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In General

  • Do the main characters easily forgive villains purely out of altruistic desires and The Power of Friendship, or do they decide who they will and won’t forgive on how useful the villains can be for the defense and protection of Equestria? The ponies who reformed the two biggest examples of reformed villains in MLP had ulterior motives for their actions. Discord was reformed because Celestia decided his powers can be "used for good", and Starlight reformed just because she was a character Twilight personally sympathize with despite all of her crimes. Cozy Glow, on the other hand, is never even considered forgiveness despite her being a child and despite her actions being just as bad (if not worse) than all of the adult villains who received leniency in the eight seasons before she came along, and the series portrays her getting locked up in Tartarus for her crimes in "School Raze" and then being turned into a stone statue along with Tirek and Chrysalis in the Grand Finale as something she totally deserved with none of the characters expressing any remorse or regret at all for it, or even considering if she had a Freudian Excuse or could change for the better. While one can argue that the main characters decide who they will and won’t forgive on if they show remorse, as Discord and Starlight eventually had remorse over their villainous actions while Cozy Glow didn’t, none of these villains showed any remorse at all for their actions after their first defeats so one could also just as easily argue that Cozy simply never got the same opportunity that the others got: the princesses swiftly turned her to stone after her second defeat without her so much as getting a word out, unlike Starlight and Discord who were allowed the chance to speak in their defense and put in an environment where they were given the opportunity to change for the better.

The Mane Six

  • Twilight Sparkle:
    • Twilight Sparkle's difficulty in social situations (most clearly seen at the start of season 1), her love of studying and reading, her knowledge of magic, and her Super OCD all point to her being an aspie or a high-functioning autistic. The WMG page and the Princesses section has more speculation.
    • Fans enjoy drawing Twilight needing a freaking drink.
    • Since Twilight has the darkest hue of the Mane Six, it's not uncommon for Humanized fanart of her to depict her as Black, Asian, or Indiannote  (mostly following the various common stereotypes). This doubles as a Genius Bonus as well: horses with dark coats in real life actually do have dark skin underneath.
    • "Lesson Zero" gives more insight into Twilight's personality, specifically her deepest fears: She's absolutely terrified of failure and the thought of not meeting the expectations of others (a trait further solidified by "The Crystal Empire"). Add her general social awkwardness, the fact that she always wanted to throw a slumber party (even though she and her friends are now adults), and even the lyrics of the full version of the theme song ("When I was young I was too busy to make any friends / Such silliness did not seem worth the effort it expends.") her obsession with studying and being a good student seemed to be all she had to validate her own self-worth. Now that she has real friends, she's completely terrified of losing them and reverting back to the lonely filly she once was.
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    • The events of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" have lead some to speculate that Twilight's obsessive studying and list-making are all about retaining control of her magic. Basically prior to the day of the test she was studying to be like Celestia, after the test she's studying so she never again turns someone she loves into a potted plant.
    • As of "Too Many Pinkie Pies", Twilight is labeled as a mass murderer due to seemingly committing genocide on the Pinkie clones the moment they looked away from the paint wall. The entire discussion has sparked a strong back-and-forth debate on the episode discussions of Equestria Daily and YouTube about the nature of the clones, the Mirror Pool, and whether Twilight can be labeled as a murderer or not. Considering how in "A Canterlot Wedding" she had been willing to severely harm, if not kill Cadance, with only the Secret Handshake proving it was the real Cadance, it's not much of a stretch to assume that...
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    • One fan went off on a detailed explanation of how the events of "Keep Calm And Flutter On" illustrates how Twilight Sparkle is every bit as extreme as Starlight Glimmer, with the only difference being that the former's ideals follow the norm and the latter's go against it.
    • Is her failure to acknowledge her crush on Flash Sentry since Rainbow Rocks due to losing interest in him or being too preoccupied with her duties as Princess of Friendship and other happenings to spare it thought?
  • Spike:
    • Spike is frequently depicted as a stoner (or maybe a gem-stoner?)
    • In "It's About Time" Spike said he likes it when Twilight goes on adventures so he can nap. Is this true or is it just a lie to fool himself?
    • His relationship with Twilight. Does he see her as his mother? His sister? Best friend? His boss? Possibly a potential girlfriend? Something else entirely? Or an undefinable combination of all of them? Later, the show settles on "they're family", but even then they can't seem to decide if Twilight is his parent or his sibling.
    • Twilight's relationship with him also gets much scrutiny. Sometimes she seems to view Spike as a beloved family member, other times as just an employee she can order around. After all, Spike is explicitly a baby dragon who does lots of hard work for nothing but food and a place to live. There's a reason that parody fanworks often outright call Spike a slave. Friendship Games depicts the human world's Twilight having Spike the dog as a pet she mostly treats as such, but he also seems to be her only friend that she talks to about her life, so there's also that interpretation.
    • Even Spike's relationship with the entire cast as a whole tends to be judged rather harshly. The most common interpretations of him range from a neglected or abused child to an outright ethnic slave often without even a hint of joking.
    • Where exactly did Princess Celestia get the egg that Spike hatched from? Did she conjure it up with magic, or find it abandoned somewhere? Or did she overpower a dragon mother and steal her soon-to-be child? The fact that "Dragon Quest" gives the set-up to answer this question but never delivers in the end only raises further questions...
    • Spike's relationship with Rarity. Is he a Dogged Nice Guy or a Stalker with a Crush? Is it One True Love or just a Precocious Crush?
  • Rainbow Dash:
    • Rainbow Dash's tomboyish nature, raspy voice, and rainbow motif have caused some people to come to certain conclusions. Lauren Faust herself has noted that this is rather unfair to all of the jockishly tomboy straight women and feminine lesbian women out there.
    • Rainbow Dash is often implied to be a Lazy Bum, yet she has also been shown working her rump off when it's important to her (such as constantly practicing her moves) or to Ponyville (she's a team leader during Winter Wrap-Up). Is she lazy, or is she bored by what she sees as trivial duties and consequently slacks off? Given her preternatural skill in tasks she's interested in, such as being the only pony in recorded history to perform a Sonic Rainboom, she might be Brilliant, but Lazy. "Testing Testing 1-2-3" adds a new layer to this by strongly implying that Rainbow Dash has a learning disability.
