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  • In "Lost In Language", Luz ends up blushing when the Blight twins both winked at her. Was it because of attraction, or was she just feeling shy and giddy that two cool upperclassmen were hanging out with her or something?
  • After the events of "Enchanting Grom Fright" a few theories/speculations have popped up about Luz being oblivious to Amity's romantic feelings towards her.
    • Some fans believe that Luz is also oblivious to her own feelings towards Amity and is confusing it as a close friendship. All while believing the other girl likes someone else that's not her.
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    • Others say she's possibly subconsciously suppressing her own feelings since she knows she's gonna have to leave the Isles soon and she didn't want to form a too strong of an attachment to anyone by falling in love, lest risk hurting both herself and the other person.
    • A few Tumblr users have theorized about Luz's line "that's what friends do." sounding strained when she said it, while also claiming her smile also looked somewhat forced. This implies that Luz herself, is aware of her own possible romantic feelings for Amity, but doesn't think she's Amity's crush, for other reasons, such as being unattainable and such.
    • Luz's Friendless Background before she arrived at the Boiling Isles brings forth yet another perspective: Is she oblivious also because she's been rejected and outcasted by her peers so many times for being the "weird kid" at school that she eventually believed that no one would ever be attracted to her in that way?
  • In her fight with Lilith, after they enter the human world, Luz faces Lilith and attempts to cast a fire glyph. Was she aiming for Lilith, or was she aiming for the house, to strand her, herself and King on Earth?
    • Considering that Luz isn't the sort of person who would ever give up on rescuing Eda, the former looks more likely.
  • Does Luz have ADHD? She gets in trouble in school for causing pranks or livening up activities, and many cis women diagnosed with ADHD as adults had teachers who missed the signs. Luz is certainly hyperactive and reckless, which are symptoms usually found in cis boys, as shown when she joins in on Edric and Emira's pranks, and when she can't sit still to listen to nature when Eda instructs her in the Knee.


  • Eda is dismissive of traditional teaching, especially about the magic school. Could she have been put on the wrong track, the way Willow was? Or she is against the Emperor’s system which limits people’s magical skills unless they join his coven. "Once Upon A Swap" reveals that Eda originally wanted to join the Coven with Lilith when they were children before something caused her to rebel.


  • As of Season 1, Amity is either an Academic Alpha Bitch that hides her insecurities behind a mask of superiority or she is a Lonely Rich Kid who has No Social Skills and uses her status to compensate for the obligatory isolation. It especially doesn't help that she has a pair of twin siblings that are bullies, and she gets humiliated by a human in her first appearance.
  • Was Amity trying to mock Willow or was she genuinely trying to be encouraging and came across as Innocently Insensitive? After all, Amity isn't wrong when she says that Willow can't afford another failure and doesn't have anything to show for it. She doesn't actually get antagonistic until Willow steals her spot as top student, and it's easy to attribute the rest of her actions to insecurity (which is confirmed in "Covention").
    • The later revelation that Willow and Amity were childhood friends throws another new variable into this, as now there's the possibility Amity was deliberately playing up the condescension because she feels it's the best way to motivate Willow to work harder on her magic (and given that Willow's power appears to be fueled by her anger, she might not be entirely wrong about that.) If Amity truly feels she isn't "allowed" to be friends with "half-a-witch Willow", then maybe she legitimately sees being her enemy as the only way left of helping her achieve her potential. "Understanding Willow" confirms this, showing that Amity's parents forced her to stop hanging out with Willow and threatened to pull strings to prevent Willow from going to Hexside if she didn't obey.
      • In the first season finale, she's demoted to a cameo while recovering from a broken leg. What was her reaction to seeing that Eda was sentenced to death, and that Luz mounted a dramatic rescue? Relief, since she respects Eda now? Fear that her crush has invited the Emperor's wrath upon her, which makes her a social target for the Blights? Bewilderment that Lilith was involved? It's up in the air for now.
  • Willow's knowing expression during Amity's Tsundere stammering about Luz has some fans speculating she'd already gotten an idea that Amity was into girls back when they were friends, and Amity had possibly even been attracted to her for a while.
    • Expanding on this, with the revelation and confirmation of Amity being a lesbian, it make one wonder, even if Word of God stated that Luz is her first big crush, did she still, at some point, could've had a smaller crush on Willow that Amity herself was unaware of, or in the very least as trying to repress because she didn't want to ruin their friendship? Even though her parents were the ones to break it off in the first place. And even if it wasn't broken off, would've Amity and Willow ended up in a Childhood Friend Romance?
  • How much of Amity's actions were done on her own will, and how much were on her parents' will?. Given how they forced into ending her friendship with Willow, it wouldn't be too outlandish to think that some of her actions througth the season were actually forced by her parents. In fact, maybe the real reason she plans to enter the Emperor's Coven is because her parents are forcing her to.


