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  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità is set in an alternate universe where the countries have more power and are able to bend the rules more than in canon. Romano proves this by overseeing a polyamorous marriage between Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four is set on an alternate DC Universe. The Golden Age Superman dies in lieu of Pre-Crisis Supergirl as fighting the Anti-Monitor, The Multiverse survives the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Power Girl becomes the protector of Earth-Two.
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  • Co-op Mode: Of a kind wherein James exists since birth in the Wormverse. A closer example could be that Gaia exists, and thus is at work with helping parahumans (like Contessa/Fortuna) in defeating Scion.
  • Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem takes an alternate route from the ending of The Avengers to continue with Loki being used as a Token Evil Teammate by S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Always Advancing is a Girls und Panzer fic where Yukari Akiyami mysteriously finds herself waking up to six months before after the events of Girls Und Panzer, and that she is transferring to Saunders University High School, Oorai apparently having shut down and the remaining student body moved to other school ships.
  • Batman Beyond Revisited has Bruce Wayne die in his final battle with The Joker, and Terry McGinnis is replaced with an OC, runaway Jake Vance, who is recruited by the inheritors of Wayne Manor, Dick Grayson and the Oracle Barbara Gordon.
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  • Celestial Warrior Moon is an alternate retelling of Sailor Moon which makes the monsters a lot more threatening and the girls transform into armored ladies of war. Also, Tuxedo Mask is Batman.
  • Deaths Child: Lily Potter is Death's one day of mortality... Which changes everything.
  • Child of the Storm has the basic premise of Thor having been incarnated as James Potter first time round on the humility thing. This went about as well you'd expect, with the trauma of being violently murdered, then watching helplessly as his wife was murdered driving him nuts, necessitating a mind wipe and a return to square one. Also, Lily turns out to have been first cousin once removed of Jean Grey and accidentally called upon the Phoenix to protect Harry - which explains the incendiary component of the protection - and is not exactly dead, as such, which, needless to say, changes everything. It grows into a massive Inter Continuity Crossover, sticking the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, The Dresden Files, and Smallville in a blender and is spliced with elements of Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Merlin (2008) to create something entirely different. There's even a few sly references to Good Omens.
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  • Eggman Generations: The ending of Sonic Generations leads the past and future Eggman into a white void, where they encounter the Eggman from Sonic 2006, as well as Dr. Eggman Nega and a fusion of Robotnik from Sonic SATAM and Adventures of STH, the latter two coming from alternate universes.
  • Evangelion 303: In this alternate world Second Impact did not happen, Seele is a terrorist organization and does not plan an Assimilation Plot, there are no giant robots or alien monsters, the Children are in their twenties and pilot war planes, Kaworu is a human being, apparently Rei is unrelated to Shinji…
  • Harmony's Warriors is an incredibly expansive one, with the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic universe combined with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Here I Go Again takes place in an alternate universe starting when Obi Wan tells the council about Anakin's nightmares about Shmi.
  • Hedgehog Of Darkness AU is an AU where sonic is created like shadow,using dark gaia as a DNA donor
  • Supergirl fanfic Hellsister Trilogy is reality similar to the Earth-One universe which was born when the Anti-Monitor was defeated early on.
  • HERZ: In this story Third Impact never happened. The divergence was created when Rei felt Shinji's despair at being unable to save Asuka. Rather merging with Lilith's body she absorbed it and flew to help him. She shattered the bakelyte encasing Shinji's giant robot and both hurried to help Asuka. Twelve years later Misato leads an organization tasked with preventing the proliferation of Evangelion technology, Shinji and Asuka are married and raising their child and SEELE is still plotting The End of the World as We Know It.
  • The pro wrestling story, The Horsewomen Of Las Vegas, is a crime drama/police procedural starring the NXT Four Horsewomen:
    • Charlotte Flair is a crime boss, the head of one of the most powerful crime families in the country.
    • Becky Lynch is a soldier with the Vegas Irish, a lower level criminal organization.
    • Bayley Martinez is vice detective with the Las Vegas PD.
