacks for example) and now seek to kill as many mutants as they can before they go out in a blaze of glory? Or are they a mix of all these possible groups?
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  • Were Jean and Xavier using their telepathy to manipulate Cyclops into being the former's boyfriend and the latter's tin pot little soldier? Telepathic manipulation might have caused some unforeseen damage to his already fragile psyche that might have seriously messed up his emotional growth, resulting in his dysfunctional personality and behavior. It would also explain why Xavier shows absolutely no real emotional attachment or concern for Cyclops's welfare and would also explain how Jean can get away with casually showing little to no real emotional connection with him.
  • The X-Men in general have been subject to this by the fans of the show. Are they really a family as well as superheroes? Or are they just a barely held together group of well meaning miscreants who don't really care about each other that much if their treatment of Cyclops is anything to go by?

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