    • One YouTube commenter had the idea that Rainbow Dash has Winston Churchill Complex - she equates affection with achievement and assumes that if she isn't the best at what she's doing, her friends won't love/respect her, which would possibly explain her fear of failing/losing and her increasingly erratic behaviour in "Sonic Rainboom" and "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well." This could also explain why she idolises the Wonderbolts as much as she does and why she's such a persistent Glory Seeker in contrast with her more Humble Hero friends.
    • A portion of the fandom, part of which includes the older Japanese fancrowd, has suggested that due to the way Rainbow Dash is portrayed as being instrumental to the rest of the Mane Six acquiring their Cutie Marks during the episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles, she is the Harem Protagonist of the series.
    • Some people suggest that she and Applejack got the wrong Elements and that she should have gotten Honesty while Applejack should have got Loyalty.
    • A pretty obviously non-canon one, but still one that a lot of fanfics have fun exploring: Rainbow Dash and Celestia, despite almost never interacting in the show, shares some interesting traits. Their eye color is nearly identical, both have prismatic manes, and they even share a love of practical jokes. This has lead to many a fanfic that explore the possible relationship between the two, most commonly depicting RD as Celestia's long lost daughter.
    • Rainbow Dash has several interpretations coming from fans and haters alike. In a few fics, she is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who only helped Fluttershy to further her own evil goals, and really doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. There's also Scootabuse to consider, which is basically Rainbow Dash being a Jerkass to Scootaloo most often for humour. Whenever she is not portrayed by a fan, many haters will have her be a straight up Jerkass instead of the lovable Jerk with a Heart of Gold we know from the show. Her ego is often Flanderized in fanworks such as Friendship Is Witchcraft to the point she can only really say her name. Often times, due to being an athlete, she is often portrayed as the token idiot of the group who doesn't know anything, even more than Applejack who was born and raised on a farm (and presumably never went to school). Rainbow Dash has many different fan interpretations, and to list them all would take up an entire page, but these are perhaps the most common.
  • Pinkie Pie:
    • Pinkie Pie being a Fourth-Wall Observer with Medium Awareness who ignores it when it suits her is an ACI so widespread most fans assume it's true. Granted she does interrupt the Iris Out on three separate occasions, and many times she appears to look directly at the audience (Word of God says these are coincidences... at least they used to be, though sometimes in seasons two and three these fourth wall references seem to be intentional).
    • Some fans, who've noticed her Big Eater habits, draw humanized art with her being bigger than the other ponies, sometimes considerably so.
    • After "Party of One" it became very common for fans to depict Pinkie as judging her self-worth entirely by her parties and how much other ponies enjoy them, which is used to explain why she's so eager to be happy and (literally) bouncy all of the time. Less common is the interpretation that she is outright mentally ill, with manic-depression and schizophrenia the usual suspects. Another point of evidence to the former theory, in her "Smile" song, Pinkie sings "There's one thing that makes me happy and makes my whole life worthwhile / And that's when I talk to my friends and get them to smile."
    • Some fans have noticed that Pinkie's abilities (Offscreen Teleportation, obtaining objects from nowhere, ignoring the rules of magic, use of Wrong Context Magic) are very similar to Discord's, leading them to conclude that she is a demi-goddess of chaos like how Discord is a full god of chaos. If nothing else, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene in School Raze confirms that, yes, she does have powers no other earth pony has.
    • There's a theory that Pinkie's a changeling.
  • Fluttershy:
    • Fluttershy's possession of the Smart Ball in "Suited For Success" has led to her exhibiting similar behavior, and that level of knowledge about a number of fields (from writing to gaming to politics), in various fanfics.
    • Due to an offhand comment in "Over A Barrel", some people think she's obsessed with becoming a tree. (Her disguise in "Hurricane Fluttershy" probably only added fuel to that particular fire.)
    • Is Fluttershy so quiet and timid because she was abused as a young filly?
    • Were Fluttershy's actions during "Putting Your Hoof Down" simply her trying to be more assertive, or her letting out her true feelings?
    • Because of season one's finale, Fluttershy has been thought of as more than a little unstable due to her rather terrifying outburst.
    • Because of the numerous situations in which Fluttershy kicks extreme amounts of flank (making a dragon cry, staring down a cockatrice, giving belly rubs to Cerberus, counter-trolling the spirit of chaos) it's common to depict her as the scariest pony in Equestria, and that those who know her know to be cautious around her.
    • In "The Return of Harmony", is Fluttershy really incorruptable pure, or is she just saying whatever (she thinks) Discord doesn't want her to?
    • Is Fluttershy actually the expert on animals she thinks she is, or is she a Know-Nothing Know-It-All? While her intentions are kind, no less than four times now she has made at best poor and naive decisions regarding the well-being and treatment of animals, leaving one to wonder if that's her norm or if we're just seeing her at her worst.
  • In "Sweet and Elite", the behavior of the Mane Cast outside of Rarity lends itself to some speculation. For instance, was Twilight genuinely ignorant that Rarity was ditching her and the rest to hobnob with the Canterlot Elite? Or was she feigning ignorance to help Rarity save face? Or was their immediate act to crash and trash the Garden Party them being spiteful and they were feigning niceness? Or were they just drunk (we don't see Spike, so they might have been serving intoxicating beverages).


  • Apple Bloom's friendship with Twist. Did Apple Bloom abandon Twist for more popular friends? Did Twist abandon Apple Bloom after getting her cutie mark? Or do they hang out off-screen because Twist can't be a Cutie Mark Crusader?
  • When playing the fan game Story of the Blanks, CR says Sweetie Belle is Rarity's daughter instead of sister, jokingly. (A Shout-Out to Gavalanche's fancomics where Rarity is really Sweetie Belle's abusive mother who prefers to be called her sister.)
  • Scootaloo:
    • Scootaloo is the only member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders who had had no familial connections shown or even hinted at until near the end of the series, and is rarely seen apart from her two closest friends. Additionally, she's a pegasus unable to fly for anything but short distances, and is rarely seen without her crude wooden scooter. As such, Scootaloo is often depicted as being stuck in an abusive family, or as a homeless orphan. Her statement in "Parental Glideance" that she's never had anybody to cheer her on the way Rainbow Dash's parents do could support both interpretations. As of season 9, however, the "orphan" part is disproved with the reveal that both her parents are still alive.
    • It's known that pegasi have to learn to fly. So far Scootaloo has not shown any interest in flying. Does she not want to fly, or is she outright incapable of flying? As confirmed in season 4, Scootaloo is unusually old to display no aptitude for flying; Scootaloo being disabled was something thrown around during the series' development, but it may or may not have been abandoned - the ending of the episode in question leaves it ambiguous as to whether she is truly incapable of flight, or merely a very slow learner.