    • Sasha Banks is a nurse at the local hospital, and Bayley's girlfriend.
  • iSwear, an iCarly fanfic, starts with Carly entering an alternate universe, and every time she loses consciousness she is automatically evicted from one universe and pushed onto another in a manner similar to Quantum Leap and Sliders. The horror kicks in when you find out that other versions of Carly have been doing the same thing and that many have died due to ending up in dangerous Crapsack Worlds.
  • Just One, Big, Happy Kingdom is a Merlin fanfic in which an eighty-year-old Merlin decides to teach his younger self a lesson by putting him in a mirror universe ("Not-Camelot") and put Not-Merlin in the normal Camelot. It's one of those mirror everybody-is-his-opposite universes.
  • Mass Effect: Clash of Civilizations: Aside from the obvious (the UNSC in place of the Systems Alliance, the Covenant species existing, the whole Halo side of the crossover), in this universe the Council lifted the ban on opening closed relays several years before the start of the story. In canon Mass Effect, this never happened, and even during the trilogy the law against opening relays was still upheld.
  • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic. Because the author hated My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's universe too much to use anything from it. At least until it crosses over with the FIM's universe about three-quarters through. They are even merged into one kingdom at the end.
  • Also, Starfleet Humans takes place in the same alternate universe that Equestria Girls took place in. However, Mykan is on record as saying that it is an alternate continuity that takes place near the end of MLP's 3rd Season.
  • NIGHTWALKER: STRANGE PATHS is a Nightwalker fic which basically has Riho as a 140 year old vampire and Shido who starts out as a human detective.
  • The Odyssey, an Exalted fanfic. It's notable for both its quality and the fact that the point of divergence has not yet become apparent. Something happened to the Fivescore Fellowship, though..
  • Two of these exist in Phoenix's SSBB Case Files, named Alternate Turnabout and Alternate Turnabout 2. The first has Larry Butz working as a defense attorney, with Adrian Andrews at his side, while 2 features Franziska von Karma and assistant Dick Gumshoe working for the Wright and Co. Law Office.
  • The Pony POV Series has such a thing. It's explained that all the worlds diverged from the Heart World (implied to be the actual shows' timeline) and are effected by changes there, but can break off and continue on their own in the event the change in the Heart World is so great said universe can no longer harbor the connection. The ones the series itself focuses on are its main timeline and the Discorded Timeline, a Villain World ruled by Discord, but we also see a lot of alternate timelines which Princess Luna refers to as "possibilities and impossibilities". Applejack gets to see quite a few of them on two separate occasions, the one that means the most to her being the Orangejack universe, where she never left Manehatten. She eventually gets to meet Orangejack and they team up to fight Nightmare Mirror, Applejack's own Superpowered Evil Side who may or may not be another alternate version of her. It also turns out Orangejack is an Element Of Generosity and there are universes were Applejack was one of the other Elements as well, all of which are summoned to fight Nightmare Mirror. There's also a universe were Rainbow Dash turned into Nightmare Manacle, another where Pinkie Pie turned into Nightmare Granfalloon, and another were the mane cast are the Mighty Morphing Power Ponies fighting a Goldar version of Gilda. Oh and Pinkie Pie is actually the G3.5 Pinkie Pie and is how she is thanks to being left pretty much untouched by a Cosmic Retcon that turned that universe into the G4 universe.
  • The PreDespair Kids was originally meant to be a prequel to the events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, but it branched off into its own universe with Mukuro Ikusaba pulling a Heel–Face Turn before the Tragedy ever takes place. Although even before then, there were some pretty big divergences from canon here and there, such as Chiaki being a Ridiculously Human Robot jointly built by Chihiro and Kazuichi.
  • Reality Is Fluid starts out with the USS Bajor being tasked with testing a new sensor array designed to detect and observe alternate universes. Two of the universes detected are an AU where the Federation apparently lost the Dominion War, and the Star Trek Novel Verse (the fic is based in the Star Trek Online timeline).