  • Lilith's reasons for overriding the Warden's arrest orders and insisting that Eda must join the Emperor's Coven and forcibly trying to brand whom she thinks is her sister. Is it just the Emperor's orders, a case of For Your Own Good since being an attack dog is better than being in the Conformatorium, or an Obliviously Evil attitude as to what Eda wants? Not to mention when she sees the swap spell happened, she brushes off the fact that Eda was in someone else's body and she nearly branded a (relatively) innocent person.
    • For that matter, Lilith's Oh, Crap! reaction to the revelation that she cursed Eda. Guilt over what she'd done, or simply panic over the fact that she'd accidentally admitted out loud what she'd done? Fandom's already taking sides.
    • In general, how much of Lilith's mindset is a result of growing up in a Social Darwinist society where she was taught to be willing to make sacrifices to rise to the top? While she obviously has flaws, is she a conniving monster who sabotaged her sister to get ahead or just another victim of Belos' brainwashing?

Emperor Belos

  • Whether Emperor Belos can truly speak to the Titan or if he's either delusional or plain lying is uncertain. Additionally, his attempt of dissuading Luz by insisting that the Titan doesn't want anything boorish like invading the human realm is sketchy given how he has a habit of lying like when he promised Lilith that he would cure Eda of her curse only to sentence her to be petrified instead. Also, his reasons for letting Luz test her mettle against him: genuine amusement that a child-human was that bold, or pragmatically letting her waste her strength and then bargain to take the door? He is impressed that she lands a blow on him, but warns her that was a one-time thing.


  • We find out he's a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass when the Emperor's Coven comes to attack Eda; he curbstomps all of them while casually talking about how he likes dancing with new friends. So is his talking Casual Danger Dialogue, Obfuscating Stupidity, or is he just that ditzy and competent at the same time?
  • To a lesser extent, do others find him annoying because he's clingy, or is he clingy because others find him annoying? And is that quality programmed into him, as shown when he fights the Emperor's Coven while being himself? If Hooty can't help his personality traits, then that is saying something.


  • Was Principal Bump really going to dissect Luz, or was it a Batman Gambit to get Willow to admit that she was cheating on her homework? After all, he insisted on Willow making the "first cut" rather than attempting it himself and all he did afterward was put up a "Wanted!" Poster for Luz when Willow booted her out of the school to save her skin (and her guts). He then later transferred Willow to the plants track.
    • Is he as generally sinister as he appears to be, or is he yet another victim of behaving the way that the Emperor's Coven expects him to act? As he states he is "not a stooge" for the Coven, but gladly serves as a hype man for the Coven during the Covention and runs a school that forces witches to conform to the system. What complicates the matter is how he actually accepts Luz entering Hexside, but in exchange he needs Eda to come clean about her antics, yet is willing to hide the fact both are involved with the school from the Emperor's Coven.
    • It's been implied that he is hundreds of years old, meaning he was around long before Emperor Belos took power. Perhaps a part of why he is so willing to accept Luz into the school and not rat her and Eda out to the Emperor's Coven is because he secretly misses the way things were in the old days, and is using his authority as Principal to rebel ever so slightly against Belos.
    • On a similar note, did Amity genuinely believe that Bump was going to dissect Luz, or did he assure her that it was just to scare Willow into confessing?
  • Amity's older brother and sister, Edric and Emira, are also subject to this in regards to their attitudes. Are they Obliviously Evil about their trouble-making and bullying, with their Lack of Empathy causing them to simply not understand the wrongness of their actions? Or are they completely aware of their own immorality and use their charming personalities to manipulate people? Or is it dependent on the situation, where the first is true in some cases while the second is true in others? Being advanced specialists in illusion magic (as opposed to a rookie like Gus) doesn't help, as it implies that you can't be certain what is true about them and what isn't.
    • Later episodes lean toward them being more oblivious toward the harm their actions cause then outright malicious.
    • Both twins wink at Luz in "Lost in Language", causing her to blush. Do either of them actually like Luz or were they just messing with her?
    • Enchanting Grom Fight has Emira claim her worst fear is being stuck with Edric forever. Was Emira lying and just wanting to make a characteristically mean joke? Or was she actually serious? If it's the latter, could it be because like they did with Amity, the Blight parents interfered with Ed and Em's friendships, preventing the twins from forming meaningful relationships outside of each other, making Emira resentful? Adding to this, the twins have yet to be shown interacting with any peers outside of Luz, who they seem to attach pretty quickly to, which could support the idea that they have few, if any, friends.
    • How does Luz feel about the twins after "Lost in Language"? While she does say that they are cool at the end of "Lost in Language" and seems to want to impress them in "Adventures in the Elements", Luz never seeks out or hangs out with them unless Amity is with them. Does she think of them as Jerkass bullies to Amity or mostly harmless pranksters?
  • Is Boscha a true Alpha Bitch or, like Amity, someone who uses a Jerkass Façade to hide insecurities that any teenager has, obssessed with status and being popular hiding some Hidden Depths?
  • The Titan that makes up the Boiling Isles itself: is it truly dead, or is still alive in some capacity? If the latter case is true, is it actually evil (meaning that it is responsible for the coven system and Eda's oppression to a varying degree), or was it a neutral being thus implicating Belos of lying about its intentions?

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