    • Some humanized versions of Scootaloo have her with a prosthetic limb, due to the aforementioned plans of her originally being disabled and the ambiguity that she may actually be disabled herself.
    • Another theory gaining some popularity is that Scootaloo is the product of a mixed marriage and for whatever reason-death, divorce, etc.-the Pegasus parent is a missing parent, leaving Scootaloo to be raised by an Earth Pony or Unicorn, neither of which can teach her how to fly. The Cake twins being born to Earth Pony parents has led to an alternate take, where Scootaloo is a "throwback" born to two non-Pegasus parents.

The Princessess

  • Celestia:
    • Princess Celestia's characterization can vary greatly depending on who you ask or what fanfiction or fanart you look at. Canonically she's a wise and loving Big Good, but in the fandom she is very prone to Ron the Death Eater characterizations:
      • Some see her as a Troll, perhaps as an effect of her immortality and position making her day-to-day life very dull and thus she needs to have fun sometimes. She does demonstrate a more mischievous and fun side sometimes, such as inviting the Mane Six to the Grand Galloping Gala in the hopes they'll liven up the boring tradition for once. While she can still be loving and wise while this way, some fans go for full Jerkass God who toys with her subjects for her own amusement.
      • There's also the interpretation that she's full evil, ruling a Crapsaccharine World as a vicious tyrant who enforces conformity, segregation and control. These can vary from her being a Knight Templar who sees such control as needed to keep Equestria from falling apart, to Despotism Justifies the Means, focused on keeping her control over the land by any means necessary.
      • Some fans have noted that devastating, highly important events in Equestrian history are either completely unknown to the general populace (Discord's reign, the disappearance of the Crystal Empire) or only known through inaccurate myths (Nightmare Moon's longest night). They thus speculate that Celestia regularly alters official histories to remove undesirable elements, which in turn has speculations as to whether she does this out of misguided benevolence or a malicious attempt to hide her own mistakes.note 
      • Some fans have also noted the rather troubling number of ponies who have feared being banished by the princessnote . Are they just being paranoid, or does Princess Celestia have a history of banishing ponies for arguably minor infractions of the law? It doesn't help that Princess Celestia and her followers seem to only give forgiveness to villains whose powers they can use or to villains they're related to or personally sympathize with, while not actually caring what crimes you committed or how many people you hurt along the way, which shifts the "merciful and wise" depiction the writers were going for to a "cruel unless they have a use for you" interpretation.
      • The "Molestia" interpretation is so common it comes with its own sub-categories; from a shiftless layabout who has grown bored of her duties and dodges administration to watch porn, to a very open but harmless nympho with a light BDSM fetish (the most popular, thanks to the infamous Ask Princess Molestia blog), to a serial-rapist and pedophile.
    • Celestia as a Broken Bird is a less common but still prevalent interpretation. The theory goes that fighting against Discord, forced to banish her sister, and spending a thousand years defending Equestria from frequent threats all alone, while everypony else dies of old age, left her bitter and permanently hiding behind The Queenly Mask.
    • Speculation about Celestia's relationship with Twilight is rampant, with interpretations ranging from polite but distant professionalism, to a close friendship, to Twilight being Celestia's only friend aside from Luna, to outright romance. A common theme in nearly all of them though is Twilight having (or used to have) a crush on Celestia.
    • In most of the two-parters, Celestia is put into question. Is she The Chess Master who has thousands of Batman Gambits lined up, can plan someone's life from the day they were born, but can be blind-sided when an Outside-Context Problem comes into the picture with a plan of her own or is Celestia a General Failure whose successes are either based around relying on Deus Ex Machinas, the villains holding Idiot Balls or pulling off last-minute resorts in a desperate attempt to gain some victory? Both these interpretations have evidential footing and it all falls in how the viewer sees Celestia, either in a positive or negative light.
    • One wonders how hard Celestia's job actually is on a normal day, and how much authority she actually has. She does a fine job leading when everything is going well, but the second things go south and she's called upon to take charge she begins making terrible decisions, gets defeated effortlessly, and has to sit back and hope others can save the day on her behalf. Perhaps she's actually a terrible leader outside of her ability to raise the sun and is merely a figurehead at best who is the "face" of an empire that's actually ran by others, and so everything goes fine until she's put on the spot and called upon to actually lead. Organizations like the EEA being able to tell Celestia what to do seems to suggest she actually makes very few decisions on her own, while Twilight Sparkle being able to easily do the job of both Celestia and Luna in the Distant Finale hints that perhaps she and Luna's duties aren't much of a burden since most of the work is done by others.
    • Celestia's tendency to do absolutely nothing other than sent Twilight and the gang after a perceived threat against Equestria, along with her utter curb-stomping by Chrysalis the one time she did try something (granted Chrysalis had a power boost, but you'd expect her to have at least been able to put up more of a fight than that) and how Nightmare Moon had her on the ropes in their flashback battle until Celestia brandished the Elements of harmony, have made many fans question her strength. Is she actually powerful and holding back to do behind the scenes work, or just a Badass on Paper who knows she doesn't have the power to do much of anything against a powerful enemy and has to hide behind others? The Cutie Remark showing that every single future of Equestria without Twilight and her friends is a war-torn post-apocalyptic nightmare only serves to imply the latter: while this means only one villain succeeded and the rest were defeated, there's no word on whether Celestia or the current dominant villain was responsible for it. Later episodes have attempted to address this by claiming she holds her power back out of fear of harming others, but this raises other questions: does she honestly believe standing by and doing nothing, holding back to the point villains defeat her, and/or only relying on others actually endangers her subjects less than just fighting back herself?
    • Princess Celestia calling out Chancellor Neighsay at the end of School Daze and allowing Twilight Sparkle to run her school without EEA accreditation leaves you wondering where she actually stands on the issue. While she allowed Twilight to skirt the rules she certainly didn't seem to make any attempt to remove authority from Neighsay or reform the policies of the EEA, with them operating completely unchallenged as late as the season finale, despite apparently disagreeing with how they were operating, and at the time she had rather strict gender and racial exclusions in her military and leadership. Does Princess Celestia actually believe in Twilight's methods and beliefs, or does she actually agree with Neighsay but was just siding with Twilight because of their relationship? Perhaps she actually agreed with Neighsay's beliefs but had faith that if anyone could do it Twilight could, or she knew Neighsay was a noble man deep down and would ultimately be swayed by Twilight, or she initially only sided with Twilight to save face but was swayed along the way like Neighsay was? It's even possible she saw the value in both side's arguments and was treating Twilight's school as a preliminary test to see if the EEA's policies should be changed.
