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  • Now that the Christmas special has revealed more details about the timeline of Adrien's mother's disappearance (at some point since the previous Christmas, potentially only a few months before the Origins episodes), fans are beginning to question whether she was actually any better as a parent than Gabriel when she was around - after all, she was apparently around for Adrien's last several birthdays before "The Bubbler" while doing little to improve them, and Adrien only got the kind of freedom he wanted (i.e, going to public school) after she was gone and with just a little bit of pushing from Nathalie.
  • Is Chloé just a heartless Alpha Bitch who cares for no one but herself and acts nice only to gain favour, or a misunderstood girl who's aware she's The Friend Nobody Likes and simply influenced by her father's own power and corruption? "Despair Bear" has managed to sort of provide a kind of middle ground - she doesn't seem to have advanced beyond her childish nature at all due to the sudden childhood trauma of her mother abandoning her.
    • Chloé's reason for promising Marinette that she won't tell Adrien about her crush in "Animaestro": Did she really mean what she said and that it would be a waste of time? Or was it because she feared Adrien would actually return Marinette's feelings if she told him? Or did Chloé draw the line at humiliating Marinette in that way?
  • Since the premiere episode of Season 2 revealed that Gabriel is Hawk Moth, there are several fan reinterpretations of his character. If he knows Adrien is Cat Noir, then he can seem underhanded and manipulative, faking concern for his son and being aloof to injuring Cat Noir. The flipside is Gabriel knowing he's fighting against his son, but accepting the situation and believing Adrien will understand, since his "greatest wish" appears to be finding Adrien's mother. Of course, whether or not he actually does know or just suspects his son of being Cat Noir is up for debate.
    • "Gorizilla" confirms that he did suspect Adrien being Cat Noir after seeing his ring, though it wasn't much to go on. His plan for the episode is to confirm whether he really is Cat Noir, and Adrien successfully (and accidentally) throws him off at the end with a body double.
    • In "Frightingale", is it just a coincidence that Gabriel wanted Adrien to play Cat Noir or is Hawk Moth suspecting him again?
  • Is Audrey Bourgeois really in the wrong for abandoning Chloé? Torches and pitchforks aside, examine her situation - she wants to be a fashion designer in New York, but her husband wants her to stay in a country where she doesn't feel happy and she can't do what she loves. She doesn't have any obligation to be in a country where she doesn't want to be. And if she abandoned Chloé, it could have been because being a fashion designer requires a lot of time and energy (as any professional designer can tell you), and Audrey couldn't manage parenting and designing at once. Even if she could, no parent should be forced to take care of a child they don't want, because that'll just lead to more issues (this doesn't excuse the way she treated Chloé in "Style Queen", though).
    • One wonders what actually led them to get married in the first place. Was one (or both) just using the other's status as a boost for themselves?
  • Chloé's father André. Is he abusive? In several episodes, he's shown to have a Manchild personality, and not only that, he selfishly demands his wife should stay in Paris with him, while showing no empathy or sympathy to the fact that it's making her unhappy. He disregards all of her feelings and expects her to cater to his. On the other hand, when Chloé threatens to tell Audrey that he didn't give her what she wanted, he was clearly afraid, implying that Audrey could be the abusive spouse.
    • André's tendency to spoil Chloé could be rooted in abandonment issues from his wife and a fear that Chloé might one day do the same.
  • Lila, especially since her appearances are few and far apart. After "Volpina", the two most common fandom interpretations were that she's either a snobbish compulsive liar who'd do anything and everything to get Adrien and get in Marinette/Ladybug's way, or that she's a poor misunderstood girl who lied to make friends in a new school where everyone has a celebrity connection or two. "Catalyst" and "Chameleon" ran with the first interpretation, but there are a few fans who still try to pull the sympathetic interpretation, either by rewriting canon or pulling an extreme Draco in Leather Pants.