  • Riding the Dragon diverts the BattleTech universe by having political intrigue change the course of House Kurita in the early 31st century.
  • Scarred Survivors is a retelling of the Ah! My Goddess manga. A wish has enslaved Belldandy to a depraved pedophile. Urd enlists the help of a soldier in order to save her, a Navy SEAL by the name of Keiichi Morisato.
  • The Son of the Emperor mixes the real world with the world of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This results in an Alternate Universe where the ponies grow to the size of horses and have been used for centuries in warfare, mytical creatures like griffons are commonplace and magic exists.
  • So You Arent As Human As You Thought You Were is a Doctor Who AU where the tenth doctor uses a Chameleon Arc in contemporary London, but the Chameleon Arc starts wearing off early.
  • Streets of Rage Saga, a 10-story saga based on the Streets of Rage game series (both the canon trilogy and several fan-made games and remakes based on said trilogy), takes place in a setting based on but highly different from the canon. Just a few brief examples, with the canon information in parentheses: Axel lost his father in a fire that was set by the man who would later become The Dragon for the first story's Big Bad (in canon, no mention is made of Axel's family members); Blaze comes from a Doomed Hometown that was razed by The Syndicate (in canon, the only back-story on her is that she was a rookie cop who quit alongside Axel and Adam because of the force's corruption); and Mr. X is a U.S. senator with the full name of George Xetheus (in canon, his real name wasn't divulged and his role as a Corrupt Corporate Executive was only hinted at in canon and expounded on in Bombergames' remake).
  • The Uplifted series does this, by showing what happens when Humanity is uplifted circa 1942 by the desperate Quarians with the intention of using them to retake Rannoch.
  • With Strings Attached is set on another planet in an alternate universe. Additionally, the four visit three other universes (including one set in a 1950s New York, more or less); the Fans are watching from their universe; the Dalns gods inhabit yet another universe; and Jeft comes from still another.
  • This trope is likely to be used by any Intercontinuity Crossover fanfic in which the melded continuities would otherwise contradict one another.
  • Nickelodeon Fanon has various universes other than their main universe, The Prime Universe. The universes mostly contain of alternate versions of characters from the Prime Universe.
  • The Boy with the Magic Notebook suggests this is where the people Maxwell summons with his notebook come from.
  • An ER fanfiction series titled "Dreams That You Dare To Dream" had several of the main characters leaping to alternate universes in which several of the show's major changes never took place—Carol did die from her suicide attempt from the first episode, Susan Lewis never left town and married Mark Greene, etc. Another one set on New Year's Eve 1999, titled "Countdown", took a similar form, though it only focused on the typically unpopular Kerry Weaver.
  • The Kanyeverse is one for Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.
  • Alternate Reality sees Shadow the Hedgehog wake up in an alternate reality where, among other things, Tails is painfully shy and quiet, Knuckles doesn't give a fig about the Master Emerald, and Sonic is a vicious borderline-sociopath.
  • The roleplay DC: United We Stand is set in one of the multiple alternate universes created by the events of "52".
  • The Reactsverse:
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos is this to Sonic X, thanks to a few points of divergence in the back story of Sonic X Season 3. The biggest change is that Cosmo's race was destroyed by their own creations rather than by the Metarex. This ultimately causes several more outside factions to get involved in the Metarex arc, with very bad consequences for the galaxy.
  • It's never been clear whether the Supernatural episode "The End" took place in the actual future, an alternate timeline, or a construct designed to be as distressing to Dean as possible. Down to Agincourt takes the view that the timeline really exists, and now that Dean's time has "caught up" (mostly, we think), it's more of an alternate universe than a Bad Future.
  • Total Shuffled Island Series is this to Total Drama. Every contestant that has competed in the first season all the way up to the sixth has had their introductory season changed around, leading to a different run of events such as different teams winning a challenge or different couples forming.