  • Nightmare Moon:
    • Is Nightmare Moon really a Green-Eyed Monster Mad God or was she banished for leading the ponies into an ultimately failed civil war against Celestia's rule? Combined with the aforementioned "Tyrantlestia" interpretation is the theory that Nightmare Moon was the hero and is only the victim of Written by the Winners.
    • It isn't even clear what Nightmare Moon WAS, given that once the Elements of Harmony were used on her, she reverted to Princess Luna, who is far more mild-mannered. Was she brainwashed by the elements, or was Nightmare Moon some sort of possessing force that Celestia herself could not extricate? The IDW comics seem to indicate that Nightmare Moon was the result of an outside force, given that they possess Rarity and make her their new Nightmare Queen. However, it's not clear if the show treats the comics as canon, and Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep centered entirely around her addressing her guilt of becoming Nightmare Moon of her own accord with absolutely no mention of the Nightmare Forces.
  • Celestia and Luna being Physical Goddesses is itself an ACI; there are numerous hints for it, most significantly their dominion over celestial bodies, the aspects of nature they represent, and their extensive lifespan, but the actual word god/goddess has never been used in the series. Less common is the interpretation that they are "merely" extremely powerful ponies, or two of the few remaining alicorns after their race was nearly rendered extinct. With the introduction of "Age Spells" in "Magic Duel", spells that can alter the age of the target but can only be cast by the most powerful of casters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's immortality may not even be inherent but the product of repeated self-cast Age Spells (which would also explain Luna's difference in appearance between her first and second appearance).
  • This is further complicated by the presence of Princess Cadance. Is she also a Physical Goddess? We're told she's the niece of Princess Celestia, but she couldn't be Luna's child since Luna spent the last thousand years in the moon. So who are her parents? Is she also immortal and will outlive Shining Armor? Does she even have a blood relation to the Royal Pony Sisters? (It should be noted that Cadance was originally conceived as a unicorn but made an alicorn because of Executive Meddling.) Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell expanded on Princess Cadence's backstory and where she came from: It is revealed that Cadence was originally an orphaned pegasus that was adopted by an earth pony village. A Wicked Witch by the name of Prismia attacked the village by draining all their love for each other. Cadence somehow defeated her and was magically transported to the same "interstice" that Twilight went to when she completed Starswirl's unfinished spell. She met Princess Celestia there and was turned into an alicorn, adopted by Celestia, and made a princess herself. Whether this is canon or not is up in the air right now, but this is the closest thing to a backstory she has so far.
  • Then Twilight became an alicorn, also making her a princess, bringing another whole host of questions. Do all alicorns "earn" their ascension this way? If so, how did the other three do so? Can it be given as some sort of reward or a Enlightenment Superpower? Is Twilight now immortal? And if she is, is this a way to give Celestia some more company for her eternal life?


  • Trixie:
    • Is The Great and Powerful TRRRIXIIEEE a Jerkass, or insecure? Was Ponyville a lousy stop? Did the Mane Cast have the right to interrupt her show and performance with heckling? There's also a very large part of the fanbase that remains adamant that she is just as powerful, if not more powerful than Twilight, despite "Boast Busters" showing that her special talent is in stage performance.
    • Others have suggested the exact opposite. One fanfic, The Liar, portrays Trixie as a run-of-the-mill con artist. It suggests that Trixie has NO magical ability, that her powers are all based off of the machines she uses in her act (including powdered poison joke to disrupt attempts to show her up), and that her special talent is really the ability to tell the perfect lies. (Fair warning: This fic reads in reverse chronological order)
    • A common fanon portrayal of Trixie depicts her Miles Gloriosus streak as a mask over a Dark and Troubled Past with a side order of woobie. (It's quite possible you get bonus points for the degree of cruelty with which you kill off the parent who inspired her to start a magic act.)
    • Others have suggested that Trixie suffers from an Inferiority Superiority Complex; she didn't make it in magic school because she was a bully whose only real talent was using her telekinesis to pick on others compared to other unicorns that can do much more useful magic. Similar to common fan theories about Applebloom's nemesis Diamond Tiara, this theory holds that Trixie is such a showboating Jerkass because her talent is nothing special and she's desperate to convince herself and everypony else otherwise.
    • Was she actually being a true hero in "To Where And Back Again", or just tagging along and letting the others do all the work so she could falsely be called a hero and get an undeserved medal of honor to boost her ego even more?
  • Gilda:
    • Gilda is viewed in a couple different ways, ranging from a full-on Jerkass thug who feels overly possessive of Dash, a Jerk with a Heart of Gold that got caught on a bad day, or a genuine Cool Big Sis character tripped up by cultural boundaries which Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie didn't consider and overreacted to. Her second appearance in the show seemed to imply the latter.
    • Her treatment of Pinkie has been interpreted as her trying her best to keep her anger in check (at least up until she bullies Fluttershy) as she just doesn't want her meeting with her friend to be interrupted. Some people also find it understandable for her to blame Pinkie for Rainbow's pranks after Pinkie's earlier behavior and to leave town out of frustration when her only friend yells at her.
  • Perhaps Diamond Tiara's bullying is her lashing out at others because her special talent is merely wearing jewelry, possibly on the issues of Truth in Television beauty pageant attendees.
    • Similarly, Silver Spoon may be a stereotypical "queen bee" because she's insecure about being rich and useless, hence her cutie mark.
    • Despite her rhetoric against Blank Flanks, the only ponies Diamond Tiara is ever seen bullying are Applebloom and those who hang around Applebloom. Maybe she's less a generic bully and hates Applebloom specifically (and by extension, those she's hanging around). "Flight To The Finish" seems to support this, as the two switch to bullying Scootaloo about her inability to fly when they realize their "Blank Flank" comments aren't getting to the CMC anymore. (Although they did have a reason for going after them specifically that time - they were worried about the CMC's act being better than theirs and wanted to destroy their confidence so that they would lose.)