    • Is she a teenager in way over her head, confidently believing that she is The Chessmaster and is making a calculated move in willingly working with Hawk Moth, or is she actually genuinely mentally ill? And not in the "oh she's being a bitch to our cinnamon roll, Marinette. She must be nuts" way, but in the "we have meds for that/is not legally responsible for her own wrongdoings" sort of way. Some claim she is just a sociopath in her Lack of Empathy and aggressive, selfish behavior, while others say that she might have mythomania because she lies to everyone and has certain delusions of greatness. Her parent(s) clearly have little to no time for her, it seems that her idea of what "friends" are is suspect given that she creates such massive falsehoods for people to like her and the fact that she is a recently moved immigrant from Italy to France right after a series of super-incidents occurring must be massively dysphoric for a teenaged girl. Then all of a sudden she becomes a willing ally to the biggest threat to Paris (if not the world) and willingly allows herself to be Akumatized more than once despite the fact that Hawk Moth has allowed her to be a target for some of his villains (almost a militia's worth in "Ladybug"). Is she truly evil, or is she suffering from some undiagnosed condition and is in need of psychiatric help?
      • Lila mentions in "Chameleon" that she lies because she believes that people only want to hear what THEY want to hear... or something among those lines. If that's true, then who or what the hell taught her to think like that?? If it isn't, which is entirely possible, then this just confirms that she is mentally ill. She never saw through Adrien's plan in "Ladybug" after all, which could hint at a lack of forethought. Her pretty much admitting that she is a pathological liar through a clever lie basically renders everything she says suspect, and it seems as though she hasn't realized this yet.
  • Adrien's Entitled to Have You nature towards Ladybug, and his refusal to let it go. Is he simply being possessive, or does he simply have no idea how to deal with his feelings for her, having been sheltered all his life?
    • In addition, he occasionally makes Ladybug apologize for things that aren't her fault, gaslights her and in episodes such as "Frozer", "Glaciator" and "Syren" does a lot of things that are quite close to emotional abuse. Is he copying his father's behavior? Or is he simply not mature enough to be in a relationship?
    • He never apologized to Théo for his lie in "Copycat" that he and Ladybug were "an item", and also never apologized to Ladybug for a lie that caused an Akuma attack, letting her believe it was because she was a no-show to the statue unveiling. Is this an act of jealousy, a feeling of entitlement by a spoiled rich kid, or his normal pattern of avoiding conflict?
    • His actions in "Chameleon", or lack thereof. Though he's put off by Lila's lies, he only tries to confront her in private, and later convinces Marinette not to expose Lila because it'll hurt her even more and won't turn her good, and that as long as he and Marinette know the truth, everything will be fine. While one could argue he is just applying the logic he used to stay out of his father's ire by being a complacent Extreme Doormat, the fact is that Adrien is the only civilian besides Lila herself who could recount what happened in the park in "Volpina", and he never once tries to tell anyone about what happened, not even Nino (which would corroborate Marinette's story). It's fine as long as some people know the truth, but he never lets his best friend in on the ruse either.
    • Is Adrien really dumb because he hasn't noticed he seems to like Marinette as more than "just a friend"? Or is it expected due to his sheltered upbringing and social awkwardness plus his feelings for Ladybug getting in the way?
    • Is he really oblivious to Marinette's crush, or does he, due to his experience as a famous model, notice Mari's crazed-fan, stalkerish behavior and his "just a friend" reasoning is his way to ignore/avoid it so as not to lose her? Marinette was, technically, the first 'friend' he made appart from Chloé, or at least the first one to openly be called "friend", and him admitting she could be just another crazy fan would erode that friendship.
    • Alternatively, is Adrien so accustomed to people fangirling or getting nervous around him due to his looks and fame that he's become desensitized to it? To the point Marinette's behaviour would seem relatively normal to him as her being just starstruck.
  • Alya, and whether or not she's a good friend to Marinette. Most notable in episodes with Lila, since Alya brushes off Marinette's distrust of the new girl to focus on her popularity, or believes that Marinette is just jealous because Lila's showing interest in Adrien. In "Chameleon", even though it is indirectly Lila's fault, it is Alya who moves Marinette to the back of the room, and she is very blunt correcting Marinette about sitting next to Adrien, and joins the rest of the class in giving Marinette a dirty look after Lila throws herself a pity party. On top of all of that, Alya then brushes aside Marinette recounting the events of "Volpina", saying that she needs to verify her sources, even though Alya herself never verified Lila's claim of knowing Ladybug, and after Marinette's attempt at proving Lila's lying about her sprained wrist fails, Alya doesn't even go after her to check on her. The cherry on top is that by the end of the episode, when their seating arrangements are restored, Alya has the audacity to tell Marinette "You didn't think I'd let my BFF sit all by herself, did you?". With Friends Like These....