  • The Undertale fandom is a breeding ground for alternate universes. Some of these include:
    • Underswap, where the main character pairs switch places in terms of personality. Toriel is the Queen hunting down humans while King Asgore treats the player like a surrogate child; Papyrus is a lazy slacker while Sans is an excitable sentry; Alphys is head of the Royal Guard while Undyne is a bookish scientist; Mettaton is a melancholic snail-farmer while Napstablook is the Underground's celebrity, and Flowey is usually swapped with Temmie.
    • Underfell, the Darker and Edgier Mirror Universe where everyone except Flowey wants you dead.
    • Storyshift, another universe where characters switch places. Most notable for Asriel and Chara taking the place of Papyrus and Sans, respectively.
    • OFFTale, a Crossover where the Batter gets to continue his sacred mission in the Underground, and things start changing fairly rapidly.
    • Disbelief Papyrus AUs, where Sans dies protecting Snowdin instead of Papyrus in the Genocide Run, and so Papyrus becomes the Final Boss.
    • Reapertale, where the characters become various anthropomorphic personifications (most notably, Toriel is the Goddess of Life while Sans and Papyrus are The Grim Reaper).
    • Mafiatale, where the monsters are a gang operating out of 1930s America.
    • Outertale, where the monsters were exiled to a far-off planet and the player is an astronaut.
    • The Thought, which explores what might have happened if Sans killed the player as soon as they left the Ruins.
    • Then there's the Error Universe, created from a copy of the game that was mangled beyond recognition and which spawned Error Sans (who wants to end the Multiverse entirely). And last but not least, there's HELP_Tale, a universe populated entirely by horrors formed from the amalgamated bodies of every version of a character in the multiverse, jammed together. And that's not nearly all of them.
    • Baby Blasters, an off shoot of the Gasterblaster AU, where young Sans and Papyrus can change shape to resemble the Gasterblaster weapons, with the flagship fic being Trust, as well as a thriving Tumblr Community.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover The Vampire of Steel is set in an universe similar to Pre-Crisis DC where Buffy and her friends also exist.
  • With This Ring: Justified that OL is stranded in a universe where there are superheroes, magic, aliens, and etc.. Though there are interesting differences from our world (see Different World, Different Movies): there is a Pope Pius XIII; Richard Dawkins apparently doesn't exist or didn't became very important (likely because of the universe's aforementioned Fantasy Kitchen Sink which makes Dawkins' outspoken skepticism totally irrelevant), and the September 11 attacks never happened because the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan was avoided.
    • There are apparently two universes the stories take place in- the main one, and a second world where Paul takes more actions that could be termed renegade, such as turning Sportsmaster into a construct, trying to steal tech from the New Gods, injecting himself with Venom Buster, and eventually begins calling himself Grayven.
    • And there is the Crime Syndicate universe (aka Earth -14), which take place before and after the events of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Here, Paul is a Blue Lantern, who goes by the name of Power Ring and is a Made Man of Ultraman, and is technically babysitting the more adolescent tempered Young Offenders in check.
    • It's also Word of God that there is a version of Paul in the Teen Titans Go! universe...and his sheer revulsion towards said universe resulted in him getting a Red power ring.
    • The Fool's Canon arc brings into picture of other alternate Pauls with different power rings in the wider multiverse.
      • An Anti-Green Lantern Paul, who is a reluctant villain that is being controlled by his power ring, in a version of the DCAU in which it includes Cyborg being a founding member of the Justice League and a abundance of sidekicks closely participating in the League.
      • A Red Lantern Paul exists in the regular Teen Titans universe.
      • An Indigo Lantern Paul who is in The Boys universe.
  • There are several in the Sgt. Frog Yin And Yang Series, both made by the author herself and by fans of the fic. It helps that several major characters are reality-warpers.
  • Reverse Falls AU depicts a Mirror Universe where the twin protagonists Dipper and Mabel are evil teen telepaths running a Circus of Fear.