    • Diamond Tiara is usually thought to be a simple Alpha Bitch (although see the Trixie example for one way some people interpret her more sympathetically), her friend Silver Spoon is sometimes suggested to be a much nicer filly who is mean to Apple Bloom because she's imitating her best friend. Silver Spoon is noted to genuinely care about Diamond Tiara's feelings, seeing how she tried to cheer her up at the end of "Call of the Cutie", and was also the very first in the class to applaud Granny Smith's story about how the Apple Family founded Ponyville despite Diamond Tiara refusing to.
    • "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" shows she has some extreme mommy issues and, after standing up to her mother, she gets her first genuine Pet the Dog moment. Whether it leads to a full-on Heel–Face Turn or a Friendly Enemy at best is still up in the air, however, as she hasn't had a proper apperance as of the first half of Season 7.
  • Near nothing is known about Discord, and so speculation about him runs rampant:
    • Is he a sadistic sociopathic villain who is giddy over Mind Raping, corrupting, breaking, and generally torturing poor defenseless ponies For the Evulz? Despite his level of power and how he could have literally won by snapping his fingers, he takes his time to set up this "game" to torture the mane six, repeatedly rubs Twilight's face in her failure, and when she falls off of the Despair Event Horizon he laughs at her misery.
    • Is he the Anthropomorphic Personification of chaos that's just hard-wired to want chaos, just as the ponies are hard-wired to want harmony and peace? If so not only is he unwilling but incapable of maintaining anything resembling a moral compass; even if he could feel empathy for the beings he torments for his own amusement, he wouldn't be able to maintain it long enough for it to make any difference. By this interpretation, he is The Sociopath because he's hard-wired to be incapable of internalizing emotions that could let him live in harmony with others; by his very nature, Discord must consider himself separate from and in conflict with the rest of existence. Keep Calm And Flutter On seems to suggest he can understand and even enjoy friendship, however his selfishness and chaos-mongering tendencies have always prevented him from ever having a real friend.
    • Is he a God of Evil, but merely doing his job and not truly evil? Chaos isn't inherently evil, and sometimes is even necessary for things to change, and he might see what he does as essential work and spreading the influence of his pantheon.
    • Is Cheerilee correct when she called him a Draconequus and there is an entire species like him? If so, is he the Last of His Kind?
    • Do he and Celestia have a more amiable history? Many fans think that the two were close friends or even lovers long ago, and that their falling out has at least something to do with his tyrannical intentions. Their dialogue hints at a deeper relationship of some kind that we're only able to speculate about, and the way they brush off each other is very similar to the way Q (who Discord is based off of) would ruffle the feathers of Captain Picard, who had a lot of Ho Yay.
    • As of "Keep Calm and Flutter On", has Discord truly reformed? Or is he just pretending to play nice, still intent on screwing with people but keeping his actions within a certain limit so he won't be imprisoned again? In the opening for season 4, he's unconcerned with the havoc his vines are causing, and he refuses to tell the main cast what they are, for no real reason other than his own amusement.
    • His relationship with Twilight; Is it a platonic/obsessive friendly antagonistic relationship much like Q and Picard? Or is it that Discord has a Foe Yay with Twilight? It seems that Twilight is the only one he sees as a Worthy Opponent and constantly teases her like a childish boy does to girls he likes. His friendship with Fluttershy could be a way to get in good with her social circle and start making his moves there. To add ACI on that, is his relationship with Twilight a mirror image of his relationship with Celestia? Could it be now that Twilight is an Alicron, he's projecting his feelings of Celestia onto Twilight?
  • Were the Windigos evil spirits intentionally causing the ponies suffering and grief, or non-sentient beasts who were merely feeding and their natural way of survival made them a dangerous threat?
    • The same episode made people claim, as a joke, that Fluttershy was clairvoyant.
  • Is Queen Chrysalis a bad guy seeking to subjugate an entire nation to make her and her minions stronger, a Jerkass Woobie who is a victim of her upbringing, or a Well-Intentioned Extremist who just wanted to feed her people? To Where And Back Again made it pretty clear her biggest priority is looking out for number 1, but these questions still stand.
  • Lightning Dust (from "Wonderbolts Academy"): an arrogant, self-absorbed victory hound who only respected Rainbow Dash because she was a Worthy Opponent or an enthusiastic cadet who was told to give her best and went too far unintentionally? Spitfire also could be said to hold some of the blame in Lightning Dust's overzealous attitude as she encouraged her behavior and never stepped in once it started getting out of hand.
  • Lord Tirek seems to hold an extreme grudge towards his brother for betraying him (in self defence), and shows disgust for Twilight's loyalty to Discord despite selling her out. Given he himself backstabbed Discord as a stepping stone for his conquest, is this standard villainous Moral Myopia, or does he merely find contempt in said characters valuing and boasting the importance of friendship (which he openly devalues) despite having the same self serving tendencies?
  • Sombra:
    • While Discord has been given a clear character in the show, Sombra hasn't gone through any character development at all. The only thing we know about him is that he's power-hungry and strong enough to subjugate an empire and pose a threat to Celestia. ACIs about him largely go into one of the following:
      • The one closest to what little we get in the show is that he's actively malevolent, seeking only to expand his own power and influence, while driving his subjects to death if need be.
      • Another is that he's more akin to Emperor Palpatine. Power-hungry and even sociopathic, but mostly uncaring about his subjects. He wants power for power's sake, but as long as he has said power, he doesn't care what happens to his subjects.
      • The third is that he's actually benevolent. Sure, he may be a tyrant, but he still wants to keep his subjects fed and happy. This mostly lines up with the Tyrannical Celestia mentioned above, as it implies that Celestia and Luna actually attacked the Crystal Empire preemptively, possibly because they feared him.
    • Lots of fans have drawn a line between Sombra and Luna. It's outright depicted that Luna and Celestia were the cause of Sombra's downfall (though not stated), and many see a connection between Sombra, who's associated with shadows, and Luna, who's associated with night and darkness.
    • Some people have interpreted King Sombra's animalistic behavior as a sign his defeat and long imprisonment have driven him insane. While he was a nasty person before that, this would explain why he acts so feral and inequine. Celestia outright states he was "turned to shadow" when he was overthrown. The phrase "a shadow of his former self" springs to mind.
  • Starlight Glimmer:
  • Is Chancellor Neighsay just a genuine racist or are his beliefs of non-ponies being a threat a genuine concern based on Equestria's history of being invaded by non-ponies like the formerly evil changelings and the Storm King's army? Is he just calling out Twilight's school and teachers for being bad at their jobs to fuel his racial agenda or does he genuinely believe they're unfit to teach as well? His eventual Heel–Face Turn and support of Twilight's school does little to clarify this.