  • Like Alya, the entire class turning on Marinette when she objects to Lila in "Chameleon" paints them in a very questionable light. The events of the episode effectively state that they won't take Marinette's word against Lila, when Marinette has repeatedly helped them out, is incredibly trustworthy, and the previous episode ended on a show of love and support for her, while Lila is just some girl they saw for one day and then vanished for weeks.
  • Near the end of "Chameleon", did the class return to their original seats because Lila and Marinette changed their's, or did they feel guilty for forcing Mari to the back earlier and figured her behavior towards Lila that day partially stemmed from this? Alya does tell a blatant lie to Mrs. Bustier to sit next to Marinette again where she tells her she didn't want her sitting alone as the class proceeds to go back to their old seats. It should also be mentioned that Marinette appears to be back on good terms with her class afterwards, which might infer that they did work out that day's problem with each other; albeit off screen.
    • In the same episode, given how Marinette disappears after lunch only for Chameleon to show up at school later on, did Mari's class initially think she was the one Akumatized? Considering the school's history of Akumatizations along with their shocked faces after she leaves, it comes off like the class is worried about her and the worst case scenario happening.
  • Is Kagami an awful person for noticing Marinette likes Adrien and chastising her for not having the guts to say it while skating away with him? Or is this her way of genuinely trying to help through Tough Love by saying what Marinette needs to hear? OR is she mad at Marinette because she thinks she's the girl that Adrien likes that rejected him (Irony) and then came to the ice rink with another boy even though she obviously still has feelings for him; in other words, does she think Marinette is leading Adrien on?
    • The latter seems unlikely, since Adrien himself dismissed Marinette to Kagami as "just a friend". As of Season 3's "Heart Hunter", it's clear that Kagami knows of Marinette's feelings for Adrien and feels badly for hurting her, but she chooses Adrien even if there are consequences for her and Marinette's new friendship. Marinette chooses the opposite and steps aside for Adrien and Kagami to be together, leaving her heartbroken.
  • There is debate about whether the "Santa Claus" in "Christmaster" is real or not. There are quite a few clues that he isn't.
    • Santa parrots Marinette's story about the rules of Christmas word for word, to the point that she can follow along with what he's going to say. Then she says, "What have I done?"
    • Santa compliments Ladybug for knowing the rule about the best kid in the world getting an early present, which has never been part of the legend until Marinette made it up for Chris.
    • Ladybug is confident that she can get an early present as bait for Christmaster. Chris was convinced by Marinette that Ladybug deserved that honor for saving Paris numerous times. Ladybug knows her personal life doesn't exactly qualify (lying to Chris about being an elf, stealing Adrien's phone to erase an embarrassing message, and so on).
    • He looks exactly like the Santa Claus in the real Christmas episode, who was an ordinary man. (Chris may have seen that man and formed his image of Santa from him.)
    • At the end, Ladybug says goodbye to him sadly enough to surprise Cat Noir. Santa says, "Until next Christmas." Does he still believe he's the real thing at that point, or is he playing along for the sake of Chat Noir?
    • Another possible theory is that the same man as in "Santa Claws" was transformed by Christmaster's magic and hypnotized to believe the rules that Marinette told Chris. He might have been selected because he was Santa Claws before. (Akuma magic tends to revisit the same people and give them the same powers, but this time a good version was needed.) Then the Miraculous Ladybug cure at the end just returned him to his normal life. That's better than the other theory where the fake Santa was wiped out at the end. No Santas were killed in making this episode.
    • Most Christmas movies, episodes, etc. In other series end in a Santa Claus shot to prove that he was the real Santa (see the image of Santa Claus for an example). This Christmas Special did not.