  • crawlersout: Odd case. Fem!Harry's house is connected to two separate universes: one is set in her original time, years after the defeat of Voldemort, where the plot of the original Harry Potter series happened (just with Harry as a girl). The other is an alternate universe set in the 1930s, where the point of divergence is Harry taking in a young Tom Riddle Jr. a few years before he is set to go to Hogwarts. The main plot occurs in the latter setting, where Harry is raising Tom and interacting with some of the most prominent figures in this era (more specifically, Gellert Grindelwald, with Albus Dumbledore slated to appear later), with occasional dips into the former setting.
  • Constants and Variables: With Elizabeth in control of her abilities and accidentally passing on some of her quantum powers to Harry, alternate worlds are brought up and presented in the story.
    • For Christmas break, Elizabeth takes Harry to an alternate version of Rapture, a world where Plasmids and Fontaine and all of the factors that led to the canon-Rapture’s demise never happened and the city has been thriving up to present day.
    • After finding out that Narcissa drugged her tea with veritaserum, Elizabeth decided that showing Narcissa the result of her and her family’s loyalties, taking them both into a world where Voldemort won and rules supreme. Not much is shown, the only things they could see being Hogsmeade (now nothing but ashes) and a mass graveyard where the Shrieking Shack used to be. The graveyard was dug by neutrals and were used to bury the failed La Résistance while the neutrals where killed and thrown in a ditch when Voldemort and his followers inevitably turned on them.
    • When Elizabeth and Harry learn about the Philosopher’s stone, they venture into an alternate universe where the first year has not commenced yet, sneaking into the corridor where the stone is meant to be hid in before all of the obstacles and traps are laid out. When the Dumbledore of that universe finds them, he mentions that he is expecting the “Girl-Who-Lived” to be introduced to the school, that universe’s version of Harry being female.
    • After spending the minimum month with the Dursley’s, Elizabeth takes Harry to an alternate New York within The Purge universe.
  • Amazing Fantasy
    • Izuku lives in a universe where Quirks are common and Spider-Man is fictional. He's bitten by a genetically-altered spider and becomes Spider-Man instead of obtaining One For All. Peter lives in one of the many versions of the Marvel Universe and ends up dropping into Izuku's universe after a fight with Mysterio.
    • A sidestory, "The Tangled Web of Spider-Woman", has a universe much like that of the original My Hero Academia, except organizations like Os Corp exist and Melissa Shield is one who gets bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming spider-Woman.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse) is a League of Assasins!AU with Oliver, Barry, and Kara. National City and most of Supergirl (2015)'s supporting cast doesn't exist in this reality; Kara instead bases herself out of Starling City, along with Oliver.
  • Alternate History is an Avatar The Last Airbender comic where Aang broke out of the iceberg twenty years later than in the cartoon.
  • Hatchling Quest: Earth Bet is this to Samus’ home dimension. It turns out that the setting is this to canon Worm even before Samus showed up.
  • Marvel Crossroads is a shared continuity group that takes place in an alternate marvel timeline, diverging after The Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four #48-50).
  • A Prize For Three Empires' second half is set in a continuity where Carol Danvers is hunted down by three alien empires determined to harvest her cosmic powers.
  • Kara of Rokyn diverges from Pre-Crisis canon shortly after Justice League of America Vol. 1 #231-232. Supergirl moves to a planet settled by Kryptonian survivors, creating a new timeline in where The Multiverse doesn't get destroyed by the Anti-Monitor.
  • From the Ashes is a Fullmetal Alchemist fanvid where Edward wasn't able to transmute Al's soul into armor. He's on a quest to find a Philosopher's Stone and revive Alphonse.
  • Son of the Sannin features an universe where Jiraiya and Tsunade become Naruto's legal guardians, and stay in Konoha to raise him during his childhood years. The ripples in time result in many changes from the original story, ranging from minor ones such as Jiraiya and Tsunade getting married and Naruto getting close to Hinata much earlier, to major ones such as the Uchiha Clan actually carrying out their planned rebellion and the aftermath resulting in Konoha having to up their academy standards to make their new generation much stronger to face future threats.
  • The Hounds of Vegas takes place in a WWE AU where the members of the Shield are cops. In addition, it was inspired by The Horsewomen of Las Vegas.


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