  • The Flim-Flam brothers coming back to help the heroes in the final battle. Is this a case of Even Evil Has Standards in opposing three wannabe tyrants, or are they simply engaging in Pragmatic Villainy since it would be hard to succeed in a dystopian hellhole? Technically it could even be both.

Minor Characters

  • According to some fans, the single most evil entity in all of Equestria is none other than Angel Bunny, especially after "Putting Your Hoof Down". Although he has taken a level in kindness since then.
    • Another candidate for "most evil thing in Equestria" is Opalescence.
  • Some fans have grown fond of the idea of Snails being a Genius Ditz with an encyclopedic knowledge of insects, or even a Friend to Bugs, rather than just the dimmer of Those Two Guys.
  • Sunburst was Starlight Glimmer's old filly friend, she claims they did everything together... yet when he gets his cutie mark he immediately runs outside to celebrate with other people without so much as a second look back at his supposed closest friend. He also made no attempt to stay in touch with her, barely remembers her when they reunite, and shows no remorse for ditching her save saying he should have 'stayed in touch'. While they do reconcile, it easy to question if he ever was that close or good a friend as Starlight claimed. If this make their falling out being Starlight's Start of Darkness more or less sympathetic is its own ACI.
  • Granny Smith. Is her eccentricities just "old people are funny humor" or waaay back in her youth was she the Pinkie Pie of her social circle? The Zap Apple prep stuff she's shown to do in "Family Appreciation Day" support this. Pinkie often knows what she is doing even if it seems strange, and it would explain how Granny discovered things like Zap Apples prefer polka dots; she did Pinkieesque things and kept doing them when they made the jam better. Besides, running off into the most dangerous forest in the world alone at night is not very sensible.
  • Big McIntosh:
  • The "Screwball" pony flying around with a propeller hat could be like Pinkie: a pony that would be happy if Discord's reign was permanent ("Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain!"). Then there's the idea that she was created by him.
    • When she first appeared there were interpretations that she's a normal pony, possibly a baseball star, who only seemed unusual due to Discord screwing with everything.
  • Blueblood's behaviour at the Gala has been interpreted by some as him recognizing Rarity's intentions, and was screwing with her because he's met countless other mares with the same vapid dream and he's not willing to play the part.
  • Some people don't really buy Carrot Cake's explanation of why his children are a pegasus and a unicorn (not that the show gives them much reason to). They believe that magical fertility treatments or infidelity may be involved somehow.
    • Two scenarios have been explored on the infidelity side: either a male alicorn is the father of both, or she was impregnated by both a pegasus and a unicorn.
    • A popular joke is that Molestia did it.
  • Fanon has five general depictions of Derpy Hooves (also known as Ditzy Doo, Bright Eyes, etc.):
    1) An ordinary pony with the same kind of problems as everypony else who's just clumsy and misunderstood because of her eyes (not that popular, but made moreso by Doctor Whooves and Assistant)
    2) An airheaded but well-meaning and perfectly functional klutz (this seems to be the most common interpretation, and the one which most closely matches "The Last Roundup")
    3) A kind pony with genuine mental disabilities who speaks in broken and (seemingly) senseless sentences that may or may not make sense in hindsight. This one became less popular after "The Last Roundup" showed her perfectly capable of speaking normally.
    4) A complete idiot.
    5) A genius - smarter than Twilight - who is assumed to be an idiot due to her eyes and clumsy nature (sometimes also has speech problems).
  • Exactly how useful is the Royal Guard and Wonderbolts? Are they really as useless as their constant failures suggests? If so, why do they bother having them? Or do we only see them when they fail so the main characters save the day. Is it a result of complacency due to the Princesses being the ones who normally take care of things and anything able to threaten them beyond what anyone else could be expected to do any better against?
    • Are the Royal Guard kept around due to tradition? To project authority? Because the Princesses powers would risk collateral damage? Or is to carry out more mundane responsibilities? And their failure in those tasks (like finding a lost pet) due to ineptitude or being outside their training?
    • One interpretation is that since there hasn't been any implication of large scale war in Equestrian for 1000 years, and even then the "wars" were mostly individuals with abnormal powers, the Royal Guard may simply be underprepared. If there's been no notable war for centuries, then training would naturally fall to the side.
    • Interestingly, the Royal Guard and the Pegasi were able to hold their own against Sombra's army of mindless husks. Does that mean the husks are just as bad soldiers, or are the guard not quite as bad as we thought? Or does the fact that they're evenly matched by untrained, unarmed, smaller numbers of mindless civilians serve as proof that they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag?
    • There's lots of ambiguity if the Wonderbolts are military, or if they've evolved from those origins to just be stunt flyers who now lack the skills or training to be any more useful.
    • Speaking of, did Spitfire actually have a change of heart at the end of Wonderbolts Academy, or was she only suddenly concerned because the behavior she was encouraging now had happened to endanger a member of royalty? It's a little convenient, especially now that she's suddenly praising the leadership qualities of someone who showed no real leadership qualities all episode who she also just "coincidentally" learned is best buddies with said princess. After all, come next episode she's conveniently forgotten the moral lesson and turning her back on comrades for personal gain, so one wonders if she's not just kissing up to Twilight by giving Rainbow Dash preferred treatment and throwing Lightning Dust under the bus to pass the blame off of herself. Alternately, a later episode has her outright admit she's wanted Rainbow Dash in the Wonderbolts since day one: since she only "cared" about Lightning Dust's antics once Rainbow Dash tried to quit, it's quite possible her only motive behind firing Lightning Dust was merely to entice Rainbow Dash to stay and that if Dash hadn't tried to walk out she couldn't have cared less about Lighting Dust's antics.
    • Is Shining Armor an effective captain? Is the Royal Guards aforementioned ineptitude due to his poor leadership or just making him look bad? As a soldier, are his constant defeats despite his powers ineptitude? Being caught off guard or up against those who can negate it? Or being only useful defensively? Why is he in command as opposed to using his power as a supporting role? Authority Equals Asskicking? Is it the best place to use them? Does his relationship to Twilight Sparkle or Princess Cadance have anything to do with it?