  • There is an interpretation by chatnoirsladyprincessbugaboo on tumblr that "Stormy Weather 2" has a major change in attitude by Marinette. She put "your friend" on her note, not taking another opportunity to deliver a love message as in "Backwarder." In this interpretation, Marinette has gotten on the same page as Adrien: she will just be his friend. Tikki congratulates the "new and improved Marinette," and in the end panel she is walking away proud and tall while Adrien looks wistfully at the valentine. This may be Word of God, since Thomas Astruc responded to a retweet and said, "Perfect analysis. It's almost as if this person was sitting with us in the room when we were writing it."
  • In "Stormy Weather 2" Chloé seems obsessed with being Queen Bee. Did she deliberately provoke Aurore in hopes of getting some superhero action? That would be Character Development for her, but not a redemption arc.
    • Considering that's exactly what she did in "Queen Wasp" (creating a danger so she could stop it as Queen Bee), it would actually be character regression after "Malediktator" and "Heroes' Day".
  • Tom and Sabine, Marinette's parents. While no one can deny that they love their daughter and want the best for her, after the airings of "Weredad" and "Animaestro" some fans are left wondering if Chloé wasn't the only reason Marinette grew up with self esteem issues. Despite being seemingly Good Parents, they don't provide any emotional support for Marinette after she gets "rejected" by Cat Noir, seem to reaffirm her negative feelings in "Animaestro" and in general make bad decisions due to lack of critical thinking.
  • Is Alya really on board with Marinette's crush on Adrien? At first she seems to support it, but over the episodes she seems to be less and less sure of it. At times she makes petty jokes about it (that unintentionally come off as mean) and often expresses disapproval such as rolling her eyes whenever Marinette mentions it. In "Captain Hardrock", she even encourages Marinette to go after someone else.
    • It's possible that she was on board with it at first, however Marinette has shown very little progress in acting on her feelings and seems content to bumble through every interaction with Adrien, so it's likely she just got tired of supporting a relationship that was going nowhere and seemed somewhat unhealthy considering how obsessive Marinette became.
    • On the other hand, in some episodes she seems more obsessed with the idea than Marinette is, constantly pushing her into situations where she's alone with Adrian without notice in the hopes that she'll finally confess even though Marinette protests. Does she think Marinette's exaggerating about how nervous she is and just needs a good push, or is she so into the idea of the relationship and so confident about her own feelings that she's oblivious to how scared Marinette actually is of confessing and possible rejection?
  • In "Silencer", were people applauding Bob Roth's save face statement or were they applauding Cat Noir's feelings for Ladybug?
    • Most definitely a mixture of both.
  • Also in "Silencer", when the titular Akumatized villain decides to force a confession out of Bob Roth instead of stealing his voice and falsely confess while pretending to be him, is it really because it'd mean more for Silencer or is it because Silencer figured out people who knew of his power would wise up to the trick or at least suspect something if they heard the confession without seeing it coming from Bob Roth's mouth?
  • In "Bakerix", was it really just Tom changing Rolland's traditional bread recipe, or was Sabine's race a factor in disowning his own son for 20 years?
  • In "Timetagger", when Cat Noir asks if he and Ladybug will become a couple in the future, is Bunnyx being evasive because of the answer itself or is she afraid answering the question will change history? Also, did Cat Noir break Bunnyx's Miraculous on purpose or was he intentionally preserving a Stable Time Loop?
    • Also from "Timetagger", the identity of the future Hawk Moth. Is it Lila, as hinted at the episode's end? Is it a completely new character? Or is it still Gabriel (with Timetagger refusing to obey present!Hawk Moth simply because he's technically not his boss, future!Gabriel is)?
      • Another popular theory for the identity of Future Hawk Moth is Adrien, which is supported by Bunnyx's claim that their relationship is still all over the place years later, and the fact that Future Cat Noir neither spoke nor showed his face. This could also be the reason why Bunnyx seems to have a grudge against Cat Noir for damaging her Miraculous despite it apparently being an accident.
  • In "Miraculer", was it out of sheer stupidity Hawk Moth didn't tell Miraculer to bring him the stolen powers or did he fear they wouldn't be the same without the Miraculouses?