    • Speaking of, Shining Armor's personal Badass Decay over the series, going from a strong but outmatched Barrier Warrior who would bravely stand up to the likes of King Sombra and Lord Tirek to a helpless Dumbass In Distress who cries at the drop of a hat and won't even try to fight anymore opens a lot of alternate interpretations . It may be he feels that what he does is a Hopeless War, as no matter how hard he or the guards fight they'll be stomped into the dirt without anyone of Equestria even seeming to care while the Mane Six show up to save the day and get all the glory, and so he come to figure trying is pointless and now puts himself above his duty. After all, you can't have a nightmare if you never dream. More generously, it's possible he's simply a House Husband now who has no real duty or authority any longer, and now stands back with his daughter while others whose job it is to save Equestria get things done. Of course, it's also possible he was never a bad ass in the first place and was simply attempting to do a job he was Kicked Upstairs into (it's a persistent theory that he was given command of the royal guard because he's Twilight Sparkle's brother, as many characters in the series were given jobs because they were friends or family of one of the princesses).
    • They seem to have little to no presence whatsoever anywhere except Canterlot, as characters like Ahuizotl and Starlight Glimmer rule over entire regions of Equestria until the Mane 6 happen to swing by, other places like Appleoosa are policed only by mobs of citizens, and even locales near Canterlot like Ponyville are attacked by monsters often enough for the ponies to be completely accustomed to it. Are they too few to be there? Are they stationed in important locations and only respond to emergencies, which are apparently rare given how said locals seem to manage.
  • A decent amount of fanfics like to give Star Swirled the Bearded an Historical Villain Upgrade. When he finally did make an appearance in Canon they weren't too far off the mark: while he was no villain he certainly was a jerk who followed Black and White Insanity to a T.
  • Possibly in response to his general Hatedom, there have been several fan works that portray Flash Sentry as a complete Butt-Monkey, unable to get the universe to stop hating him.
  • Pinkie's sister, Maud Pie, has at least two interpretations to her character: Is her general behavior a sign of autism, or does she deliberately behave in an asocial manner because she simply doesn't want to be friends with Pinkie's friends?


  • The land of Equestria as a whole might be a less-than utopian autocracy where the unicorns stay in power thanks to their control over magic and learning, and the pony population as a whole oppresses and even enslaves the other hoofed races. The posters in this discussion thread analyze the show and eventually come to the conclusion that Equestria is basically a fascist utopia, rife with rigid caste systems, engineered environments, slavery, class imbalance, all controlled at the beck and call of an all-powerful, godlike being that somehow manages to keep her subjects ignorant of the underlying problems of their society. To make matters worse one could easily interpret the different friendship-related events to be Bread and Circuses, which even the villain of the movie brings up when she calls out Equestria for wasting all their time on parties rather than actually doing something about constant attacks, and that the series has consistently shown with creatures like the Windigos and The Power of Friendship being literal that their celebration of friendship could be closer to a mandatory ritual than something done for the sake of friendship. Season 8 even showed that while there is an illusion of Equestria being a constitutional monarchy with laws and policies the princesses have to follow, they're ultimately still free to bend, change, and outright break them on whims, which raises the troubling interpretation that the ponies are tricked into thinking they have rights and protections to keep them content. That Equestria seems to have no legal process whatsoever outside of "whatever the princess who decided to show up feels like doing that day" and casually ignores what are even the most basic human rights in our world when imposing the law certainly doesn't cast Equestria in a positive light either.
  • Another theory is that Equestria used to be a facist caste system because of the Hearth's Warming Eve play. It is the only time we see the ponies divided along earth pony/pegasus/unicorn lines and that is explicitly set in the past, implying that modern Equestria is much more racially balanced. If the unicorns somehow controlled all the learning and knowledge, then why is the most prominent teacher character an Earth pony? Also, if the unicorns oppressed the earth ponies in a 'first and second class citizen' manner, then why is the mayor of Ponyvile an earth pony and the Film Flam Brothers run out of town by angry customers? Queen Chrysalis being able to almost effortlessly sow distrust between the three pony types in no time at all in the Series Finale shows that, if this interpretation is true, the ponies have probably only been balanced this way for a very short amount of time and still deep-down harbor considerable dislike and distrust of one another.
  • Ms. magazine infamously ran a blog post that interpreted the characters in unflattering ways, including: magical white ponies had all the power and oppressed dark-colored ponies, you need the government to tell you what to do, and girls that wear rainbows are butch. Lauren Faust herself responded.
  • Just who exactly is benefiting from the friendship reports that Twilight sends to the Princess? Are they intended solely to help with Twilight's personal growth as she learns more about friendship? Or are they for Princess Celestia as a way to understand the common Ponyvillers and how to interact with them? Or are they for Luna? "Magical Mystery Cure" heavily implies that all of Twilight's training, Friendship Reports included, were to make her ready to become an alicorn.
  • The entirety of this fanfic relies on this concept intensely, as the narrator analyzes almost every character, action, and event in a radically different way than portrayed in the show. From the goodness of Discord, to the evils of Celestia, and the fact that the Elements of Harmony are supposedly powered by dark magic instead of friendship. But the fic plays this up for laughs.
  • The episode "Putting Your Hoof Down":
    • Did the entire town of Ponyville just happen to take about twelve levels of jerk-ass or, since this is the only time we've seen Fluttershy interact with them in general, is this how they always treat her? It might explain why she tends to prefer the company of animals.
    • The episode itself has received this, with some believing it is actually a Whole Episode Flashback to a time before Twilight arrived, since Angel was never that much of a Jerkass in earlier episodes and Fluttershy herself isn't that timid in earlier episodes.
  • The nature of the dragons as a species is widely debated. Common interpretations are that wild dragons tend to be Jerkasses and Spike's a Nice Guy because he was raised by ponies, while others suggest that adult dragons are powerful and dangerous when provoked but also intelligent and non-malicious, in which case they are the antagonists because we keep seeing them at their worst; the purple dragon had suffered a personal crisis, the red dragon was unreasonable because it was exhausted and the Mane Six kept interrupting his nap, the green dragon overreacted because he thought Spike wanted to steal all his food, and the teenage dragons were immature idiots that hadn't learned how to behave.
    • The episode "Gauntlet of Fire" suggests that dragon culture is one based on Asskicking Equals Authority, with a hierarchy and promotion system based on shows of strength, agility, and resourcefulness; and that compassion towards each other, while not looked down upon, is uncommon enough for it to be weird to other dragons. The episode also implies the dragons have an antagonistic relationship with the ponies, with both sides considering the other an enemy and engaged in a cold war, though it's unclear if it's just that they dislike cute, friendly things or there's a deeper cause behind it.