    • In "Robostus", Master Fu talks about bringing the two Miraculouses themselves together to make the wish, so most likely the latter. Additionally, "Volpina" shows that Hawk Moth can make Akumatized villains with almost identical powers to Miraculous users (in that case Rena Rouge), so if it was just the powers he needed, he could've created Akuma-Ladybug and Akuma-Cat Noir in "Catalyst" and done the wish then and there.
  • In "Stormy Weather 2", during the flashback scenes showing both Chloé's good and bad actions, is Sabrina the one having the flashbacks, or Chloé? Given Sabrina doesn't appear in several scenes, Chloé might be the one remembering those. But the fact she's remembering scenes of her acting mean before Sabrina mentions her being Queen Bee makes you wonder: was Chloé remembering her mean moments out of guilt? Her being a bit upset and confused about why Ladybug isn't coming makes it seem as if she's denying her wrong actions, so she may be more aware of how terrible her attitude is than she shows. Her "once a villain, always a villain" comment might come off as her self-projecting her insecurities on Aurore at the moment.
  • Is Marinette really Tikki's favourite, or is she pulling something similar to lying about Parental Favoritism in order to get the best possible ending? Remember that Tikki came to be since the beginning of the universe and has fought with multiple famous war heroes such as Joan O'FuckingArc. If this is true then this would balance out Tikki and Plagg's personalities a bit. While Plagg is bad at lying, Tikki excels at it.
    • That could be situational. For example, a good parent doesn't love their son more than their daughter, but while hanging out with either s/he probably won't think of the other. Relationships can't be neatly prioritized by the human heart; their 'ranking', if indeed a ranking exists, changes based upon time and necessity. All Ladybugs are chosen for different reasons and are "the best" in different, equal ways.
      • Tikki isn't human, she could have different priorities. Also, yes rankings do exist such as friends and best friends (but not everyone priotizes them as such), but they can indeed change over time.
      • As someone who knew Joan Of Arc and other famous war heroes in person, Tikki can offer a perspective history books can't. She probably helped every previous Ladybug with their insecurities the same way she does with Marinette.
  • In "The Puppeteer 2", did Hawk Moth decide not to give her the power to control people through their statues just because of his own statue or was he also concerned about Adrien?
  • Is Plagg an Anti-Mentor who is looking for an excuse not to use his overwhelming power on Adrien's excursions as Cat Noir, or is he feigning his laziness in a bit of Reverse Psychology as a Trickster Mentor, recognizing that a rebellious streak is what Adrien needs in order to grasp his true potential?
  • Since the Pied Piper was a previous Fox Miraculous holder, was Trixx Forced into Evil, or did he influence the Pied Piper into believing that luring the children away from their homes was for the greater good? The latter seems more correct, as Trixx is a Guile Hero, after all. Also, foxes in general have been thought and believed to be evil throughout the history of several mythologies, such as the Kitsune.
  • The Mage may not be as good a person we were led to believe him to be. Point 1: the existence of the Butterfly Miraculous. Empowering people for the greater good? Cool and good. Then you learn that the Butterfly Miraculous has the ability to mind-control and hurt people as a "fail-safe". Why!? Point 2: the Miraculous give the holders the ability to command their kwamis, whether they want to or not. Just what was the point of this!? Sure, the kwamis in question could be of a mischevious type and actually want to cause destruction, but if the Mage is strong enough to place rules on them, why not just embue them with the inability to do harm for evil purposes?? Or better yet: invent only a few set of Wake Calls the holder can use to prevent the kwamis from being Forced into Evil? If the Mage really is as good as we were led to believe, then he Didn't Think This Through.
  • Marinette herself acts like a Stalker with a Crush towards Adrien, having his schedule memorized, following him around covertly etc. There are several instances where when Adrien seems to pay attention to another girl, she gets jealous and tries to sabotage the relationship (Lila, Kagami). Her obsession with impressing Adrien causes her to act inconsiderate toward other people and directly causes Akumatizations! Granted, she does recognize her own wrongdoing in those cases, but the lesson never seems to stick.

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