  • According to one fan, the teenage dragons from Dragon Quest did nothing wrong. She points out that the dragons, despite teasing Spike a bit, gave him multiple chances to prove himself and readily accepted him when he did. As for the phoenixes, while the dragons were a bit dickish about it, she saw them as an essential part of nature which was keeping down the population of a never-dying species which defends itself by lighting itself on fire, which would realistically be an over-populating and highly-destructive pest without another species to keep them in check like the fire-proof teenage dragons.
  • Are the duplicates from the Mirror Pool mindless constructs, reflections of Pinkie Pie's surface personality, or simply innocent children with adult bodies? The tone of the episode changes greatly depending on which interpretation the viewer uses. The problem is with the last clone to get zapped: Fans generally assume that she was the very first clone Pinkie created, who spent considerable time learning about the main characters, and as a result had more emotional range and depth than the clones who were cloned off of her. While the other clones cared very little about being zapped into oblivion, she was clearly terrified. Opinions on this have been divisive at best, with some fans shrugging it off as "they were just mindless copies", with other fans going far enough to label Twilight's zapping of them as the single most evil thing portrayed in the show.
    • As of season 6 we know at least one escaped and lives in Manehattan. And was wearing a trenchcoat and fedora and actively hiding from Pinkie. Seems they can grow and learn, though at what point they become Pinkie's twin and not a destructive homonculus is not a discussion for a TVTropes page.
  • After the brief fallout between them at the end of "A Canterlot Wedding, part 1", much speculation arose as to whether Twilight's friends, brother, and mentor were sincerely remorseful on how they abandoned her, or whether it was a cover-up. Some people considered the former based on how things are in season 3, but others noted that the only person who apologized was Applejacknote , and Celestia's form of apology can look broken, they tend to say they were just saving their own flanks.
    • How much of what Shining Armor said to Twilight was him being brainwashed, and how much of it was what he really meant?
    • When she easily forgives them, is she being a true friend who'd rather Turn the Other Cheek than hold a grudge, or bottling in? Perhaps she took her anger out when she was fighting the Changelings, who turned into her friends...
    • Did Twilight's friends, mentor, and brother really abandon and shun her after her outburst until her vindication, or did they walk away (possibly for only a few minutes) to give everyone time to cool down, only to later be unable to find her? One of Equestria's most talented unicorns couldn't have been kidnapped, especially not in the middle of a secure castle on high alert, so she must have left on her own. Worrisome, but there's no reason to think she's in danger and they can all have a long talk after the wedding.
  • Twilight's Kingdom Part 2:
    • Was Lord Tirek planning to betray Discord from the start or did he feel betrayed when he learned that Discord was omitting info on Twilight?
    • Did Discord really join Tirek because he wanted to, or was it all part of his plan to help Twilight find her key? He was savvy enough to lead them to discover the other keys through their journal after all. In all it may seem a bit out of character for him to simply fall for Tirek's plan like that. And he may have omitted Twilight at first for this very reason. Another possibility is that he was following whatever whim struck him, you know, god of chaos and all.
    • Was Discord siding with Tirek a deliberate betrayal of his friends, or did (save Fluttershy) none of them actually liking him and Celestia claiming she had him freed because he could be useful make Tirek's argument that their "friendship" was just a way to keep him in line seem legit? Helping is that seeing Shining Armor and Fluttershy shocked and hurt by his betrayal caused Discord to regret his actions.
    • Was the stained glass window depicting Princess Twilight left by Celestia in a moment of carelessness and haste? Or did the pony master of the Batman Gambit deliberately set up the Twi vs. Tirek conflict, to help her get the final key? It might be stretching it, but she might also have set up Discord against Tirek in a Batman Gambit as well.
  • The Crystal Empire. The term Empire refers to a nation that controls a large sovereign territory, as well as indirect or direct control over other territories, such as vassals, subjects or colonies. The only thing we see of the Crystal Empire is maybe 100 square kilometers, and it's ruled by a King (later a princess). It's possible that the Empire encapsulates a much larger territory than shown, or that it used to, but the different territories were annexed by other nations (namely Equestria) following the Empire's collapse.
  • The Reveal in the season finale that the Legion of Doom was staged to give Twilight Sparkle a boost in confidence and groom her to take Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's place, along with noticing all these villains only seemed to show up once Twilight began her friendship lessons (and seemed to go away again once she did take their place), the mysterious circumstances behind some of their escapes and returns, and Princess Celestia's tendency to be a Trickster Mentor, raises a disturbing alternate interpretation of the events of the entire series. Was Discord just being Discord by staging a conflict and was called out for as such, or has Princess Celestia been doing this from the get-go and Discord was Just Following Orders and only got chastised for getting caught? It's even possible he, after watching Celestia do this, stupidly thought it was an okay thing to do.
  • Every non-pony race seems to at best be irreverent to ponies and at worst outright want them dead, and it leaves you wondering if the ponies don't bring a lot of this on themselves. On one hand the ponies are undoubtedly good folks who as a whole are trying to do right by the world and spread friendship and non-pony races do tend to be jerks by default. On the other hand the ponies have no qualms stealing land from other races, have nauseatingly racist laws as official policy, seem to by default treat other races like sheep, cows, griffons, on occasion even Spike, and characters like Ahuizotl as either lesser entities or outright villains by default, seem to be willing to treat even their own horridly at the drop of a hat, and have been directly or indirectly responsible for nearly every world ending threat the series has ever seen. It makes you wonder if the low opinion these other races have for them is wholly justified or even outright deserved, as it seems if they were in a series where they weren't the stars they'd be at best racist Holier Than Thou smug elves to outright villains.

Equestria Girls

  • Legend of Everfree has Sunset Shimmer respond to Flash Sentry's unwanted interest in human Twilight Sparkle by saying he should get over his feelings for Twilight. Was she being Innocently Insensitive to his feelings for pony Twilight Sparkle, which she previously supported? Did she know or assume pony Twilight has lost interest or was too busy for romance, and never found the time or way to break it to him earlier? Was it motivated by Sunset's desire to be (back) together with Flash, be together with (either) Twilight, or be together with Flash to keep him from an uninterested Twilight? Or was she too preoccupied at the moment to give a more though out response?


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